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ALERT Gas buyers at Texaco in Tusayan - please be aware

Driggs, Idaho
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ALERT Gas buyers at Texaco in Tusayan - please be aware

I had a wonderful first visit to the Grand Canyon last weekend, and overall, my experience was very positive. I loved the area and the people alike.

However, this past Friday I became aware of a problem when my local bank account was completely drained of all cash. I wouldn't post this if I was 99% sure; however, here are the circumstances surrounding the events. One can come to their own conclusions and I apologize in advance for offending anyone by my accusations but here are the series of events:

I bought gas at the Texaco Express Mart when leaving the Grand Canyon. I thought it odd that my debit/credit card would not swipe. 1. I thought it was because I just **opened** my new bank account days ago and I did not validate the card. But then remembered I had used it for one local grocery and gas purchase at home where I always go, and have never had a problem.

2.This was the first time my card was out of sight in the hands of anothers. I have NOT used this for any other purchases online.

3. I was the only person there at the time and the attendant came out and said, give me your card, I will run it inside and I can come get it when it was filled up. I only filled my tank up enough to get me to my next stop b/c their prices are not advertised - I came back in and I had to ask for my receipt. I had an odd feeling, and I typically don't keep receipts, but in this case, I did.

Anyway, after trying to use my card once and having it declined, I went to call my bank and found a voicemail from them already. They flagged my account for random charges and after researching further, they informed me someone in Canada used a replica of my card which would only be accessed by someone knowing the last 3 digits of my security code. I have since filed a dispute and there will be no problem (hopefully) getting my my money refunded. I intend to pass on a copy of my receipt to authorities to at least note, if not take action, in the event there are past or future events stemming from this location.

Given the circumstances, 1. brand new bank account 2. new card hardly used 3. Only one person outside of myself having this card out of my sight - I feel confident in my statements. Again - hopefully the authorities will be able to take it one step further. I hope my comments have saved someone from the same problem I just experienced. Yes, of course, there is always the question of whether or not this vendor is to blame but given my past experience in this work, all things point to this location. I will never leave my card, sight unseen, in a strange place again. Lesson Learned.

Cottonwood, Arizona
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1. Re: ALERT Gas buyers at Texaco in Tusayan - please be aware

That really sucks, thanks for sharing and I hope that if there are grounds for criminal charges that they do move forward with that. Hope they refund you your money...

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2. Re: ALERT Gas buyers at Texaco in Tusayan - please be aware


Uden, The...
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3. Re: ALERT Gas buyers at Texaco in Tusayan - please be aware

Good warning. Never let your CC out of sight.

South Jersey, USA
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4. Re: ALERT Gas buyers at Texaco in Tusayan - please be aware

Never fun when you're on vacation! Hope things get resolved for you and quickly!


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5. Re: ALERT Gas buyers at Texaco in Tusayan - please be aware

These things happen far too often and has happened to me twice in the last 6 years and the cards WERE NEVER out of my site. In my case charges were made online, once even from France. I've never even been to France.

Stay vigilant, check your account often and report any discrepancies to your financial institution immediately.

Glad it didn't completely ruin your vacation. The last time it happened to me was earlier this year and part of our vacation had been pre-paid with my card and when my bank cancelled that card and issued a new one, it caused some problems that took quite a while to get corrected.

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6. Re: ALERT Gas buyers at Texaco in Tusayan - please be aware

Any chance it could of been a "Skimmer?" I heard thieves insert those into pumps and it captures the card info.

Very scary sounding, good catch!

Baton Rouge
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7. Re: ALERT Gas buyers at Texaco in Tusayan - please be aware

To me, this is a good story about why I don't worry too much about using credit cards. Before you even knew there was a problem, the card issuer had already flagged unusual activity and put a hold on your card. Then they cleared up all the unauthorized transactions for you.

Don't get me wrong; I still think people should take prudent precautions with credit cards, but there is a lot of protection built-in. I don't follow the one poster's suggestion of "never let your CC out of your sight." I hand it over to waiters all the time at restaurants, and I don't follow them to the station where they run the charge.

I've had issues with unauthorized charges two or three times in 20+ years of using credit cards, and they were all cleared up with minimal effort on my part.

Mesa, AZ
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8. Re: ALERT Gas buyers at Texaco in Tusayan - please be aware

Sometimes these cc mishaps have nothing to do with you or where you have been. Twice in the last 30 days I have heard of "blocks" of cc numbers being "compromised" resulting in the original cc needing to be replaced. One of these was mine--a Bank of America cc. Another was a Chase cc issued to a friend. Before I even knew it, the cc company had set the wheels in motion to prevent the cc from being used. They are lightening fast!

However, in your case it sounds like a dishonest clerk. This also happened to me recently at a local timeshare where I had spent several days. I never used the cc while there, and nobody but me and the clerk at checkout had access to my card. By the time I arrived home that very day, the card had already been used for online purchases. I immediately contacted the cc company which rendered the cc invalid. I was not responsible for the charges. Checking your account online daily is always a good idea.

tucson az
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9. Re: ALERT Gas buyers at Texaco in Tusayan - please be aware

A few years ago, a friend of mine and I went to eat at a local restaurant. We put our debit cards, both from the same credit union, in the folder to pay the bill after the meal. Neither of us was very observant. Fortunately within an hour, my friend told me to look in my wallet at my card. We had been given some cards that resembled our debit cards but were ads. We went immediately back to the restaurant and spoke to the manager. He went away for a few minutes and came back with a stack of about 100 "lost or left behind" credit cards and asked us to look for ours. No explanation then or later from the restaurant. We did report it to the police, but they later said no one had lost any money so no charges could be filed. They did say that our and others' returns to the restaurant the same night had likely stopped the scam.

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Mesa, Arizona
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10. Re: ALERT Gas buyers at Texaco in Tusayan - please be aware

I Wrote to my bank and changed the Maximum withdrawal per day amount to $500 (whether I am home or away). The problem with using a DEBIT card is the bad guys find a way to access your money. I would NOT use debit card unless the card was processed in front of me. At least with a CR card you are not responsible except perhaps for the first $50. Unfortunately with banks many times you're guilty til proven innocent and that doesnt pay the bills.

to the OP...I'm sorry for what happened to you. When I travel I usually have access to internet and I check my bank account daily (as well as the website for another CC I may have used.