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soooo soooo nervous

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soooo soooo nervous

I really had my heart set on going to cocobay but after recent events, my family and friends are saying not to go.. does anyone have any idea of what SPECIFIC efforts have been made to beef up security. I would assume they have a plan in action.

Crawley, United...
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1. Re: soooo soooo nervous

Hi KeaKo

Your best bet is to contact the hotel itself. We are going to Cocos at the end of November and I'm slightly nervous too. The hotel said they had increased security and changed the locks on the cottages.

I've had a different reaction from friends and family - most of them say we should still go. It's so very unlikely to ever happen again.

But the best thing, like i said, is to contact the hotel :-)

I hope you go. It took us a long time to decide to still go ahead, but i think we have made the right decision.

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2. Re: soooo soooo nervous

I would say you are safer in Antigua than in NYC

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3. Re: soooo soooo nervous


hey...its so unlikely that incident would be repeated. Please .. do come.. you'd have FUN. There is so much Antigua has to offer !

If it's the hotel..try and change it if possible..thre are a list of other accommodation you can try on www.antiguanice.com.

Hope this helps.

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4. Re: soooo soooo nervous

I am sure it won't happen again but the fact that it happened in the first place I imagine will be on everyones mind for a long long time to come.

north wales
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5. Re: soooo soooo nervous

please go to Antigua,we have just come back from Blue Waters and it was out of this world, would definately go back. Hopefully it was an isolated case that happened at Cocos really sad. But bear in mind it could happen in any foriegn country,and even in UK,GO AND ENJOY

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6. Re: soooo soooo nervous

Can really understand your apprehension. weve just returned from Blue Waters. according to the Express last Sunday they had an armed raid back in April, but only on the Reception area. We can honestly say that we found security here spot on our doors could be double dead locked on the room, I left stuff lying around which was NEVER touched. The main gate we where always checked in and out. That doesnt stop anyone coming in by sea however!!! But that applies to antwher in Antigua beach Hotels!!

We looked at Co Cos and were put off by the fact that their room doors were slats of wood, same for windows etc. And Chalets spread out in thick growth!!

Coco bay prob a differant kettle of fish and surely security everywhere will be tightened up.

It makes my blood run cold those poor poor people. but we are seriously thinking of going back to Blue Waters next year for our Anniverssary,

When you think of the crime and such here!! less population I know but everyday here several terrible incidents. Just go Antigua is out of this world, and the majority of folk are fabulous. Enjoy

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7. Re: soooo soooo nervous

We have booked our weddng at Cocobay for next November. Our guests are very nervous about going and some family members have suggested we cancel the wedding. Emailed Cocobay and their response was that they have stepped up security but is that enough? I believe the chances of such tradegy happening again so soon is slim but am afraid we wont enjoy our wedding and honeymoon for fear of somebody breaking in to our cottage the last thing you want to do is feel nervous in your cottage at night. It was meant to be our dream wedding any advice please ?

North Carolina
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8. Re: soooo soooo nervous

I think everyone visiting this country should be nervous. For a little more insight about the crime problems in this country, check out Antiguas local newspaper. There are a couple sources but I have been reading the Antigua Sun. The local newspaper said that while celebrating Carnival last week, there was a shooting and a couple stabbings. As far as I can tell they still have not caught the murderer. There are lots of islands in the Caribbean that are much safer.

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9. Re: soooo soooo nervous

daznccc: Please do not compare what has happened recently in Antigua to being in NYC. The point is that two people were murdered in their hotel room where security has been lapse and crime and murder has been on an increase.

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10. Re: soooo soooo nervous

I have family and business ties in ANU. I am sick about the violent crime. I have STRONG faith in Gary Nelson, the C.O.P.

Having said that, if you are scared, HOW can you enjoy the trip. Cancel and travel where you will feel more comfortable. Some will balk at this reply but honestly, I would NOT want to send a scared client to Antigua. I would feel incredibly apprehensive.