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Antigua first timers!

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Antigua first timers!

This site has never let me down, so here goes ...!

Thinking of booking a week at Blue Waters hotel at the end of October for a rather 'BIG' birthday!

The hotel seems to come off well on the reviews, anyone stayed there recently?

We have been to Barbados (which I LOVE!) a few times, and Bahamas, but never Antigua, which my husband fancies for a change.

Not too sure what to expect weather wise at that time of year.

We usually take a Caribbean hol between Jan and April.

I'm always grateful for any advice you experienced people have to offer, as I feel it lessons the chance of being dissapointed.

Thanks in advance!


Essex, UK
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1. Re: Antigua first timers!

Hi, we have been to Barbados and then did a cruise which included a day in Antigua. We liked it so much we went for 2 weeks this March. We much prefer it to Barbados, but it depends what you like. We stayed in self catering in Jolly Harbour, which is also used by the locals as a shopping/drinking area so it is great to meet them.

I think if we had done all inclusive we would have been disappointed as I think they are quite expensive for the facilities.

We went past Blue Waters on a catamaran trip and it seems reasonably well positioned on the island, but (and I/m sure others would disagree) but Jolly Beach, and Long Beach are the best beaches.

There is not all that much to see and do on Antigua - we hired a jeep for 3 days and saw everything.

However, for just lazing on the beach and drinking in the beach bars, we found much better than Barbados. There is not much night life but we were always so tired after being all day in the sun that it didnt bother us.

Our 17 year old daughter and 14 year old son think that its the best place ever and we will be back again as soon as finances allow.

Anything else you need to know please ask.

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2. Re: Antigua first timers!

I am planning a week in Antigua in March next year could anyone tell me what the weather is like in general, the brochures forecast lots of rain. We are doing the second week in Barbados as we love it there but who knows we might like it more than BDS. Any tips of where to stay we are boring and like AI's but we do like to dine out in the evening a couple of times.

Lake District, UK
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3. Re: Antigua first timers!

I don't think your brochures are right. March is usually one of the drier months, before hurricane season. There are no guarantees. I got soaked one day in February this year, but generally there only occasional showers, which help cool things down and freshen them up.

essex england
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4. Re: Antigua first timers!


We stayed in antigua a couple of years ago at coco bay, now if you want something special this may be it, its A/I, very romantic, you stay in small bungalows that all have an ocean view, the food is al la carte, everything is low key,great beaches,etc.The funny thing is the english owners had a meeting with the mgr of the SANDRIDGE when we stayed there this june, small world is'nt it, have a look at the pics on travelhop.com.

Chicago, Illinois
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5. Re: Antigua first timers!

We spent a week at Long Bay Hotel on Antigua a few years ago. There is a lot to see and do on the island, such as a trip to Nelson's Dockyard if you're into history. There's also shopping in St. George's and a small casino, if you like that kind of thing (we don't). The roads are not too bad, so renting a car is a good idea. The beach at Long Bay is excellent with good swimming and snorkeling right off the beach, but there are LOTS of beaches on Antigua. The food at Long Bay Hotel is some of the best I've had in the Caribbean -- especially the cream of onion soup (served hot) and the chicken and lime soup (served cold) -- and Sam the bartender makes absolutely the BEST rum punch ANYWHERE!

We would definitely go back to Antigua, and would either go back to Long Bay Hotel, or maybe try Coco Bay on the other side of the island. I would avoid Dickenson Bay or anything close to St. George's, just because the beaches are pretty crowded. Long Bay is quiet -- except when the cruise boat people show up, but that's only for a few hours.

We usually go to the Caribbean in February. October is still technically hurricane season, so the weather could be iffy. But I think it's still worth going. Antigua is one of our favorite islands.

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6. Re: Antigua first timers!

I am just back from Blue Waters. It is sublime..amazing experience all around. Wonderful food, pleasant and accommodating staff, and the setting is magical. I had one negative: we had a deluxe first floor room in the hundreds. It has an amazing view and is tastefully decorated but go upstairs..our heal heavy neighbors upstairs kept us awake until they went to bed at night..then we could hear their bed knocking for an hour or so..rather awkward for me and my 13 year old but funny now I guess..at the time I just wanted to sleep.

The amenities here are WONDERFUL..it is simply one of the best places. I have stayed at Round Hill in Jamaica and The Reefs in Bermuda, Browns and Halkin in London for frame or reference..GO to Blue Waters..

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7. Re: Antigua first timers!

I saw Cocos the other day. It is charming and simply romantic. A wonderful pool and beach. The only downside is there is no AC so I would imagine summer time is hot. Also, it's on a hill so physically challenged people should be forewarned. I loved Cocos.

Fallston, MD
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8. Re: Antigua first timers!

Well, BARBADOS .......

I'm only going to address your "end of October" and "Not too sure what to expect weather wise at that time of year." queries.

However, before doing same, I should like to state that Barbados is my 2nd most favorite Caribbean island to visit.

I do have a question ... Have you ever visited Barbados in late October? If so, the weather on ANU would be ( there are exceptions ) about the same.

Personally, I've given up going to ANU at that time of year. It's perhaps just my bad luck. But, after 2 back to back years ( 2002 & 2003 ) of less than relatively decent weather ... I was hesitant to send my brother there on 31 Oct, 2004 for his honeymoon. Placed them on Barbados, instead.

The weather he incurred would have been no different last year as if he had been on ANU. There were no downpours of rain all day ... but it was cloudy for the most part.

However, the way I'm thinking ... I'd probably ( if I was a wagering man ) probably put money on the odds that 2005 would have to be better than 2002, 2003, or 2004. But, I don't gamble "BARBADOS". Who knows what the weather will be like until you're there and experience same?

My advice would be to give Blue Waters and ANU a try. If the weather doesn't turn out to be in your favor ... please, don't hold that against the island of Antigua. If the weather is sunny & beautiful, enjoy viewing the sunsets while at Blue Waters and your entire island experience. Cherish the memories ... but don't be too quick to advise your close friends that this is the "perfect" time of year to visit ANU based solely on your first experience on this lovely island.

I didn't intend this to be a "sermon" .... but, what can I say? ... You live and you learn.

Cheers .. and I hope you choose ANU and whomever's "BIG birthday" it is turns out to be the best ever.


Devon, UK
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9. Re: Antigua first timers!

Re Antigua in March this is their dry season and whilst you can expect rain at any time, otherwise it would not be so green Feb/March are usually the best times of year to go. However, we did go in late Feb this year and did have a small amount of rain but this is very rare. Would also check to see when hurrican season is. Antigua is great island and people are wonderful, especially if you make an effort to get to know them. Southern part of the island is lovely and a must to visit particularly half moon bay and rendevous bay that is best reached by boat.

Aptos, Ca.
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10. Re: Antigua first timers!

I am taking my 3 children over new years and I am hoping to find things to entertain them. They are 15, 14, and 9. Any ideas? 1. What time does town shut down? 2.What is acceptable clothing for kids (and adults too I guess)for the trip? 3. Where can I grocery shop for a family of 5? Thank you for any help with any of the questions!

Julie @catsmouw@aol.com

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