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Customs at Antigua airport.

Baltimore, Maryland
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Customs at Antigua airport.

We are flying into ANU on 12/10 and I have heard some rumors about customs upon arrival. I have heard that on Saturdays, the customs lines can be hours long. Any truths to this? I have also heard that if you tip the right people(baggage handlers?), your wait will be much shorter? I purposely booked a more expensive flight to begin enjoying my trip early, at 2pm, and I do not love the idea of not getting to my resort until hours later. Can anyone chime in?

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1. Re: Customs at Antigua airport.

We arrived in Antigua on a Saturday last February. (2011)

The line was long but it moved pretty quickly. We got through it in about 40 minutes. Not exactly the way I wanted to start my island adventure but, certainly tolerable and not hours long.

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Guelph, Canada
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2. Re: Customs at Antigua airport.

We arrived last year on December 18, a Saturday. There was less than an hour between when our plane touched down and when we left the airport.

Baltimore, Maryland
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3. Re: Customs at Antigua airport.

cool thanks

Wetherby, United...
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4. Re: Customs at Antigua airport.

On a Saturday (and we flight out when you fly in) it will be busy. 3 planes arrive "around" the same time - Air Canada, Virgin and BA. BA & Virgin aproached Customs almost together last Saturday - 800 people in an airport big enough for a couple of Fokker 70's.

It took us 1.5 hours to get through. We were expecting it and we went along with it.

They were good with families though, and picked them out.

I don't know about bribing your way through, though



san diego, ca
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5. Re: Customs at Antigua airport.

We arrived just last Saturday. The line was an absolute nightmare with lots of confusion. We stood in the correct line but a lot of people got into the much shorter line for those with connecting flights even though they didn't have connecting flights (my husband asked them and they refused to move to the back of the line). My husband was tired and saw how unfair this was becoming and asked the woman in charge to please enforce the lines. She started to do so but those people simply moved over into our line, but refused to go to the end of the line, so they were still all going ahead of us. Regardless, the line turned out to be at least 2 hours long. I suffer from chronic daily migraines and started to become very sick. We informed one of the employees and they were kind enough to move us closer. At that point, we were in line for 1.5 hours since landing and were still at the very back of the building. Maybe this was unusual even for a Saturday but it seemed that the line was about 2-3 hours long.

Sheffield, United...
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6. Re: Customs at Antigua airport.

It does not help when immigration officials are repeatedly sending people back to correctly fill in the landing card (this is UK flights-cant comment on others). You have to fill in ALL parts - this means the back of the form too. The bottom part then has to be retained and given in when you leave. Again, people at airport throwing a wobbly because they have not kept it !! Airlines would do well to instruct passengers but there were a lot getting sent back when we landed. Having an argument with your other half is not the best way to start your trip !

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7. Re: Customs at Antigua airport.

After having the 'paper work fiasco' on our first trip to Antigua -- I made sure to inform the flight attendants on our next trip on how to fill out the customs forms properly - because the crew didn't know either, so they then informed all passengers ---- so if you are on a flight to Antigua, tell the crew or pass the word on the plane -- save everybody time upon landing as incorrect paperwork only slows the process !

Vancouver, Canada
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8. Re: Customs at Antigua airport.

There are actually two separate lines for Immigration then Customs. Most of the time I breeze through in a few minutes. If, however, you arrive behind a couple of 747s then you wait of course. For tourists, customs is usually easy. Don't get behind the locals though if you can avoid it. Customs always gives them a hard time so you are kept in line waiting your turn.

Toronto, Canada
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9. Re: Customs at Antigua airport.

When did your plane arrive into Antigua? We experienced that same problem last March in Montego Bay--it took over 2 hours to get through customs. We are travelling in March 2012 to Antigua--on a Saturday and were hoping for a much more pleasant arrival. Thanks,

ontario, canada
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10. Re: Customs at Antigua airport.

Air Canada always tell passengers that one form per family is what is needed but that isn't true. One form per person going into Antigua. Now we always get seperate forms on the plane...just ask as they usually have quite a pile of them in their hands.

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