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Starting to stress due to lack of plans!

Central NY
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Starting to stress due to lack of plans!

My husband and I are leaving for our first trip to Aruba on 5/2 (our first adult trip since our honeymoon 20 years ago). We're looking forward to a fair blend of relaxation, with a little "craziness" mixed in for good measure (Kukoo Kunuku, for sure!). We haven't made any reservations for anything, because our original goal was to just arrive and "wing it", not have to stick to a plan. Now that it's getting so close, I'm panicking & starting to second guess that thought!

Some of the restaurants we definitely want to try are Madame Janettes, El Gaucho, Simply Fish, Ventanas Del Mar. Any problems getting reservations at any of these on short notice?

I'm also wondering what you all think of the Tattoo Cruise? We're trying to decide if we really want/need 2 crazy nights out, or is he cruise geared more at a younger crowd (not that we're old -only 40/42). If we go for the cruise on Friday, is it likely that we will be "recuperated" enough to enjoy Kukoo on Saturday, or would you advise taking a night off in between? If so, is Kukoo as fun on weekdays as weekends...(is there a best day to Kukoo??)

Also, trying to decide whether to book these excursions online ahead of time, or do it when we arrive - is there any chance of either being sold out? Also, how about the 1/2 Jeep Safari - book ahead or wait 'til we get there?

FYI, we're splitting our 7 nights between the Rennaisance (first 4), and the Aruba Marriott (last 3).

I appreciate any suggestions you experienced Aruba travelers can give us. Thanks much!

Warren, Rhode Island
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1. Re: Starting to stress due to lack of plans!

I make reservations at El Gaucho's & Flying Fishbone online prior to leaving because we would be very disappointed if we didn't get in, El Gaucho is our favorite restaurant in Aruba. Please don't panic & stress out. Our first two times in Aruba we didn't have any set itinerary and always found something to do and somewhere nice to eat. Sometimes reserving too many activities can stress you out more because you are on a timetable. Just go with the flow, after all that's what vacation is all about.

Camillus, NY
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2. Re: Starting to stress due to lack of plans!

Hello CNY. I am from Camillus!! Just visited Aruba for the first time mid-March. Loved it!! I stressed prior to going about wanting to balance spontaneity and not missing out., like your self. No worry, pay attention to the advise in this forum, but you really can't go wrong.

If you want to go to Mad Jan on a specific night and time, book as soon as you get there.

Simply Fish- book the day you arrive at the Marriott. Ask for sunset time nearest the water.

I guess if it were me, I would separate the "booze cruises" by a day at least, just becuse. Age doesn't matter. You can book these online ahead of time if you will feel better. Most things aren't necessary to do that, though.

Are you going to have a vehicle? That is how I planned some of the week. We had a car[ 4x4] for the first hlaf of the week while at Eagle Beach. Then turned it in while at Marriott. You are within walking distance of alot of good restarounts while downtown at The Renn.

I don't know about the Jeep Safari selling out. Someone here should.

Have a great time!! You really can't go wrong with Aruba!!

North Cape May, Nj
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3. Re: Starting to stress due to lack of plans!

go online to : www.arubadiscountcoupons.com. You may want to take advantage of a discounted jeep tour, restaurant, etc.

Book Madame Janette before you leave.. A little risky to wait, so why take a chance?

Google Kukoo Kunucu. There is a $5.00/pp discount if you book on their web site.

Heard mixed reviews about Tattoo. Never tried it.

Go to El Gaucho while staying at the Ren. You can walk there. Maybe a casual dinner at Iguana Joe's. Also walking distance.

I think that you will really love Ventanas del Mar. It's my favorite.

White Plains, New...
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for White Plains, Aruba
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4. Re: Starting to stress due to lack of plans!

This is not high season so most restaurant reservations can be made when you get there. If you want a certain day for Madame Jeannette, I suggest you make the reservation on line or the day you arrive. El Gauch is always full so do that one early too. Please dont over schedule, that is the pleasure of Aruba. Enjoy the private island.

Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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5. Re: Starting to stress due to lack of plans!

Done the Tattoo twice in the last 10 years. We're about 40 yrs old too. Definitely a younger crowd on the boat. Not that you can't have a good time but you'll be hanging out with a ton of early 20 yr olds. We probably wouldn't do it again as a couple - maybe if we had another couple or a group of people to hang out with.

Riverhead, New York
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6. Re: Starting to stress due to lack of plans!

Hi kemp:

I, too, obsess about "plans and organizing." This time I will not do that, (I hope, at least I will try not to - I have a fear of "missing out").

The only reservation I have made is for Flying Fishbone (and the plane & hotel, of course) on my 20th wedding anniversary. I couldn't chance not getting to do this at sunset.

I'm trying spontaneity this time. Since it will not be high season (June) chances are good that we will be able to do whatever we want whenever we want, if not...we'll do something else.

Easy for me to say when my trip is still 6 weeks away!!

Try to relax and just go with the flow.

Please let us know what you did and how you made out.

Central NY
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7. Re: Starting to stress due to lack of plans!

Thanks everyone for your replies, I feel better now about my plan to not plan :-)

I think I'll plan on skipping the Tattoo cruise, call ahead to book Madame Janettes, & El Gaucho (maybe Flying Fishbone too based on your feedback), and wing it with the rest.

And, mmkathnp, we're practically neighbors! (I'm in Auburn). Thanks again! I really appreciate all your feedback...I'll be sure to post a report when I return.

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8. Re: Starting to stress due to lack of plans!

i would choose sunset grille at raddsion over el guacho's anyday..

have been to both numerous times and sunset grille wins hands down...food, sevice, quality....skip el gauchos

Detroit, Michigan
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9. Re: Starting to stress due to lack of plans!

When you make the reservation at Flying Fishbone be sure to explain it is a special occasion. We did that for our 10th and had a waterfront table for the sunset. It was beautiful.

We did the Tattoo and I agree it is definitely a younger crowd. It was ok, but would not do it again. Also, drinks are separate and not included in the cruise price.

We also went in May (2006) and stayed at the Ren. We only made reservations at Fishbones and Mirandi. I was disappointed because we were not able to get onto a sunset cruise which I would have liked to do. If you plan on doing that, I would look into booking as soon as you arrive.

Have fun!

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10. Re: Starting to stress due to lack of plans!

being that you are going on tattoo as a couple as compared to going solo I dont think the age diff will matter to much but I did notice that there were more older people on the party busses then on tattoo

I have been on the tattoo before and would do it again they have a rope swing and waterslide which makes it a little diffferent then just another night at the bar