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Answering some questions about vacationing in Aruba

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Answering some questions about vacationing in Aruba

Hope this helps all of you looking for answer's on what to do in Aruba.

“Another Wonderful Stay at the Radisson and in Aruba”

June 3 - 9, 2011

Hi all,

For those of you who want a short report......It was great!!!!!!

For all of you who are thinking about going to Aruba and the Radisson. Here is my trip report.

It’s a long one, so you might want to grab a drink, sit back and hopefully enjoy.

Flight to Aruba: We took the 9:12 AM Continental flight # CO 1638 non-stop flight from Newark. Continental was good, but we did have a problem with the plane. One of the computer chips that controlled the thrusters was not working. Pilot said there was no problem as it only meant he had to handle them manually, and he would have to work harder. He also stated we would only notice this, at times, in the noise level of the engines. After signing off on this notification, we were set to go. Found out they had the same problem on the Saturday flights too.

As there are no more free meals on board some people took food on to the plane.

I purchased the cheese, fruit and cracker platter. It was very good. Soda, juice, tea and coffee were served and free. Cocktails could be purchased.

Return Flight: 2:55PM CO flight # 1643 non stop to Newark. Flight was good. In fact our pilot had us arrive in Newark a half hour earlier than expected. He really put the pedal to the metal to avoid the severe storms coming in from the west. Riding home on the Garden Sate Parkway that night was more dangerous then riding in the plan!! Our car service drive did a great job.

My only complaint about this flight was there were no meals to be purchased. It was hard on my grandson Jack. I was expecting the same offerings coming back home as going down. They only offered snacks for purchase and some spicy boxed group. If I had known that Pringles, pretzels etc. were the only offerings I would have seen to it that all of us would have bought food at the Aruban airport to eat on the flight home. I was very disappointed about this, as our last meal, was at the hotel, around 9 AM.

Shame on you United/Continental.

Booked entire trip on line via CO Vacations and they do price match exactly for same itinerary. Plus received a $50.00 card towards next flight. First time we ever did this and booking was fine.


We did notice, as soon as we left the airport, that the weather was not usual for Aruba. There was very little wind, therefore no nice breezes. It was HOT!! The weather was like this for the next few days. Sun would go in and out. We did have one day, a thirty minute afternoon shower. During which no one left the beach, water or pools. Then finally on the last days of vacation the wind returned and the sun shined the entire day. The Aruba we loved was back! I am told El Nina was too blame for this. We did not let her destroy our vacation.

Bully our taxi driver throughout our stay was great. It was nice to see him again.

Our stay at the Radisson was from June 3 - 9 2011.

We traveled with our daughter Wendy, son-in-law Bill and grandson Jack who is now three and a half years old. We stayed in the Curacao Tower fifth floor Plaza Club. Two partial ocean view rooms # 3520 and 3524. They were facing the Riu. We did not hear any outside noise because of the new sliding doors. We had a slight view of the ocean. Partial Ocean view was what I expected. This was my husband's and my third stay at the Radisson. Our rooms were smaller than the Aruba Tower, but clean. They were freshly painted and newly carpeted. These rooms come with a refrigerator, flat screen TV, coffee maker, bath amenities, and safe. We had king size beds and Grandson Jack slept between us on the nights we had him. Housekeeping staff again was excellent. Anything we asked for we received. We did have turn down service, with fresh towels if needed, and chocolate was left for us each night.

The Plaza Club was well worth the extra money. Every morning we would go to the sixth floor for breakfast. Usual breakfast foods....Cereals, toast, bagels, muffins, cheeses, fruits, juices, milk, yogurt, and hot beverages. Pancakes, French Toast, sausage and bacon, plus a local breakfast dish was offered on different days. Also water to go.. They had more then enough food to fill up on. They also offered freshly made omelets. This room was a bit smaller, but everything was there, with one inclusion ....what a view from the two balconies with out side seating. The Plaza Club Computer room was located there as well. We did use the computer in the Plaza Club room to reconfirm our fight home.

The Plaza Club staff, Germaine. Alfarose, Bridget, Matildide (SP)... A.K.A. "The Queen", and the rest of the staff were very attentive towards us and took care of our every need. They also, with out complaint, cleaned up after Grandson Jack’s mess. They were very good to Grandson Jack.

The remodeling at the time of the Aruba Tower did not interfere with our stay.

The beach was clean with plenty of huts to choose from. Water floats were available at the towel hut.

IMHO The Radisson has the nicest beach area.

The Caribbean Sea was a bit cooler at times, but clear and refreshing.

The Pools and grounds were also lovely. We enjoyed the pools from 3 - 5 PM and never had a problem finding a shady spot.

There was food and drink service from Gillian’s offered on beach and by the pools.

Sometimes we grabbed a light lunch and a special Island drink at Bugaloo's (SP) on the pier as you faced the water to the left. Portions were just the right size and not as expensive as Gillian's. There was a coffee/donut/nosh/ice cream shop there too.

Duncan Donuts is now located on the beach, to the left of the Radisson SPA. They were still setting up with a limited variety of drinks and donuts. They should have it fully completed and stocked in a few weeks. There is another DD across the street and to the left.

After the beach and pool, we would stop by the Plaza Club for the freshly baked cookies, coffee or a cold drink.

We also stopped by the Plaza Club for a nosh and a before dinner drink. They had a good selection of liquor, appetizers, cheeses fruits and two hot dishes. One night they had a hot shrimp appetizer that was so very good.

We did miss the out door Martini bar right off of the Lobby. They had the best Chocolate Martini's and they had bands there at night. No one makes them like they did. Hope they are up and running soon. BTW...we did use up our beverage credit.

My husband and I did not visit the Casino. I do believe our daughter and son-in-law did visit the casino and several others on the island and used their match play coupons.

If you forget anything at home remember you can buy it in Aruba. Yes, it does cost more, but you’ll never due without.

This time around, we bought juice, beer, soda and snacks, at the local super market before we arrived at the Radisson. This did cut some cost down. We took collapsible coolers with us to the Beach.

Bring 30-50+ water proof sun screen you will need it.

We decided to do different Restaurants with the exception of MJ’s.

We had dinner at the following restaurants:

Salt & Pepper: Out doors. It’s across the street from the Radisson. Try the Tapa’s menu. My daughter and I enjoyed it, while the men ate chicken and hamburgers. We all just wanted to decompress from a long day. We did think it was reasonable for 5 people, with tip and drinks. Around $150.00 US. Good Food for the price.

Yemanja: Indoors with AC. My daughter and I shared the Puff Pastry Shrimp Appetizer. It was very good. Then I made Lobster Salad as my main course. My husband ordered Tenderloin Steak. My daughter had Portillo Sea Bass and son-in-law had a T-Bone steak dish. He wasn’t that impressed with the T-Bone steak, but they were all very enjoyable. Grandson Jack had Kids Chicken. My daughter and I shared the Dark Chocolate Mousse for Dessert and grandson had ice cream. Yummy!! Cost for the 5 of us with drinks and tip was $241.00 US ! Very Good Food.

Azzuro: Semi in and out doors under tent like ceilings and open windows. It was a very hot night, no wind. We did not have appetizers. I had the Risotto Al Pescatore made only with shrimps. My daughter had the Vitello (Veal) Marsala special. My husband had the Vitello (Veal) al Limone and my son-in-law had a pasta dish with meatballs/sausage. He shared this with his son Jack. Do not remember the price but with drinks and tip it was about mid $200.00 U$. Food was Very Good.

LG Smith: In doors with AC. We had no appetizers. Saving room for dessert. LOL!!! I had the Lobster Thermidor. My husband had Broiled Lobster tails which he asked for. My daughter and son-in- law both had steak dishes....NY Sirloin and Petit Filet. Grandson Jack had the kids Pasta. Daughter and I shared dessert, the Sweetest Taboo and grandson had ice cream. I also had a Chocolate Martini. It was very good. It was my only one on this trip to Aruba. Cost for the 5 of us with drinks and tip was $238.00 US. Very Good Food.

Madame Jeanette's: Out doors. This was a must do for us. It was just a very hot night and no breeze. The many fans did help a bit. We had to do an appetizer here, as it was White Asparagus week/month. My daughter and I shared the special 4 cheese tortellini with asparagus, mushroom, and a white sauce made with truffle oil. Yummy!!! I had the Shrimp Casserole. My daughter had Almond Grouper. Son-in-law had the Center Cut Tenderloin. Grandson had Pasta with red sauce. My husband had the butcher Lamb Rack. Sides of creamed spinach and potatoes au gratin were also served.

They still need more ceiling fans as it was hot while dinning. Mind you this would never keep us from going back!!! Cost for 5 of us with tip and drinks was around $270.00 US Again the food was excellent and too die for.

Windows On Aruba: In doors with AC. Again my daughter and I shared an appetizer. Spinach Ravioli and Truffles. Grandson Jack had the Margarita Pizza which we all tasted. My daughter had the Sea Bass and Risotto and her husband had the Strip Loin Teriyaki. My husband had the Veal Rib Eye with Mushrooms and I had the Shrimp with no Scallops dish. The Shrimp come with their heads on. If you do not like looking into their black beany eyes, remember to ask to have their heads cut off before they are served. To the guillotine they go! LOL I had them cut off before they arrived at the table. Again my daughter and I shared a dessert. We had the Pistachio and Hazelnut dessert, while Grandson Jack had Vanilla Ice cream with a Brownie. Cost for 5 of us with tip and drinks was $250.00 US . Everything was Very Good.

Remember to check and see if service charge (tip) is included in bill.

Know that you can always ask at any restaurant to make a meal different as long as they have the ingredients.

If any one needs more info please ask.

OK, that's all from here. Do hope this helps you enjoy your stay in Aruba as much as we did.

The Radisson is where we will stay when we visit again.


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1. Re: Answering some questions about vacationing in Aruba

UA has nothing to do with CO's onboard food offerings. i would never travel on any airline and count on being able to purchase food. They never guarantee what will be offered. Especially when traveling with children, I always bring more than I think I will need.

Edited: 30 August 2011, 22:16
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2. Re: Answering some questions about vacationing in Aruba

Great trip report!!!!!! Will be there in 3 days and can't wait as my grandson will be joining us the 2nd week. Thanks for all the good info.


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3. Re: Answering some questions about vacationing in Aruba

I'm waiting for the Cliff Notes version...but hope you had a grand time! Come back soon now, hear? ;)

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4. Re: Answering some questions about vacationing in Aruba

Cliff notes please!!!!!!! lol Tony.

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5. Re: Answering some questions about vacationing in Aruba

UA and CO have merged - legal closing of the meger was 10/1/2010.

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6. Re: Answering some questions about vacationing in Aruba

Thanks for the report. BTW, I took the same CO flight 2x's this year. Before you land in AUA, the flight attendants do annouce that there would not be any food offerings on the return flight.

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7. Re: Answering some questions about vacationing in Aruba

We always take the CO nonstop and have adjusted to trading a no-charge for luggage for food. We drop a few snacks in the carry-on to tide us over. We also bring an inflatable pillow and light weight blanet combo. Before we return, we grab lunch in the departure area.

Works well enough for us.

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8. Re: Answering some questions about vacationing in Aruba

Thanks for the detailed review. I loved reading about all of your restaurant experiences.

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9. Re: Answering some questions about vacationing in Aruba

Great, thorough review!! Thank you! Def loved hearing bout the restaurants and i had to laugh- cuz i felt like i was reading a review I HAD WRITTEN bout my mom and me! haha! We share EVERY app and you seem to love shrimp/seafood as much as she does! And every order your daughter got, I thought sounded amazing! haha! Reading this i'm getting so excited for our trip in Nov! Glad you had such a great time!

10. Re: Answering some questions about vacationing in Aruba

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