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What can we do to improve Aruba?

Oranjestad, Aruba
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What can we do to improve Aruba?

First of all, we want to thank everyone for all the activity on this forum. Especially the Destination Experts! You guys are amazing!

We would like to know what you think Aruba (the people, the government, the businesses) can do to improve Aruba?

Should we build more Hotels/ less hotels?

Improve the airport?

Improve traffic?

Make sure that our island is clean?

These are just a few examples.

Also what would make your Aruba experience 10 x better?

Your Comments and Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

We will make sure your comments and suggestions get seen by The Aruba Tourism Authority, The government of Aruba and our local businesses.

We would like to thank all of you for visiting our island.

Pasa un bon dia ! "Have a nice day"

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North Cape May, Nj
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1. Re: What can we do to improve Aruba?

Definitely improve road signage. A map isn't much good if you don't know which road you are on. Also, enforce traffic laws better. Aruba drivers tailgate. Tailgating and poor road signage make for hazardous conditions. Especially for tourists. Other than these issues, Aruba is close to perfect.

Niskayuna, New York
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for Aruba
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2. Re: What can we do to improve Aruba?

AMEN, Tony. At least if one is lost in Aruba, one isn't lost for long (because the island is so small and the inhabitants are generally very helpful). I think this would be a quick, easy and fairly inexpensive "fix" that would enhance all visitors' experience.

I would never presume to tell a government to develop or not develop its economy through increased hotel development, but recent forum posts have indicated that many feel Aruba is getting "over-built," and I think it may be the plethora of "chain" accommodations and restaurants that detract from the "island experience."

Please do something--ANYTHING--about the Carubbian Festival in San Nicolaas. It's a wonderful idea, but it's not executed to maximize visitor enjoyment.

New Jersey
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for Aruba
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3. Re: What can we do to improve Aruba?

The Ritz, A New Hardrock resort, Blue, The Sands site next to Oceania, Aqua, Your recent tourism PR event in NYC! STOP!!!!! Your killing the flavor of your Island and racing toward being Florida or Cancun. You already boast the most return visitors in the carribean so please don't let greed continue to develope the Island to the point to where those of us that love it move on to a location that feels like the Aruba of the past.

Relax with the endless nickel and diming taxes like the one you hit us with last week, we already pay the high airfare and high resort fees, don't price us out of the Island, we resent you taking advantage of our loyalty.

Thank you for caring enough to ask.

Destination Expert
for Aruba, Palm - Eagle Beach
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4. Re: What can we do to improve Aruba?

I second all that was said above - especially the over-building and the island losing its "uniqueness" that it once had. We already talk about "the way the island used to be" and how much we miss that local flavor.

Thanks again for asking. :)

New York
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5. Re: What can we do to improve Aruba?

Something needs to be done about all the recent crimes against tourist. Rental houses and hotel rooms are being broken into and nothing ever happens to the perbs. Police need to step up their game and catch these intruders.

Hull, Massachusetts
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for Palm - Eagle Beach
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6. Re: What can we do to improve Aruba?

I'd like to also say thank you for looking for tourists feedback. The people of Aruba obviously do many things well since so many people return year after year.

The things you will see talked about have already been mentioned: new taxes, complaints about no/slow responses to crime, retention of Aruba's island flavor

Come up time and again by new visitors and every year returnees.

We hope this helps.

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7. Re: What can we do to improve Aruba?

Change the exit policy of the airport. I spent a wonderful week in Aruba (my first holiday in Aruba), but my 3 hrs. trying to exit the airport (going between Aruba and US in customs with all the security checks) makes me think twice about ever returning.

There has to be a better way of doing the checks?!?

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8. Re: What can we do to improve Aruba?

I agree with everyone as well. We dont need any additional hotels...and a few extra airport workers could cut down on the lines and wait.

West Chester...
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9. Re: What can we do to improve Aruba?

Agree with all the above, most of all the new taxes, and the airport (leaving the island) which is only going to get worse with the US gov't shutdowns

West Chester, PA
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10. Re: What can we do to improve Aruba?

I will agree with improvements to the road signs/street names. We printed Aruba traffic signs that we take with us so we understand the signs while driving but a lot of the roads are not marked or named - we had a heck of a time finding the Donkey Sanctuary on our first visit - no signs at all. Please no more Americanized Fast Food Restaurants - takes away from the Island feel when you see the McDonalds and Wendy's.