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There ain't no trash at Royal Westmoreland! (Except us)

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There ain't no trash at Royal Westmoreland! (Except us)

1. What is the scandal from the TA Beach Party?

There isn't any. We had a lovely civilized afternoon in the sun on Rockley Beach. Attended by Sunnie and Butterfly Sue (nice to meet you both at last), Rockley x 2, Kiri x 2, Ducati x 2, Verderose x 4 and us.

2. Where are the rubbish bins for the villa at Royal Westmoreland?

The bins are buried at the end of the drive. No kidding, only the lids are visible. The villa at 25, Forest Hills was absolutely beautiful, with spectacular views over the manicured gardens and out towards the sea. Most days we were the only people at the pool. If you want more details, send me a message.

3. Why did the gym junkies OD at the Chefette?

Too many rotis. The Emeldas have been on a health kick since January, involving healthy eating and exercise at a local gym, plus swimming and cycling. I won’t bore you too much about that but suffice to say we have lost the weight of a large Basset Hound between us. Headed to Chefette for roti and couldn’t finish it due to stomach shrinkage! Afterwards we staggered outside and could hardly walk.

4. Where were your best meals?

At the suggestion of the Rockleys, the four of us went to the Fish Pot for lunch. It was superb. Two courses each plus drinks bill was B$ 400 including tip. This was only outweighed by the excellent company.

We had booked a romantic dinner a deux in advance at Southseas. Waterfront table, all the usual patter, and a truly superb dining experience. Most intrigued by two American ladies at the next table who appeared to be texting the menu to their pals and took photographs of every course.

5. What was the name of the housekeeper at 25 FH?

Her name was Jean. She was an angel and did all our washing and ironing while we swanned about like Lord and Lady Forest Hills. She also brought us bananas, limes, plantain and buffo (sp?) from her garden. Needless to say we tipped her well.

6. Can you burn on a cloudy day?

Yes you bloomin’ well can! We had booked a trip to Mustique and Bequai which was cancelled by the company as the other couple (unknown by us) had to cancel as they had got very burnt on the only cloudy day of the fortnight. Whover you are I hope you are now recovered and as we will have to go back to Barbados to do the trip, could you send a donation for this to me! It’s only fair.

7. What amused you in the gym at RWM?

State of the art gym. State of the art torture if you ask me! There were flat screen tvs on the walls and these at least occupied you as you plugged in your headphones to whatever instrument of torture you selected. Personally I was more entertained by the sight of the extremely attractive male personal trainer as he strutted about doing his thing!

8. What was your favourite book?

Duncan Bannatyne – Anyone can do it. Apart from the fact he is Scottish and an extremely successful and not unattractive, wealthy, businessman his book is a really good read. At the end of the holiday I asked Francis (friendly pool guy if he would like some books. He accepted cheerfully and took DBs book along with others. The next morning he told me had been up until 1am reading the book. He was mesmerized by it and was intending on applying Duncan’s principles to his small chicken farm business and the rest of his life. One year pool guy, next year …let’s see!

9. What was wrong with the guy on the beach?

Whilst dining at Tides, we were treated to the sights and sounds of a local character who appeared to be preaching towards the sea. I asked the waitress what was wrong with him She said little green men or maybe pink!

10. What one word would you choose to describe RWM?


11. What happened when I got a call from the kennels to say the Basset Hound was ill? Well, I took an entirely logical, rational and balanced approach and once I’d done that, I burst into tears! Much phoning led to some reassurances from the vet, but suffice to say we rushed straight to the kennels on the way home. He’s a lot better now, and has so far eaten two chickens and half a pig and incurred £200 of vets fees.

12. What are you going to do with the new swimsuits?

Return them to John Lewis because they have both discoloured and are unwearable. The first one packed in after three wears.

13. How was it overall?

Best holiday ever.

14. What caused the strange noise?

On return home we were most upset by the buzzing noise in the house. We searched high and low, checked alarm, smoke detector, all manner of electrical appliances. After switching every single thing off and on, involving much swearing and crawling about in cupboards, we isolated the noise to a suitcase in the hall. The electric toothbrush had inadvertently got knocked in the case and was buzzing merrily!

Other points of note:

Bathesheba – beautiful as always, and the surfers were out.

Surprise – The Beach House was a good find. Make sure you are hungry, the portions were huge and at B$220 for the evening was excellent value for money.

Miami/Enterprise beach on a Sunday. Lots of locals enjoying themselves and Mr Delicious on hand for rotis.

Stoutes – reliable as always.

Sorry if this is a bit boring, hopefully there is something for everyone.


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1. Re: There ain't no trash at Royal Westmoreland! (Except us)

I was just going to bed when I saw this -you know how it is just one more check before I go ....not at all boring! on the electric toothbrush problem -a few years ago we got on the bus to transfer up to Sandridge(no snobbery there )& from MrsJTD's bag came a loud buzzing/vibrating sound-the bag was on a shelf so the sound was ..well... loud she ..going bright pink said... it-it-it's the electric toothbrush!! isn't it John... I said what electric toothbrush? do you know how to get an electic tooth brush from a very personal place ...John does!

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2. Re: There ain't no trash at Royal Westmoreland! (Except us)

excellent read! thank you Emelda. Glad you had a good trip! I was wondering how your Mustique trip had gone...what a shame. GRRRR! Still, you'll just have to go back and try again :)

CM x

Oakville, Canada
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3. Re: There ain't no trash at Royal Westmoreland! (Except us)

Hi Emelda, glad you had a lovely trip. Hope to go back in the fall.

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4. Re: There ain't no trash at Royal Westmoreland! (Except us)

Great Report Emelda.. Maybe we should list is as an FAQ (hehe). and it was totally lovely to meet you and Mr. Emelda (the goodies are now but a faded memory.. yummy and thanks).

Next time your intown,and want to do Mustique and Bequia.. let me know.. I'll tag along (well it does depend on the prise, but I love Bequia, so maybe it will not matter).

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5. Re: There ain't no trash at Royal Westmoreland! (Except us)

Lovely report Emelda, I really enjoyed reading it.

Ottawa, Canada
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6. Re: There ain't no trash at Royal Westmoreland! (Except us)

Glad you enjoyed it Emelda, shame about the side-trip.

I think we saw your beach guy when we had lunch at Cocomos in March. He was quite demented and our grand-daughter was very intrigued. The restaurant staff advised us to just ignore him, which was difficult because he was about five feet from our table, but he eventually tired and went on his way.


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7. Re: There ain't no trash at Royal Westmoreland! (Except us)

That was interesting Emelda, sounds like you had a good time. Disappointed there was no T.A. beach party scandal though, i was looking forward to all the gory details, lol!

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8. Re: There ain't no trash at Royal Westmoreland! (Except us)

Wonderful and amusing as usual. Glad you had yet another good holiday. Such a hardship to have to go back for the missed trip eh?

I think we also saw the little green man last year while staying at Sandpiper. I felt I shouldn't be watching him but just couldn't stop!


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9. Re: There ain't no trash at Royal Westmoreland! (Except us)

There was me thinking you were going to make up some scandal from the beach picnic.....!!!

You did forget to mention the photograpic evidence of Mr Verderose asleep on the beach surrounded by a rather large number of empty Banks bottles.....that'll make interesting viewing ;o)

So good to be back isn't it? NOT!!!!


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10. Re: There ain't no trash at Royal Westmoreland! (Except us)

Well I was going to mention:

'Booze hell on Rockley'

'Verderose comatose'


'TA Party - a rum do'

but thought better of it!