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Need advise

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Need advise


Is there anyone out there who can help me.We are off to Barbados in September for my daughter's wedding never been before need advisor on suntan lotion. Which would be the best factor to take i'm fair skinned with blonde hair and don't want to look like a lobster on the photos. Also any advise on best currency to take US dollars or Barbardos dollars. Please help.

camberley uk
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1. Re: Need advise

Either currency works - If you take US you get change in Barbados at a rate of 2 barbados for 1 us - the official exchange rate is 1.98 and is fixed.

The sun is generally hotter and much more intense than Barnsley and I reckon more intense than the med even when the med is hotter.

I've used 50 before although that may be over the top

High factor slapped on liberally and regularly and avoid too much exposure between 11 and 3.

If you look like lobster you won't be alone!

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2. Re: Need advise

I'm also fair skinned and use a 60 factor. I spent a good 10 minutes applying each morning in front of a mirror, because if you miss a spot you’ll know it by the end of the day. I reapply midday if required.

Barbados dollars are much easier and straightforward to use.

Enjoy Barbados!


Sydney, Australia
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3. Re: Need advise

Purchase at home (much cheaper) a sun cream with a high spf of 30 plus that has a broad UVA and UVB block. You want one that actually blocks the sun rays. One very good brand used widely in Australia is Nivea, and they know a thing or two about sun creams. Not available in all countries but worth looking for. Another good brand in Ombrelle. The common brands such as Coppertone and Bannana Boat are okay but don't block out the UVA/UVB as well as Nivea.

I would also purchase a long sleeved light weight cotton blouse to wear if you are in the sun for long periods, with sun cream underneath. Or if on the beach a long sleeved sunsuit top called a rash guard. It's a lightweight top that can be worn in the water and no need to apply lotion as it will completely block out the sun. Can be purchased in sporting stores or even on line. You would also find them in Barbados. Do wear a hat to protect your face especially in the water or on the beach. The sun seems much stronger this year for some reason.

I was in Barbados about a month ago and was surprised to see so many badly burnt people, from kids to adults. Some also didn't carefully apply lotion and missed spots that resulted in red burned areas and or blisters. Do apply often and after swimming.

Regarding money bring some U.S. money with you or use a ATM machine at the airport for local currency to pay for your taxi and spending money for the first few days. There are many ATM machines on the island and a great way to access your cash and pay with local dollars.

London, United...
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4. Re: Need advise

If you burn easily, definitely go for a very high factor and reduce gradually (if you want to). To give you an idea of the strength of the sun - I don't burn that easily these days and I burned to a crisp last year when out on a boat and I was using factor 25.

There are many options re currency, if you do a search you'll get various ideas and can decide which one you prefer...

Holetown, Barbados
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5. Re: Need advise

Whatever you do, don't change your money here . The rate given here is so bad it's an insult. My friend bought BBDs Dollars in England at 2.60 to the pound. It was 2.95 in Barbados when she got there,

Sterling Travelers cheques give the best rate, with Sterling cash being the next best option.

Guildford, United...
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6. Re: Need advise


Re sun cream, personally I think you should purchase Riemann P20 one day long. Brillant product, a friend of mine with fair skin and blonde hair normally turns pink when we are in Barbados, but last year used this product and did not burn at all. It filters our 95% of the suns harmful raise, so you dont burn and also you only need to apply it once a day! It is expensive but well worth it. You can buy it in Boots, Sainsburys, Superdrug and it is even sold on Amazon.


Failing that Pitz Buin one day long is also fab, I use this one as it smells nicer and I have darker skin.

Re currency, DONT change your money in the UK. Simply take your cash card and take money out of ATM when you get there or take Traverllers Chqs.

Hope the wedding goes well, you'll love Barbados I promise!

9 sleeps to go until I finally arrive in Barbados!


Sheffield, England
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7. Re: Need advise

Totally agree that you get a better rate changing your money in Barbados and not in the UK - we take some US$ with us for the first day or so then change sterling cash or use an ATM for the rest.

A very high factor sunscreen is essential and I can't add anything to the good suggestions here. Remember that you can get burned even when it is cloudy there so don't fall into the trap of thinking that you'll be OK with a lower factor if the sun isn't shining brightly.

One other thing is don't forget the insect repellent - big red blobs on the wedding photos aren't a good look either! DEET Based ones are best IMO.

Hope you have a great time.

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8. Re: Need advise


Better to be safe than sorry. Take all the advice that's been noted and you'll be fine. If you can get to a tanning bed for a few visits before you go, it might help. Other than that, I'd suggest you use 30 block, or more. Not sure how much time you'll have before the big day, but try to get some sun early morning and after two in the afternoon. Trust the forum. The sun can be dangerous if you take things

for granted. I've been there, done that and bought the tee shirt and it's not fun. Since I've taken the advice I just gave you, I've had no problems whats so ever. It really can spoil your stay.

Congrats to your daughter and have a great time.

Paragon 140

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for Barbados
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9. Re: Need advise

With Barbados being near the equator the sun is strong I was a redhead before I moved here and now my hair is blonde/grey on Sunday I used factor 20 and only sat out for about 30mins and boy did I burn and I've lived here for over 6yrs so be careful even if you used 50 you will still go home tanned you just won't burn or blister or be uncomfortable.

As regards currency because you will be charged in UK for buying USD I would advise bring Sterling and change it at the banks they all give the same rate and don't charge commission. You will pay charges when using ATM's for every transaction. Hope your daughter has a wedding to remember in paradise.

Herts England
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10. Re: Need advise

My sister is fair skinned and burns easy she starts with Bits buin one a day factor 30 then reduces down to factor 15 and has never burned,just be careful in the midday sun. Barbados dollars are best, if you use us you get your change in Bds which can be confusing.