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Sand flies/mosquito bites

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Sand flies/mosquito bites


Last year i went to Jamaica, and in a nut shell was bitten alive, sand flies being the worst, big blisters that the only way to sort them was to pop them, hurt like crazy, so in Barbados i want to try and avoid them, i will be coming 21st march, do you think it is the time of year when they are at there worst, and if so any recommendations please, not deet though as i have a reaction to it , and it stinks in a word

Burlington, Canada
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1. Re: Sand flies/mosquito bites

Yes, there will be mosquitos and sand flies.

Bring whatever you use that's effective.

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2. Re: Sand flies/mosquito bites

I seem to attract bites and have a dreadful reaction to them and the only thing i find which works is Deet. I know it smells a bit but it is better than the alternative. You could try picaridin (google it). I think you will have to buy it on line.

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3. Re: Sand flies/mosquito bites

some people use Anon skin so soft oil. - some people swear by other stuff - only thing that really works for sure that we know of is Deet - so if you can't wear that or can't find this picardin? (never seen it) - better wear long slacks and long sleeve cotton shirts.... stay away from beach after about 4pm - (sand flies seem to come out about that time) - avoid any form of foliage - and keep a tin of BOP in your room (insecticide ) and keep room sprayed .

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4. Re: Sand flies/mosquito bites

I was so prepared this year. Every day/night had on repellant before we went out, also took repellant wipes with me so periodically wiped legs, arms etc. and it was the best ever.

In 4 weeks had only 3 MILD bites. Amazing. You just need to remember all the time to use repellant. If you have had horrendous bites previously you will remember to do all you can to reduce the horrid effects of bites.

By the way, I had no scarring this year either as I wasn't scratching so much

Sheffield, England
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5. Re: Sand flies/mosquito bites

I know it the OP can't use DEET then the wipes will be no use but they are great. So much better than carrying a can or roll on thing in your handbag!

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6. Re: Sand flies/mosquito bites

I only got one bite last trip. I did find that savlon bite and sting gel was a brilliant new find. Normally mozzie bites itch like crazy on me and are a huge red lump. This helped a lot. It is a clear gel which puts a thin film like skin over the bite when it dries. Really stops itching and also prevents infection I would think. Still took a week for it to go completely but best thing I have used so far. I usually leave the beach by 4.30 ish I agree that is when sand flies seem to get worse. Also I think if you have your feet elevated on a lounger you will avoud them too. Boots sell deet which is in a silver grey plastic bottle and that has no smell but won't help if you are allergic to it. I have asthma and sensitive skin and am really careful not to inhale it and shower to wash it from my skin when we get home and find I am ok with it that way. If you have sensitive skin the Avon stuff may be a bit strong. I didn't like it when I tried it.

Saskatoon, Canada
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7. Re: Sand flies/mosquito bites

I have been bitten this year by some creatures in the evenings, very itchy and some swelling next day. I bought some stuff down here (Barbados), called Ghurka Protec. A little oily but works like a charm. No Deet involved.

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8. Re: Sand flies/mosquito bites

Me and the missus have been here for 15 days now. And not a bite between us.

Last year was the same. Don't know what we do right. As we are on a beach every day on the West Coast. Brandon's. Heywoods & Folkestone Marine virtually daily.

Never heard anyone complain who we have been near to on the beach too.

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9. Re: Sand flies/mosquito bites

we have travelled to Barbados a few times and while I don't get bitten ( they must not like me) the hubby is like an all you can eat buffet! we once counted 45 bites just from his knee to his ankle - i personally use baby oil after every shower and never seem to have problems - the last time we visited I had the hubby on vitamin B12 tablets for a month before we came and his experience drastically improved - some bites but not on the scale he has had before and very 'tolerable' so maybe you could try this?

Durham, United...
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10. Re: Sand flies/mosquito bites

I think this depends on the weather. I travel to BIM several times a year, but rarely get bitten in January when I find it is cooler, especially on a night. Worst month for me is September when it is more humid?