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BARBADOS - food prices, car rental and white sand

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BARBADOS - food prices, car rental and white sand

Hi everyone:)

Almost about to book a trip to Barbados for me and my bf, for two weeks. Our first ideal destination was Dominican Republic (WHITE SAND paradise beaches is what we're after!!!) but after reading some reviews we switched to Barbados (still not sure - any thoughts?).

For Dominican Republic we found good deals for all inclusive but Barbados is significantly more expensive so we are thinking of self catering. Hence the question - how much money wold we need for 2 weeks of food/restaurants sometimes and buying alcohol? We are young so we dont mind not eating fancy every day and buying our own booze in the shops ;) We just need to calculate the money. Anybody knows prices in Barbados?

Also another question - we would like to explore as much as possible (that's why we switched from DR as apparently there is not much to do outside of the resorts and people arent as nice). But since neither of us have a driving license we were thinking of renting bikes. Is it a good idea?


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1. Re: BARBADOS - food prices, car rental and white sand

Re:copied from previous post by BGIWT - NB: divide by 3 for GBP - prices in BBds $


I would suggest room only where possible as we have over 140 great restaurants to eat at ranging from $$ to $$$$. You don't want to miss out on them.

In most bars you can purchase a beer for anywhere between $3-$8 depending on the location. Some bars have four beers ( Banks, Stag or Hairoun) 4 for $10.

Sodas / Juice = $3 to $5.50

Rum + Coke = $8

Rum Punch = $13

Tea/Coffee = $6 and up

Most cocktails $12-$20 depending on the location.

Glass of Wine = $12 to $24 depending on the location

Glass of Champagne = $30-$40

Bottle of wine = $68+

Bottle of Champagne = $135+

Food ---

Starters $18-$38 depending on restaurant

Mains $45 to $100 generally, depending upon restaurant and what you order. Lobster for example will be around $100. Items such as platters for two can run up to $140

Desserts $15 to $25 depending upon restaurant and what you order

Fast Food

$15 can get you two pieces of chicken, fries, biscuit and a drink from Chefette or KFC.

$12.99 can get you a value meal from KFC (sandwich and fries or chicken strips and fries or three wings and fries etc)

$33 can get you a whole regular pizza

Rotis range from $6.75 (Curried Potato) to $10.25 (All Chicken)

Casual Dining

Flying Fish Sandwich with Fries = $25

Burgers = $26-$35

Spare Ribs Platter = $39.95

1/4 Chicken Platter = $29.95

1/2 Chicken Platter = $34.95

14oz Ribeye Platter = $41.95


Essential Waitrose Round Tea Bags = $4.79 (40)

Essential Waitrose Rich Roast Coffee = $11.59

Loaf of Bread = $4.35

Block of Cheddar (250g) = $6.89

Wedge of Brie = $6.50 to $13 depending on the size of wedge

Dozen Eggs = $8.29

1 Litre of Ultra Pasteurised 2% Milk = $5.99

1 Litre of Fresh Whole Milk = $6.99

1 Litre of Juice = $5.29 to $5.99

Sliced Ham = $5.79

Bacon = $9.05

Bananas = About $0.70 each

Oranges = Jamaican about $0.75 each, Florida/California about $1.20 each

English / Granny Smith Apples = About $1.20 each

Strawberries = $19.99 a crate

Sodas (Coke, Sprite etc) = $1.85 (500ml)

All Prices BBD, divide by 2 for the US, divide by 3 for the £

I would recommend you budget approximately $350 BBD / $175 USD a day for the two of you so that's £58 / $88 USD per person roughly per day. This would cover breakfast, lunch and dinner and drinks. Some days you'll spend a bit more, others a bit less.


Some posters debate the cost of beers (Banks) and rum punch and say they can be bought for far less!

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2. Re: BARBADOS - food prices, car rental and white sand

With regards to getting around the island I believe the bus service is very good and very cheap. I think its $2 per person per bus journey.

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3. Re: BARBADOS - food prices, car rental and white sand

I find it on average about say 10-15% more than London if you compare like with like. However no question where I would prefer to be. We have been self catering and really enjoyed it. We always use the buses or taxis and getting about is easy and safe.

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4. Re: BARBADOS - food prices, car rental and white sand

Been to both a number of times, Barbados is more expensive in every way. However,, you can not go walking or riding around in the DR, its not very safe. In comparison you can pretty much go where you like in barbados day or night. Although we was mugged at gun point in barbados after dark, so a cab might be wise in more secluded areas. Barbados is a walk around place, so you wont want an AI hotel If you going there.

By the way, Barbados is and feels like the real caribbean, we did not think DR did.......

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5. Re: BARBADOS - food prices, car rental and white sand

Budget wise, for two of us self catering, we work on £100 per day. That covers all our food and drinks. We go to the supermarket and nearly always do our own breakfast. Usually grab a sandwich or light lunch. Dinner out at medium priced places with the odd splurge . A few trips. Buses, taxis. Only thing that doesn't get factored into that is car hire. You could live on less and have a great time. If we know where you are staying we can tell you where the good cheap places to eat are. Stick to the local beer and rum, look out for happy hours.

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6. Re: BARBADOS - food prices, car rental and white sand

Two very different vacations. If you want cheap AI vacation then DR is probably the place to go. Plus if you aren't big eaters or drinkers then SC is a great way to go. You can eat cheap or you can choose high end restaurants. Also take a cooler and pick up your booze and take i to the beach to save money. Most of the beaches there are also places to pick up your drinks. Barbados is a much safer place to travel. I walk all over the Island and so far no issues. As for bikes there is a place that rents them but the roads are not that great for riding. I do a lot of riding at home and would love to do more in Barbados but I think I will stick to the bus.

Since you don't drive you could also consider a day tour with a taxi driver. Many of them do Island tours. Great way to see things while not worrying about trying to drive. Check until things to do and see what tours you might be interested and how much they cost. That way you can also budget for extras. A catamaran trip is also nice. Average cost would be around $100 US each depending which cruise you pick.

Do a little more research and decide what type of holiday you would like and how much you are willing to spend. I will never do AI again if I have my way. I like the freedom of Barbados. To me it is like a second home.

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7. Re: BARBADOS - food prices, car rental and white sand

We take coffee, teabags, cereal and a box or two of wine, buy bread, cold meats and cheese in supermarket for lunch and then use our money for lovely evening meals out.

You can eat fairly cheaply if you look around.

Definately better than DR we went there a few years ago and were afraid to leave resort without a driver, Barbados you can walk around get on a reggie bus and no problems.

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8. Re: BARBADOS - food prices, car rental and white sand

There are plenty of bars and hut's that sell a beer for as little as $ 5 bds which is about £ 1.60, So a lot less than the UK. Plenty of small, nice eateries too that are cheaper than over here.

Yes there are some mid - range and expensive places to eat and drink but hey you are on holiday in the Caribbean and the best place ever....just my opinion.

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9. Re: BARBADOS - food prices, car rental and white sand

We also work on £50 per person per day for self catering and usually include a trip or two in that as well. We self cater for breakfast and some lunches and go out every night to a range of places from very cheap to more expensive. The public transport on the island is $2BDS per person per bus trip and very good. Taxis are also reasonably priced I think.

If you want to keep your budget down, let us know on here where you are staying (when you've decided!) and we can recommend nearby places to eat that are budget friendly.

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10. Re: BARBADOS - food prices, car rental and white sand

Self Catering is the way to go. However, I disagree with some about the DR. We rented a condo that last 3 years there for a month. once in Cabarete, and twice in PUnta Cana. Walked at night from both, never issues. People were very nice and helpful. But then again, we are not AI people and have not been trapped in that bubble.

Beaches are amazing at both Barbados and DR, but DR is DEFINATELY a much 'cheaper' vacation spot.