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lionfish on the menu?

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lionfish on the menu?

Does any restaurant have lionfish on the menu?

New England
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1. Re: lionfish on the menu?

Pasa Bon Pizza is using lionfish for their fish pizza. Not sure about any other places.

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2. Re: lionfish on the menu?

Paradise Moon has lionfish on their menu.

Holland, Ohio
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3. Re: lionfish on the menu?

I know Cactus Blue has wonderful lionfish dishes!

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4. Re: lionfish on the menu?

Most other places have quit serving lionfish, as they can contain something that can KILL PEOPLE, but is not currently detectable. it is a Grand Cayman TA post - I no longer have the link, but it says this:

Lionfish on menu?

Destination Expert

May 15, 2011, 3:03 PM

for Grand Cayman

Don't think it (Lionfish) is still on the menu. They can carry the following disease

"Ciguatera toxin tends to accumulate in predator fish, such as the barracuda and other carnivorous reef fish, because they eat other fish that consume toxin-producing algae (dinoflagellates) that live in coral reef waters.

Ciguatera toxin is harmless to fish but poisonous to humans. The toxin is odorless and tasteless, and it is heat-resistant, so cooking does not destroy the toxin.

Eating ciguatera-contaminated tropical or subtropical fish poisons the person who eats it."

Know of at least one DM who has left the island after eating the lionfish grilled. She is apparently very very ill. Haven eaten blowfish, etc., will take a miss on these. You can learn a lot more on Google! I think this may have put a stop to the idea of catching and cooking at least I hope it has.

Gilford, New...
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5. Re: lionfish on the menu?

From what I understand, any reef fish can carry ciguatera if the waters are infested with the dinoflaggelates which carry this. Ergo, not just lion fish but jack, snapper, grouper, barracuda or any other reef fish. So I think it's more important to look at the area where the fish was caught and not the type of fish. In ciguatera free waters, the toxin should not be present in any of the fish. Watch out for any area which has experienced "red tide".

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6. Re: lionfish on the menu?

The Sunset Restaurant had a lionfish dinner special. (We didn't try it.) Would recommend doing some research before eating lionfish as we were told by a number of people around the island that if not prepared correctly can make people ill and some areas have stopped serving it because of this. (This is just what we were told so can't say it is 100% accurate.)

Saint James City...
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for San Pedro
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7. Re: lionfish on the menu?

We had very good lion fish fritters last night at Cactus Blue.

I have a friend who had a serious case of ciguatera. He can never eat reef fish again, since apparently it gets worse with every exposure.

Barracuda seems to be the fish that gets mentioned most often.

Oh, yea, when my friend got sick it was from eating paella in Colorado.......

Edited: 08 December 2011, 17:35
Dover, Delaware
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8. Re: lionfish on the menu?

I had lionfish twice last week, once grilled at Sunset and once baked at Cactus Blue. It is delicious and both dishes were prepared well. Ciguatera poisoning is a slight concern when eating any reef fish, but depends on how many of the toxic algae are present in the region. I know a group that got it from barracuda in North Carolina! Since I love reef fish (yes, I admit to being partial to grouper) I typically don't worry about it. I even had barracuda one year at Cactus Blue.

Gastonia, North...
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9. Re: lionfish on the menu?

Vini, Jean and Bill are right, you run the risk of ciguatera by eating grouper, snapper, etc as well. I think there's more "hype" surrounding lionfish because they have venomous spines (not poisonous, the only danger here is in the handling) and there's some controversy between the people who want to eradicate it in Caribbean waters (me included) and those of the opinion that the lionfish problem is over-exagerrated and it's just a pretty fish to take pictures of.

Washington, D.C.
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10. Re: lionfish on the menu?

We had lionfish fritters at Cactus Blue, lionfish ceviche at Paradise Moon, but the best was simple grilled lionfish at Eddy's. We knew it was lionfish because we could see the tail! Btw, it's really a lovely fish--delicate and rather sweet.

As for the people who like to take pictures of the pretty fish, I advise they go to the Pacific. We were in Palau last year and saw fewer lionfish than we saw in Bonaire this year--at least one or two on nearly every dive.

p.s. BillDE--you can be partial to grouper, just stop eating them!

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