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Minimum age to go to Cuba?

Toronto, Canada
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Minimum age to go to Cuba?

Hey guys :)

I was planning to go to down to Santa Lucia for two weeks in December with a couple of friends and I was wondering if this is possible considering we will all be 17. I've been to Cuba twice before with a relative and I'm planning to go to the same hotel as the last two times. Would it be possible for us to enter Cuba with no adults? How about booking a room in the resort?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Yarmouth, Canada
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31. Re: Minimum age to go to Cuba?

My opinion wont change, but likely she (and my kids too for that matter) would be safe and sound. Funny, my 17 year old asked me this very same question less than a week ago.

Kid: "Mom...can I go to Cuba with so and so?"

Mom: "Since when did you take up smoking crack"?


Calgary, Canada
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32. Re: Minimum age to go to Cuba?

lovepeaceandcuba, I hope it all works out and you have a wonderful time. Feel free to PM me for any advice.

Niagara Falls
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33. Re: Minimum age to go to Cuba?

gat0, I'm not disputing any policies a resort or travel agency may have. I understanding the reasoning behind them and even agree with said policies. OP should either invite a friend who is of age or delay the trip a couple months until she turns 18 herself.

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34. Re: Minimum age to go to Cuba?

As Terry said there are many of us ....long before there were gps's and cell phones travelled at 17. I spent a month in the mountains of BC at that age. I think an A/I in Cuba ....would be far more 'safe' than what I was doing. At 18 I was heading canoe trips in northern Ontario with 10 year old boys - now that was FAR more 'mad' than a week on the beach in Cuba. .... and much further away from help or assistance if we had needed it. Honestly a phone call and a plane ride from Toronto would have been faster assistance than we would have had on these trips.

We can not read into this posters anthing other than the facts that she was seeking out valid information and options to persue. Damn smart in my mind.

Lovepeace&Cuba - look at your options. Keep asking questions. I hope it all works out well for you and your friends. PM me if you want a few more tips as a traveller that might help.

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35. Re: Minimum age to go to Cuba?

Nennifer Then we agree ...

We all have different answers and problem is none of us give her the answer for her question as she is asking if she can book a room at a resort because she is not 18 .

Best thing for you is pick up your phone and call one of the tour Companies and you will have your answer ....as we can go on and on as we have the ones that did it when they were younger then there are the ones like me that would say no to my kids but thank god they are older then that as now they can do whatever they want .........

Calgary, Canada
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36. Re: Minimum age to go to Cuba?

A few thoughts from a fossil over here: I seem to have at least 15 years on most of the people here who actually admit their age. So maybe it’s because it has been so long since I was 17 that I just don’t remember what it was like. But I don’t see anything at all wrong with letting a mature, sensible 17 year old go to an all-inclusive that she has been to before. And, it is only her parents that can properly assess whether she is mature and sensible enough to make this trip.

Agreed, there may be some legal/liability issues with the tour company, and that may create some roadblocks.

For the most part, I think a lot of parents these days over-protect their kids. Maybe not just these days. My mom didn’t want me going anywhere on my own when I was thirty-five. But I was enough of a rebel by then, I just went anyway.

To lovepeace and Cuba:

If you want to take some advice from an old geezer, I say go if you can arrange it. Be careful, don’t be too trusting, and keep your wits about you. It sounds like your parents have raised you to be sensible, and you have to learn someday to be on your own anyway. And if you are faced with any difficult situation, ask yourself first, “what would mom and dad do?”

Bon Voyage.


Nova Scotia, Canada
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37. Re: Minimum age to go to Cuba?

Interestingly, a 17 year old can join the army yet can’t go to Cuba on their own.

My, but we live in interesting times …

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38. Re: Minimum age to go to Cuba?

Well said Cuba Jack

Kentville, Canada
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39. Re: Minimum age to go to Cuba?

a 17 yr old can die for his country but cant legally drink.

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40. Re: Minimum age to go to Cuba?

Nennifer: Since I never mentioned the OP’s parents, your claim that I’m passing judgment on them is a pretty lame accusation on your part.

The “you can’t baby your kids forever” cliche is bandied about far too often by people who have no parenting experience but are so quick to offer advice. Maybe parents should just throw rules, curfews etc. out the window ‘cuz god forbid that would be expecting them to misbehave, and we can’t have that. Oh heck, just do away with parenting completely and allow kids to raise themselves.

Does that all sound stupid? Well, yes, because it is. If the OP’s parents condone her trip to Cuba, then hopefully they made the decision wisely. However, that’s way out of my comfort level. Period.

I’d rather be realistic than naïve. Part of making the transition between youth and adult is testing limits and pushing boundaries in an attempt to establish identity and place in the universe. Maybe not all teens get into big messes during this journey but, equally they aren’t all as vanilla as you claim to be.