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Sunwing Air lines

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Sunwing Air lines

Would appreciate people experience with this Sunwing airlines. Planning to go to Club Amigo Caracol in Nov 2007 and it seems like this Sunwing is the only one going there or Cubana. Return on Cubana is very early in the morning and we cannot take that.

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1. Re: Sunwing Air lines

flown 2x to varader with sunwing this year and very happy. Like any otehr charter, departure times can change at last minute (jan trip left 4 hrs late but was announced early in morning that instead of 4pm we'd be leaving 8pm. Again like any other charter, there's not as much legroom as a scheduled carrier, but for $25 per person/stretch, you can upgrade to seats with more legroom. Food was good, staff good etc. I have no problem recommending them or using them again.

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2. Re: Sunwing Air lines

I don't care how cheap they are, I will not use them again. VERY terrible customer service after the fact (replied to me in writing addressed to the wrong name, sent letter to selloffvacations as opposed to my home address is one slight example of the laughable service level received from head office). How a company treats a customer when things do not always go right is a true test, in my opinion, of how much the customer is truly valued. They will not receive any more of my dollars. Do I think they care? Most likely not. They offer basic services (with cheap sparkling wine) at par with most charters out there (other than Air Canada) but they tend to be cheapest. I will continue to make other choices. Sheesh, between Sunwing and Cubana you are stuck choosing one of the lesser evils.


Chesley, Canada
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3. Re: Sunwing Air lines

~~HeyCuba~~ We flew with Sunwing twice last winter 1~Jan 2~Mar. Our experience not counting the mix up with our tourist cards!! I mentioned this in another post from last year,,,,and delays in January that we have no control over! other than that the flight and staff were wonderful!! I swore I would not take an afternoon flight ever again but,,,,,, we want to return to Brisas Guardalavaca and Sunwing fies only in the PM to that part of the Island..Good Luck


Ontario, Canada
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4. Re: Sunwing Air lines

We have travelled with Sunwing four times, three times using their own Sunwing Airline. We have no issues at all with Sunwing and, for a charter, have found them excellent. We have not experienced flight time changes or delays of any kind with them. I find their prices excellent and so they've pretty much become my charter of choice. If the price were the same, Air Canada might get the nod based on their increased baggage allowance and/or preferred flight times... We prefer early morning flights.


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5. Re: Sunwing Air lines

I flew sunwing once and will never again. Customer service is non-existent. Very unprofessional.

We had a stopover in Varadero and we weren't advised to take all of our items. My tourist card was stolen by one of the cleaners and they would not do anything about it or investigate it. I had to buy another one for $20 at the airport. Communication is non-existent.

It took about 20 minutes before anyone would speak to me about the theft.

Flight attendants address you by "bud" or "hey". When they serve you dinner or lunch they open by saying "hey', do you wanna eat?". I couldn't believe the unprofessionalism.

No smiles and they all look angry. They also appear you are bothering them when you need a blanket or have an issue. It took about 15 minutes before I was attended to when I pushed the button for service. They were all gabbing in the back and didn't want to help anyone. I'm sure it is just a management problem or training. They do not hire proper staff.

Mechanically the plane was fine.

I have always flown Air Cubana and will do so next time. Canada has alot to learn from Cuba in regards to customer service and etiquette.

Pickering, Canada
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6. Re: Sunwing Air lines

took the red eye with hola from caracol. still staggering around after 3 weeks! lol. but what to do? they have the best luggage allowance and we had good flites. still don't know why so early and so late with most charters. is it cheaper for them or what? sunwing also has long flites from west coast to east coast to santa lucia. check all the stopovers before you book. they don't always show them until you get your tickets. carol e.

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7. Re: Sunwing Air lines

Our flight was delayed 6 hours despite other airlines flying out on time from and to the same location we were heading too. No reason was given to us for this. This pushed our vacation to arrive at 5am Sunday morning, instead of 9pm Saturday night, causing us to lose a day of holidays.

The hotel package we chose was not what we were told, and no help was offered by Sunwing. What was offered when I finally spoke to somebody was that I should check our return flight before heading out because it will be delayed. This information was given to me by a Sunwing employee/representative 3 days prior to our flight. In asking how she knew this, I was told that their flights are always delayed.

They advertise wonderful flight times to entice you to purchase their holiday package, then switch them over and over again until it makes for a horrible holiday.

They also advertise free golf club allowance, but when in Mexico, they attempted to charge us 100 per bag of clubs or we would have to leave them in Mexico. I paid for a seat upgrade and had an extra weight allowance, plus the website, the agent, and the desk in Canada had said golf clubs are free to bring. They said I pay it and fly, don't pay and leave them, or don't fly at all. This made me furious as I showed them the website, the notice on my emailed ticket and other forms. They nodded and said yes, but these forms are wrong. When asking to speak to somebody over the phone and to give me the phone number to call. They said no and actually walked away from me while asking me to leave the line.

This airline has no consideration for customers, their vacation, or anyone that uses their services. If you want a good vacation, I would recommend not fly or booking this airline at all.

Toronto, Canada
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8. Re: Sunwing Air lines

WOW, you pulled up a 2 year old thread about Sunwing so that you could post in the Cuba forum about the problems you had with Sunwing in Mexico.

Well... uh.... ok?

Ottawa, Canada
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9. Re: Sunwing Air lines

Sorry about your bad experience, but if it was a trip to Mexico, then why rant about it in a Cuba thread?

White Rock, Canada
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10. Re: Sunwing Air lines

Too funny! A disgruntled first time poster with lots of misinformation and in the wrong forum. Sniff, sniff!!

Granted, a lot planes originating out of Vancouver have had a tough go of it this past week because of the weather here. The fog won't go away!!! Delayed flights to Cuba and other sun destinations have given the charter airlines a "black eye". When will people realize that weather conditions are beyond the control of airlines?

We flew Sunwing out of Vancouver to Varadero Cuba in late November. This was our experience, cut & paste from my Breezes Jibacoa review:-

This trip was our first experience with Sunwing as they only recently started offering vacation packages from Vancouver. We opted to upgrade to the Elite Plus class at a cost of $40 per person each way. This gave us a higher checked luggage allowance of 30 kilo per person as well as extra legroom seats and priority check-in at Vancouver airport. Sunwing charges $100 for sports/scuba equipment in a separate bag. We avoided this expense by packing our equipment into our suitcase. As my mask is prescription lens fitted, this item always goes into my carry-on. We were well within our luggage allowance which is a good thing because Sunwing charges $20 per kilo for excess and they are very strict about enforcing this. It's always wise to check the luggage specs on your airline's website!

Sunwing use Boeing 737-800 aircraft configured as three seats on each side of the plane with two washrooms at the back and one at the front. The seats are leather. We sat in an emergency exit row on the way to Varadero and in the extra legroom section (rows 1-4 on right side of aircraft) on the way back. My husband, who is very tall, was very comfortable in both seats although the emergency exit row does offer a few more inches of legroom space. Sunwing also offers advance pre-selection of regular seats at a cost of $15 per seat each way.

Our flight departed Vancouver right on time, stopped in Calgary to pick up what were the bulk of the passengers on this flight, and arrived in Varadero about 35 minutes early. Departure from Varadero was also smooth and pretty much on time according to the schedule. The pilot did however apologize as they would have arrived in Varadero early, so we could depart early, had it not been for the “stray” passengers who needed to be found as they were not at the departure gate in a timely fashion. Last time we experienced “stray” passenger delays, their luggage was taken off the plane and they ended up missing their vacation! Someone owes that Sunwing pilot a big thank you for waiting!! Due to very strong headwinds and a delay in Calgary, we arrived back in Vancouver almost an hour later than scheduled. A surprise for me were the empty seats on the plane- about 12-15- and yet I didn't notice any great last minute deals a few days before departure. I'm guessing the airlines are perhaps trying their utmost to discourage the last minute bargain hunters by opting to fly a plane with empty seats?

While the other charter airlines continue to cut back on services or “nickel and dime” passengers, Sunwing offers impressive service for a charter airline. We enjoyed free champagne, a choice of hot meals, free wine with the meal, complimentary hot towel service, free snacks and drinks such as coffee, tea, water or soft drinks. Both hot meals were delicious (by airline standards!). Beer and spirits are available for $5.00. Sunwing does not allow passengers to consume their own alcohol, so leave the duty free bottles closed until you get home! Sunwing does not offer on board duty free. Headsets are provided at no charge so remember to keep it for the return flight or pay $1 for a new set. We found all Sunwing staff to be good humoured and very professional. We have no reservations using Sunwing in the future.

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