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I have heard it all now!

Yarmouth, Canada
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I have heard it all now!

Was just reading a review and I have to laugh at some of the things that people come up with to complain about!

This review stated that:

"We had to walk over all this sand to get to where we wanted to lay on the beach!"


"There were coconut trees EVERYWHERE and the coconuts were just falling out of them! I was scared I was going to be injured!"

And these folks are the ones that are rating the resorts and posting reviews that people read and some people actually think these are legit concerns! If you have dead insects in your food, rodents in your room, blood stains on your sheets...THOSE might be legit concerns...but come on!

Please, please, please, people...when you read a review, dont stop at one negative review and dismiss a resort because of it. Research, read more, ask questions, send emails to folks that have been there....but dont judge the resort by one review written by someone that obviously should never have gotten on the plane to start with. And please....if the writer gave a bad review to a resort because it rained the entire week....or it was too hot...or too large a place....thats the writers fault for traveling during hurricane season or not reading up about the resort ahead of time.

I just read a review as well about a resort in the DR written on Sept. 19th. The writer couldnt believe how unkept the grounds were. The writer had traveled there 2 days after Hurricanes Ike, Gustave and Hannah had passed through.

*Shakes head*.

Toronto, Canada
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1. Re: I have heard it all now!

Too Funny!

Some folks just don't have a clue I guess.

Sherwood Park...
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2. Re: I have heard it all now!

Wicktrimer, I agree some people are ridiculous when they write reviews. Some complain about the silliest things. Like you said, don't just read one review of a place. Read many, if the majority of the reviews are negative there may be something to it, if there is only few negative ones, read between the lines...what are the people really complaining about. However, many people are injured every year by falling coconuts. Some serious and some not so serious, but it is real. It is not something that I wouldn't choose a hotel over though. It is up to you where you choose to sit. If one chooses to sit under a palm tree with coconuts, don't be surprised if one falls off.

Halifax, Canada
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3. Re: I have heard it all now!

I have to laugh at the reviews when people give a poor review because of mosquito's. Like that is the hotels fault

Manchester, United...
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4. Re: I have heard it all now!

Hi wicktrimmer I'v just read a review about the hotel i stayed in... "there were leaves in the pool" and that one off the pools was closed for maintainance. Well how dare they inprove the hotel. Some folk have to find a complaint. Jan

North Bay, Canada
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5. Re: I have heard it all now!

Get out !!!!!!!! someone actually wrote that?? "We had to walk over all this sand to get to where we wanted to lay on the beach!".....omfg this is the best of the worst complaints i've ever heard....i thought facecloths...language & too salty ocean were over the top...now this.....this can't possibly be real...gawd what do people want??????

Montreal, Canada
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6. Re: I have heard it all now!

Too salty ocean.....I like that one. Never heard it before. Got to laugh. How serious can people be?

bc canada
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7. Re: I have heard it all now!

One of my favourites was the reviewer complaining that the seafood restaurant served mostly fish. I bet there's a steakhouse somewhere that serves mostly meat and a vegetarian restaurant that serves waaaay too many vegetables.

Toronto, Canada
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8. Re: I have heard it all now!

One can only hope that a coconut DOES fall out of the tree and hit them on the noggin! Might knock some SENSE into their thick skulls.

These people definately sound like they came out of the shallow end of the gene pool.

Consett, United...
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9. Re: I have heard it all now!

Can I ask what review this is on? I would like a good laugh this morning.

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10. Re: I have heard it all now!

How sad some people must be, taking photos of rotten window frames, food on plates, can not do with wingers for god sake your on holiday have fun. people should stay at home. and even mould in the shower all i can say is get a bottle mof bleach and clean. Annx