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Souveniers in Cuba?

Pt. Coq., BC Canada
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Souveniers in Cuba?

Hi there,

This will be our first trip to Cuba and wondered what type of souveniers do they sell and is it like in the DR. and Mexico where you barter with the vendors or do they find that insulting?

Thanks for any help with this.

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1. Re: Souveniers in Cuba?

If you buy anything made out of wood watch for pin holes and also don't buy anything with little red beads. At customs they will take any like items from you. Little red beads on beans are poisonious. They all sorts of items made out of wood, tin and clay and sand. Lots of jewelery etc. Go to the out door market on the double decker bus. Enjoy. Hope this helps.

Calgary, Canada
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2. Re: Souveniers in Cuba?

You can try bartering but the prices are normally very reasonable on the trickets . In some cases yes it would be insulting.


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3. Re: Souveniers in Cuba?

You certainly don't barter like you do in the DR. Sometimes if you buy two items they may reduce the price slightly but, as bergerman says, the prices are usually pretty reasonable. The stallholders aren't 'pushy' like they are in the DR.

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4. Re: Souveniers in Cuba?

Well i bartered for everything and found they would always come down, they are poor not stupid and always load the prices for the too polite. The stall holders in some markets in Havana i found a nightmare, you only had to peep at the goods and they were on you like the preverbial flies on dung. Stick your headphones in and pretend they don't exist and buy off the guy who don't hastle you, that way, they might all get the message and stop it . Varadero was more relaxed and usually i had to go look for the stall holder but i still had a barter, it's all part of the holiday experience, surly.. 6 che tshirts for 40 cuc, beat that, lol.

Vancouver, BC
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5. Re: Souveniers in Cuba?

I tried bartering when buying a couple of hats for my grandsons ... they were priced at 10CUC each.. I politely said to the seller " How much for two?".. she looked me square in the eye and said " Two times 10 is 20... do you not know mathematics?".....

The funny part is that I'm an accountant! I just smiled at her... and handed over 20CUC.

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6. Re: Souveniers in Cuba?

We just returned from a trip to the Oasis Turquesa in Varadero. My sister in law and brother did the Havana Especial Tour which included tour a few of the large churches in Old Havana. They purchased to crucifixes there which I think maybe cost 10 cuc. When we returned to the airport for departure, my sister in law was called back to security and they went thru her suitcase looking for something but they would tell her what it was. They could not find anything so they scanned it again saw something took it back and went thru everything all over. They said if it didn't show up again they were going to start to rip the luggage to see where it was, they finally found what they were looking for in a side pocket, the crufcifixes. They wanted to know where they were purchased, how much was paid for them, why they were bringing them back home. Just a little unnerving but all ended well after almost a 1/2hour in customs.

Arctic Bay, Canada
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7. Re: Souveniers in Cuba?

tango58...It wasn't too long ago that cubans could not celebrate Christmas...So anything christian is a little unsettling to a communist border agent....

Safe Travels...jimmy

Coquitlam, Canada
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8. Re: Souveniers in Cuba?

You can barter , The price will come down.

That's it.


Calgary, Canada
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9. Re: Souveniers in Cuba?

the only people who barter very well with the Cubans (especially on the beach) see to be Dutch or Danish in MY experience. They do it with a smile where for me, I need to concentrate while playing the game so much I look preturbed. I always meet a a new European friend and get them to do it for me, I fold too easy.

BUt a suggestion if you may purchase woodworks, bring a couple of black/green garbage bags (some things you can buy are BIG) and some duct tape. If there is a bug problem, you can keep it sealed and if your suitcase falls apart, you can close it with the tape.

But please don't buy anything coral, it is prohibited in Canada and a huge detriment to the environment. Probably won't be taken at Canadian customs, but benefits/profits a trade (although neccessary(?) in certain places in the world) has a huge environmental impact.

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Ottawa Canada
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10. Re: Souveniers in Cuba?


Can u bring them back to Canada?

How much do the bigger ones cost in CUC?


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