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Cats on many of the Varadero Resorts

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Cats on many of the Varadero Resorts

Why are wild hungry cats allowed to hang around the resorts in Varadero. I've heard a number of people that I know who have been to Varadero in the last year or so comment on this. One couple who recently returned from the Iberostar Varadero, which they say is the top resort, told me they were in an a la carte restaurant having a beautiful meal and in walks these two cats and they come right up to you and you can tell they are hungry. Who wants this when they are trying to enjoy their meal. It has happened in many other Varadero Resort as well. I think management should get a handle on this and keep the cats off the resorts. That is my opinion.

Picton, Canada
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1. Re: Cats on many of the Varadero Resorts

Have you heard of the Cat Café concept?

The present trap and kill methods do not work ... history is proving this.

Spay neuter treat vaccinate and feed away from the guests is the way to go.

Nova Scotia, Canada
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2. Re: Cats on many of the Varadero Resorts

Oh good! A cat thread! LOL

Personally, I think that tourists that feed cats and dogs on resorts should be flayed. It makes the poor critters hang around so the animal catcher gets called. That is followed by recriminations of who is acting in the best interests of the animals and blah blah blah.

Ditto for people who feed fish when they go snorkeling – they should also be flayed.

Where’s the whip?

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3. Re: Cats on many of the Varadero Resorts

Ok now it all makes sense. There used to be the cutest ginea pigs running around the beach grill at the Iberostar Varadero..... last July they were all gone. I know what the cats have been up to!

East Coast
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4. Re: Cats on many of the Varadero Resorts

Hey, make your choice. Cats or rats. I'm taking the cats.

If you don't feed the cats, the cat population will pretty well equal the food supply of rats.

Calgary, Canada
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5. Re: Cats on many of the Varadero Resorts

For all intent and purpose there are almost no rats (as we know them) in Cuba, and that has nothing to do with the cat population.

Hutia, banana rats and jineteros don't count. ;-)



Port Colborne...
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6. Re: Cats on many of the Varadero Resorts

hmmm cats do have legs and a nose to smell where food is.

meow got fed there once lets try again and again.

lets see about the only places I don't know where cats are in the north and south poles.

meow i see a mouse at that resort, mice or cats ?

meow cats hands down

PS did you see any dogs as there are resort dogs too...

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7. Re: Cats on many of the Varadero Resorts

Why are so many drunk people allowed to hang around the resorts in Varadero? I have read so many reviews on this in the last couple of years. I personally would rather have cats at the resorts than obnoxious drunks.

Yarmouth, Canada
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8. Re: Cats on many of the Varadero Resorts

I am with poster #7.


Nova Scotia
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9. Re: Cats on many of the Varadero Resorts

In support of poster #7, 4 legs good , 2 legs bad!


Edmonton, Canada
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10. Re: Cats on many of the Varadero Resorts

Maybe I feel the way I do because I'm an animal person, but are the cats really that harmful? I think it's great that some of the resorts let them have a refuge from the street and somewhere cool to sit and get a treat or two. If you don't like it, just ignore them, or sit at a table away from the cats. In my opinion, flies and mosquito's are 100 times more annoying and harmful than cats or dogs, and everyone deals with them as a fact of life. Don't see why the cats should be any different. If anything, they're easier to deal with than flies or skeeters - at least you can see them to shoo them away if they're not to your liking, and they can't fly and land on your plate!