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Edmonton, Canada
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I was once told that you had to have proof that you've had vaccinations to get into Cuba. Now, I'm kinda nieve about these things sometimes, and I haven't seen anything anywhere on any of the links or anything, for that matter, to back this up. I just want to know for sure.

While we're on the subject, how soon before going should I consult with my doctor or start vaccinations (twinrixx and the like)? I've never had any before for travel and am deciding whether to this time or not. (disclaimer: This is in NO WAY an invitation to chide me or ridicule me so if you have anything to say of this nature just keep it to yourself or I invite others to ignore it as I will)

Thanks for your help :)

Montreal, Canada
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for Camaguey, Cuba
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1. Re: Vaccinations

You don't need any vaccination to enter Cuba.

You should see your doctor as soon as possible for possible vaccines. Every vaccine is different, so it's hard to tell you how soon you have to go. Just go as soon as you can and you will be sure not to go too late.

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2. Re: Vaccinations

can't say i know much about the health issues of what you need or is recommended

but i have been to cuba five times in two years

never been asked about vaccinations

Montreal, Canada
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3. Re: Vaccinations

I had Twinrix- hep A/B and tetanus booster before I left for the Caribbean.

Dr. recommended them (for me anyway). Speak to your Dr. as you have to have them I think 4-6 weeks before you go.

Calgary, Canada
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4. Re: Vaccinations

Nothing really required in Cuba. To be safe, I had Twinrix done which I believe is Hep A & B. IMHO, you should have it all up to date; call your AHCIP or look online for where to get updated clinics....not just for Cuba...stuff is recurring at home like you would not believe, especially in AB where we have so many non-AB workers during a boom - which is here.

Twinrix, 6 years ago, was 60 days prior (30 days, 30 days; don't recall how long it lasts), but I did first trip with none, second trip, I had both doses. I have not had a repeat, but thanks for the reminder, will check with doc on next visit.

Cambridge, Canada
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5. Re: Vaccinations

It all depends on your general health so it's best to go over things with your doctor.

My doc advised me that I just need to make sure that tetanus is up to date.

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6. Re: Vaccinations

We're going to March and our doctor recommends the hepatitis shots and Dukoral.

Regina, Canada
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7. Re: Vaccinations

I had my shots a few years ago and the Twinrix schedule was a little different, but the guy is doing his immunizations how and his MD recommended Twinrix (first shot, one after 30 days, one after 6 months) and the DPT booster (diptheria-pertussis-tetanus, just one shot) for travel in Latin America and the Caribbean. There's also an accelerated dosing for the Twinrix, but I don't know what it is as the guy had enough time to follow the conventional schedule.

Actually, like my MD, the guy's doc suggested these are pretty good vaccinations to have in Canada too. See what your MD says of course, but that's the advice we got from ours.


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8. Re: Vaccinations

Just give your local general practitioner a call - the nurse will be able to book you in and give travel advice.

sherwood park...
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9. Re: Vaccinations

Get your Twinrix shot.....which is both Hep A and B......good for life once you have had them....also much simpler now I believe they are down to one or two shots over a few week time span.....but get them....also you should also have a tetanus shot.....

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10. Re: Vaccinations

It's always best to check with a travel medicine clinic, as GPs are often not up to date and sometimes give incorrect advice.