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missed flight on return to canada

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missed flight on return to canada

what would happen if I" missed' return flight from Cuba to Canada,

Re Airline, Cuban Auth, an any one eles, and stayed on an 4 Extra 2-3 week's ?? I will pay for my own Accom:

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1. Re: missed flight on return to canada

Nothing would happen. The plane will definitely leave without you whatever airline! I have sometimes booked a week at a resort and didn't leave on the plane when I was scheduled to. I have purchased a one-way ticket to home for a later date before going to Cuba, usually leaving from a different airport than the one I flew into Cuba to.

If you buy a one-way ticket to Canada while in Cuba, you could end up paying a hefty price. I have even notified my "package deal airline" that I wouldn't be on the plane home but they did not seem to care much about me informing them of this.

Calgary, Canada
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2. Re: missed flight on return to canada

If you had paid for a return ticket and missed your flight for whatever reason pretty sure that you'd have to pay a 1 way fare home from Cuba. And as above it would be costy. Why go through that and just book air in and out for the time you want to spend.


Nova Scotia, Canada
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3. Re: missed flight on return to canada

It is no problem at all. If you are a Canadian, your tourist card entitles you to be in Cuba for 90 days. Make sure that you let the tour operator know that you will not be taking the flight as they may list you as MIA.

Remember that one-way return flights aren’t available on charters – you would need to travel on AirCanada, WestJet or Cubana. Depending where you are travelling from in Cuba, WestJet often offers the best prices.

Edited: 21 November 2012, 11:48
Mississauga, Canada
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4. Re: missed flight on return to canada

You can negotiate with a charter airline while in Cuba for an extended vacation BUT it is VERY expensive for the regular passenger. Much better to do it up front.


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5. Re: missed flight on return to canada

I know a guy who missed his flight, he had to pay and wait 5 days for another flight that wasn't full..He had to go to the airport daily to see if he could get on a flight.

Ontario Canada
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6. Re: missed flight on return to canada

I know someone who booked 2 trips back to back as that was far cheaper than either a 2 week trip or paying the hotel for the extra week. However, it depends upon how busy the season is and how cheap your package is.

In his case, he actually fly back to Toronto and returned same day. You'd have to really love airline food to do that. lol

Edmonton, Canada
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7. Re: missed flight on return to canada

I'm trying to remember if you have to put the length of your stay or return date on your tourist card? I know they usually ask me verbally how long I'm staying when I go through immigration. If you do I would advise to be honest and put the extended date on there... A friend of mine did something similar in Costa Rica, just decided he loved it and didn't want to go home just yet, and on his exit, was banned from ever returning. He'll be arrested if he's ever caught trying to get into Costa Rica again, not sure if Cuba would be the same but I have a feeling dishonesty is frowned upon amongst customs agents world wide.

East Coast
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8. Re: missed flight on return to canada

I talked to a retired guy from Canada when I was in Cuba and he said that he books a one week vacation package but doesn't take the flight back and stays for a couple of months paying the hotel directly for his room. He said he hasto pay $200 - $250 fee for changing his flight but that was all he paid. I know nothing more about this than what I'm stating here, but it sounded like it was a charter vacation and that he took their plane back at the end of his stay.

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9. Re: missed flight on return to canada

I have also been able to extend my flight in .Cuba by a week without a resort for the 2nd week. iTravel2000 made this change and it actually cost me 0$ extra. Try that first.

Melbourne, Australia
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10. Re: missed flight on return to canada

"I'm trying to remember if you have to put the length of your stay or return date on your tourist card?"

No you don't.