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Saving a chair with a towel....

Swift Current, SK
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Saving a chair with a towel....

The resort we are going to has a lot of people complaining about fellow guests getting up early to save a beach or pool chair with a towel. What is the deal with this people??? If u aren't using the chair, get your towel off of it please! We are not in grade school and need to save the best seat. Go and relax and stop worrying about your chair. If u aren't there and your towel is, I can't promise I'm not going to sit there. Thanks

Calgary, Canada
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1. Re: Saving a chair with a towel....

So your going to take my chairs are we. Do you know where I am?? Could be taking a swim. Could have gone for a walk. Could be using the facilities. Could be, Could be. You could be setting yourself up for a confrontation. Now having said that if a reasonable time passes and theres no one there then fairgame. Our walks can take up to a hr. So can my swims. Towel wars are always in effect in high season. Hope you have a stress free vacations


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2. Re: Saving a chair with a towel....

The towel game is brutal and there is no excuse for it.

If I have determined the people are not in the water or getting a drink then the chair is mine.

I don't care if they came down at 6am to put there towel on a chair they will not use till hours later.

I don't care what they think or like.

Even if you go for lunch for an hour you cannot reasonably expect to return to your chair.

I will gladly share the space under some shade if they like but the chair is mine.

Toronto, Canada
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3. Re: Saving a chair with a towel....

My thoughts are that if the chairs are all gone

early...then the resort does not have enough chairs

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4. Re: Saving a chair with a towel....

That is the heart of the problem most don't.

Even if they do the ones that provide a little shade are in high demand.

Winnipeg, Canada
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5. Re: Saving a chair with a towel....

WOW I don't care!!!

I think it is reasonable to leave for lunch....... And I would be upset if someone toke our chairs. Now if someone plants their towels and no show for a few hours that may be another story. In the end the resorts do need to get more loungers......

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6. Re: Saving a chair with a towel....

My Husband or, I take turns dragging our butts out of bed at the crack of dawn just to set up in that perfect spot on the beach, for the day. We take allot of time and trouble setting up the chairs with our own personal towels, straps and tie in's to ensure that our set up is secure.

We have no intention of yelling at the bartenders, short order cooks, servers and any other Staff to hurry up, so we can rush to get back to our chairs. We have no intention of rushing a good bowel movement, nice walk, swim or, conversation or, what ever happy thing happens in the moment, during our vacation. We know that it is up to the Management of the hotel to ensure there are enough chairs for their Guests to use and it is up to each Guest to decide where they would like to spend their day and if they want to get up early to ensure what they want or, sleep in and go with the flow.

I can assure you that if we get back and your sweaty as$ is placed on our personal belongings, we will know that you are gumming for a fight. Vacation or, not, you make me miserable I don't care how big or, tough you are, I can assure you that you will feel you have unleashed pure hell on yourself and you will wish that you had gotten your lazy butt out of bed early, set up your own chairs and stayed out of our personal space.

Some people get to the Buffet when it is busy and see that the tables are all taken, but they still load up on food and when they see a free chair they plonk their butts down , then they wonder why they have to move....duh!

Sheffield, United...
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7. Re: Saving a chair with a towel....

Just thought Is add my thoughts to this. I do go to the beach at 6 ish and I will take my belongings with me. This is due to not sleeping and I love watching to sunrise with a cup of coffee. I stay for a couple of hours then go for breakfast. I would be personally annoyed if someone sat on my seat whilst I was away for an hour or so. I love the beach so most of my holiday is spent there and I go for walks and in the sea.

Mississauga, Canada
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8. Re: Saving a chair with a towel....

This post is great, and seems like it will turn into "the post" of the day

I was following the process of royalton white sands in Jamaica for the folks as they had a vacation there and this sort of thing (waking up at crack of dawn and placing towel on chair and leaving for hour/s) was a serious matter to I would say 98% of guests... A lot said if they didn't notice the guest back within an hour they would remove the towel from the chair and sit and many was ready "to give a piece of their mind" when or/if the guest came back lol

Just interesting to see the extremely different view on this board ...

Wellow, United...
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9. Re: Saving a chair with a towel....

I think it is reasonable to save your sunbeds whilst going for lunch, toilet, drink swim and walk. I also think its unreasonable to leave the sunbeds unattended for longer than 75 mins.

I take my own microfiber towels on holiday and when I save my sunbed I use these for this purpose, people as less inclined to actually move a 'personal' towel from the bed ...but it shouldn't happen to us anyway because we don't act selfishly on holiday, if we know we are going to be longer than an hour we move away.

I have had towels moved from my bed when out for lunch ...yes no longer than an hour, that's why it wound me up so much .........the person who removed them were seen but they didn't just hand them in they dumped them in some bushes and we were nearly charged 40 CUC because we couldn't find them...even though we told the staff who the person was, fortunately after 2 days we did find our towels, but had to go 2 days without any ..... some may ask why didn't we challenge this guy ..he looked like he had just been released from doing time inside rough, huge and certainly not worth loosing a few teeth for.

I think the problem isn't so much as the hotel don't provide enough sunbeds, its the shade that people are wanting too.

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Saint John, Canada
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10. Re: Saving a chair with a towel....

I love your response Sweetmystery, that's why we do it and exactly why most husbands are asleep on their loungers for a good part of the day because now we have to get up a little earlier each day to get our fave spot before some other crazy basterd gets it.