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Towel game, How bad am l?

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Towel game, How bad am l?

Was reading the towel game thread that is popular at the moment. Looks we all hate it yest a lot of people do it.

I hate it when I see loads of good spots being taken an not used or used hours after the stuff was put down.

I also feel bad about all those towels that have to be washed when they have not even been used.

However I am not a saint and I was wondering what you feel about what I do:

I wake up at about 7 (naturally because of the time difference and my after lunch nap) I get ready for a day at the beach and at about 7.30 I am all sun-creamed-up and ready for breakfast.

Before going to the breakfast I go to the beach and put my towel and stuff down on one chair and then head of for breakfast.

About half an hour after that I am on my lounger, if it chilly I just lay under my towel until the sun pop’s out.

So now I am wondering, do you hate me?

How bad is this, what is your personal view?


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1. Re: Towel game, How bad am l?

Personally, we never think about a lounger until after we have had breakfast and got changed for the beach / pool

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2. Re: Towel game, How bad am l?

This is perfectly acceptable, IMO. You wake up early, save your lounger, eat breakfast and begin your day in the sun. I'm an early riser, too. I, too, get a little annoyed when I see a lounger I would have preferred, however, it was saved by someone that did not bother to show up to use the lounger at all. I am not at all annoyed that the lounger was saved. First come, First served, right? I have done exactly what you have when I'm at a resort where the loungers aren't plentiful. Having said all of the above, my opinion about what you do (or anyone else) to make your vacation wonderful means nothing. I only wish that you enjoy yourself as much as I certainly will. Happy traveling!

Erieau, Canada
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3. Re: Towel game, How bad am l?

acceptable, IMO, Amy we do the same, but a never more than 45 minutes back to our loungers, we go to breakfast at 7 am each morning

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4. Re: Towel game, How bad am l?

We do a similar thing but a bit later in the morning. We don't like to go back to our room after breakfast in case the maid is in there & we don't like lugging all our stuff to breakfast so it makes sense for us to leave our stuff on loungers. We are never more than about 30 minutes before we get back from breakfast.

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5. Re: Towel game, How bad am l?

I do something quite similar - am an early riser and enjoy spending some quiet time on the beach, before the crowds, however my husband likes to sleep later. I set up on the beach early and hang out for a couple of hours, heading to breakfast around 9 am when my husband finally appears. We leave our stuff on the loungers while we head to breakfast. I would say that the longest we are both gone from the loungers at any one point is 45 mins-an hour for breakfast or lunch.

I think the most annoying thing is when people have loungers reserved at the pool AND the beach. We have seen people move back and forth through out the day.

Ottawa, Canada
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6. Re: Towel game, How bad am l?

This topic is almost as popular as tipping... LOL. As I said on the other thread I don't pay attention to what others do and I adapt depending on the resort situation. Stayed at Ambar a couple of years back and that resort has the worst towels game ever. If you wanted a lounger at the pool at all, you had to be down there NLT 6am otherwise you would never get a spot at the pool all day. As they say, "when in Rome" so we did so once or twice but obviously, yes, those who reserve loungers early in the AM but don't come back until the afternoon are a pain but I am not on vacation to police. Happy travels everyone.

New Brunswick...
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7. Re: Towel game, How bad am l?

What you do is fine Amy! It is what we do too. We are up early and I head out to grab a coffee and go get a lounger. My friend joins me and we decide where to go for breakfast. Of course we leave our stuff on the lounger while at breakfast. In fact I would hate for people to be carrying all their beach gear into the restaurants with them.

Some of the worse ones now are the resorts that have unlimited towels with no towel cards. This allows people to grab a bunch of towels and save as many loungers as they want and also to just get up and leave their wet used towels behind on the loungers when they leave.

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8. Re: Towel game, How bad am l?

I do the same thing. It’s the people that save spots and don’t show up until late afternoon that bug me.

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9. Re: Towel game, How bad am l?

Amy your morning sounds just like ours. Usually I'm up early and will head to the beach and get some chairs. I will sit and watch the sun come up or read for a bit waiting for hubby to find me. Then we go get breakfast and back to the chairs.

The game to me is not an issue for people who are using the chairs throughout the day. I don't think you should have to remove your stuff when you are going for a swim, getting a drink or something to eat. The rude people are the ones who mark their spot and never show up.

London, Canada
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10. Re: Towel game, How bad am l?

I see nothing wrong with getting a lounger and going for breakfast, just the ones that never come back for hours. We never use loungers early, usually have breakfast, go somewhere and not even relax until later....usually after lunch, that's why I always check the chair situation at resorts, the last couple of years, more chairs than guests.

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