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LMAO!! Now what!

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LMAO!! Now what!

Hey Hey to my fello Ta people.....

I am a fan of all the threads and reviews on Ta.....I am a small town gal from alberta (maybe 800)....and I have been to Jamaica..(which I LOVED) read review.

I am booked to head to the grand bahia on Jan 24th.....and still wish to go back to Jamaica....but willing to try something new.

I have watched the forums and tried to get some info ect.....

I have to giggle at the reviews on here....some good and some bad....right down to some one smashing the French and Britans, and a guy who actually hauls along a gsp to clock the time it takes to go complain to the front desk at the resort.Smashing the resorts. The people who complain because the pillows were to soft....and food was bad....or no lounge chair awaiting them....

EXCUSE ME!!! wake up people in your, whatever world u live in!!

You think cause u spend 2 grand to go to a all inclusive to get ur 5 star treatment.

Have you ever gone in your own back yard?....where things cost you a fortune??...and people are rude ect...I see that right here in my own life....think about it!

You Go to the resort you have picked for ur vacation.....lay in the sun....pick food and drink of ur choice.....talk to the punta canta Mikes,,,on the forums who are so helpful...and come back and tell me that ur vacation was bad !!!and I will tell u to take 2 advills and call me in the morning..Maybe just bad luck....or grouchy wife or hubby....or just a bad day.

One day these trips will not be so cheap and u may have to stay home and look out ur back door for a nice sunset and drink and food at ur becon call....think about it....(if there was a resort where u live... with the wages these people work for!....it would cost a fortune. To employ people at their standards!....so grow up!!!....be thank-ful....that u have the chance to go to these places. Stay home Pay 30 bucks to go a block with a cab to get a meal that cost another 40 bucks and maybe have bad service.....or maybe just go camping at 40 bucks plus.....Just quit complaining that u spend a fortune to go somewhere cheaper that ur own home town....and people that are not as lucky as us...that have to work way harder and still manage a smile.

Go enjoy and be thankful.. make it as good as u want !!

If there is a gieco crawling on the wall....or the water is to salty...or the abundace of food and drink is not to ur liking....stay where you are and and pay what you do now $$$$$$$$$$$$$ for a whole lot less maybe.

I plan on going to have some fun.....and I am not taking a gps....I give a crap if the food is cold....could stand to lose a pound or 10....and going to find the Forum Mikes and buy them a drink or 2 for just being good sports!

I will be the alberta girl enjoying!



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1. Re: LMAO!! Now what!

Hi Brenda-Lee,

I get everything you are saying =} People tend to look for the negative more than the positive. Star ratings mean nothing to me, I base my choices on the review's and travelers photo's and of coarse the moo-law! If I did facter in the *rating I would figure on a 5-being a low 4 and a 4 being a low 3 ect...

Note: take the negative reviews with a grain of salt, and say to yourself:That persons proublem, would it really ruin my vacation? um? I doubt it.

TIP'S for travlers :

If you come across a person that seems rude - be nice chances are they are not usually rude there just having a bad day :(

You may be so excited and on top of the world because "your on vacation" remember they are not on one! This is thier JOBS. Are you running around on a daily basis with a smile on your face at all times? I think NOT! Not while your at work.

Remember too, the heat factor involved in which they have to put up with in long shirts & pants at times.

And the most important one! They have to deal with alot of vacationer's with alot of "drink" in them in which I would not want to do! ecspecially for the "little" wages that they get paid.

So all vacationer's need to cut these people some slack :) Most do try thier very best and if it's not good enough for you then maybe another option would be to go where the "rich & Famous" hang out? Just a thought?

Brenda I know that you are a fan of Negril, so am I! but we want to try something different too. I have alot of time to plan this vacation because we will be going to Dreams Resort "next year" I thought I would be heading to Jamaica but... I need to see what else is out there to.I will be back in Jamaica soon enough and will appreciate it even more when I go!

So with that all being said.Alberta girl you have a great time and we will be waiting for the review when you get back!!!


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2. Re: LMAO!! Now what!

AMEN, well said!

3. Re: LMAO!! Now what!

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4. Re: LMAO!! Now what!

Oh boy........

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5. Re: LMAO!! Now what!


Why rake up a post from 7th January????

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6. Re: LMAO!! Now what!

yes, sounds like the lady has been drinking before she posted, buchananglasgow

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7. Re: LMAO!! Now what!

Hi Brenda-Lee...couldn't agree with you more...you mentioned that you went to and loved Jamaica...although we are going to Punta Cana again this year, we would like to go to Jamaica next year for 2 weeks....any good info you could give me on Jamaica such as where in Jamaica is the best place to go as I noticed there are different areas...your resort of choice....what you liked about it versus DR or Mexico if you have been there....any info would be greatly appreciated...you can email me directly rather than posting it if you wish...titleist_11@hotmail.com...looking forward to your comments....beachluver

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8. Re: LMAO!! Now what!


Hear hear!

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9. Re: LMAO!! Now what!

HAHAHA nicely said

10. Re: LMAO!! Now what!

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