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Barcelo Bavaro Palace

Calgary, Canada
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Barcelo Bavaro Palace

Last year My girl and myself went to Punta Cana for a friends wedding at the Barcelo Bavaro Palace. Over all it was pretty good, but not great. The beach is beautiful and the ground s of the resort are amazing. I recommened going on the "James Bond for a Day trip" this is a lot of fun. Also go swimming with the dolphins. The big down falls were that very few people at the resorts speek english, the food in medioaker at best. Our weather was pretty good, only one day of ran. We were there the second week of Feb 2004.

The night life is not very good, with only 1 disco (Disco Bavaro) and it only got about 150 - 200 people a night. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, this is a great place, but if your young and looking for some fun, this is not it. Not much shopping, there is a flee market on the beach with the trinkets and trash.

Went to Santo Damingo for the day. I don't recommend this. It is a 3 1/2 hr bus ride to a big dirty city. Don't waste a sunny day doing this unless you are a history buff and enjoy old dirty cities. Crime is very high her and everyones carrys gun's. Lot of army and crazy drivers. Didn't find any great shopping deals here, not I couldn't find at the flee market.

The Hotelis nice, but I had a few friend staying at the Barcelo Bavaro Beach Resort next door. Their was just as nice as mine, and for the few extra perks that you get at the palace, it's not worth it.

Your better off staying at the Beach or Garden Barcelo's

Going to Jamaica this year, to Ocho Rios. Will let everyone know how that is when I return.

If you have any questions about Punta Cana, PM me and I see if I can give you an answer

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1. Re: Barcelo Bavaro Palace

I'm also from Winnipeg! We are going to the Barcelo Beach resort this Feb (we also went last Feb to Ocean bavaro).

Just to let you know that we are entering another culture and that Spanish is thier language....when people come to Canada they do not assume we can speak their language (not even in tourist areas). If you tried to attempt a little bit of Spanish it goes a long way. They really appreciate your effort. Most staff at the resorts do not have secondary schooling or even high school so where are they to learn our language?

I do believe that both the Beach and Caribe (used to be the Garden) have discos and the Beach one is the biggest in PC! 200 people is quite a lot compared to Ocean Bavaro which had on average 60 people! If you want to party Cancun is the place to go.

All in all I found your posting a little arrogant and offensive...you are well aware of DR being a developing nation. You also know that Winnipeg has the highest crime rate in all of Canada (31 homicides this year so far). You are also aware that our city has dirty and scary areas just like any other city does. Instead of dissing Santo Domingo for its inability, you should have brought pens, paper and other school supplies and given them to the children (there have been many posts of this nature).

I'm not trying to be mean but maybe you should be a little less discourteous.

Calgary, Canada
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2. Re: Barcelo Bavaro Palace

It's not that I'm dissing DR, but rather giving 1 persons opinon. Yes I know there is a lot of crime in Winnipeg. I see it everyday. But I go on a holiday to get away from all that. We went down there for a friends wedding ( He is from winnipeg, and is is from DR) I do speek broken Spanish, after working in Mexico for 3 months a year, for 6 years in Mazatlan for a spring break company. Mazatlan Express & XXXpress parties. I have been Mexico City several times. ( I find that also to be a big dirty city as well)

What I saw in Santa Damingo was a 3erd world country, that makes Winnipeg's north end look like a 5 star resort. I sad to see people living this. A real reality check. I after talking brides family, thet they don't even like the Capital City. Her father is a high ranking officer on the national police force, and was telling us all kinds of stories about bad things that have happed to tourists. People don't even stop a stop signs in the capital for fear of being car jacked.

So I don't recommed going to far out on your own

As for night life, well maybe we were just there on a slow week. Went went to the only night club we knew of because the people working there told us that was the best place to go in PC.. Yes if you do go with a group of friends, you can have a great time, but if your looking to meet some new people, it can be difficult.

Don't get me wrong, I had a good time there, but if I was every to go again, I would do a few things different.

Toronto, Canada
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3. Re: Barcelo Bavaro Palace


As a former Winnipeger, I would not even respect your opinion on Ocho Rios. Having been there twice myself and to the Dominican also it surprises me that you can call Santo Domingo a dirty old city. Obviously you don't appreciate the art deco(of the 30's) style and atmosphere of the Spanish capital.

Also to have 200 hundred people at a disco in Punta Cana is awesome. Maybe you should have read more about where you were going to.

Once again as a former Winnipeger I am surprised at your attitude and only hope that it improves with time!!!

Also as Punta Cana is in the middle of nowhere you should have known that there was no shopping to be had. Once again your fault. Maybe next time try researching your destination and know exactly what your getting in to.