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Packing - do i really need that much?!

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Packing - do i really need that much?!

Hi everyone

A friend of mine went to DR a year ago and said all she brought was a large carry-on (small rolling suitcase)and that fit ALL her stuff for the week...(bathing suits, a couple sundresses, pair of shorts, couple tank tops, pair of flip flops, pair of nice sandals, toiletries etc).

I find this hard to believe but she said she was basically in her bathing suit the whole time since it's soo hot!!! This has made me re-think my packing list and I'm wondering if there are other "light" packers out there that can confirm this for me -

maybe I'm just not realizing how HOT it's going to be!!! :):) I do tend to overpack though - but if I can get away with not checking any luggage that'd be awesome!

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1. Re: Packing - do i really need that much?!

She was absolutely right!!!!

We got back in January...i brought 5 bathings suits (way too many, I only wore 2) 5 t-shirts (only wore 3) 3 sundresses for evening, a pair of shorts ( I never wore them!!) beach sandals, dressy for the dresses and a pair of capris. I also had a couple of "cover up" skirts/sarongs for my bathing suit so I could go to the snack bar to eat!

Honestly...you put your bathing suit on with a cover up...go to breakfast...go to your lounge chair...wear it all day long...go to room have shower get dressed for dinner and out...and that is it!!!!!

I will only ever go carry on from now on! (p.s.....it saved us 1 1/2 hours at the airport for a 6:30 am flight...we checked in online..and then only had to clear security because we already had our boarding passes!!!!)

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2. Re: Packing - do i really need that much?!

I tend to overpack, as well. I don't think I'll be able to get away with a carry-on this time, considering I'm packing bubba kegs, spring floats, beach towels, etc....on top of clothing and toiletries!!!

I agree though, that for days, you'll mostly be in a bathing suit. I have a few sundresses to throw over me, when I go grab a bite or walk to/from the room. I'm going to bring one pair of shorts, for if we decide to take an excursion away from the resort - like zip lining or something. And, a few tees. The rest of the clothing will be for evening. Still not entirely sure how dressed up one is expected to get, but I'm hoping some capris and tops, or sundresses (a step up from the ones I'll use at the beach) will suffice. Two or three pairs of sandals (one pair will be Tevas, to use for excursions), toiletries, sunscreen, bug dope, air freshener, 4 or 5 books...that's about it.

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3. Re: Packing - do i really need that much?!

We have been to Punta Cana twice (and are going again June of this year). We have also been to Mexico and a few other Carribean islands. Just like most people I overpack. I don't even wear 1/2 of the clothes/shoes I bring. Every year I say the same thing..."next vacation....not so many clothes!" My experience...If you plan on spending most of your time at the pool/beach, you basically need bathing suits and a few coverups. For dinner few sundresses/capri outfits....and maybe a couple "just in case outfits". At most resorts men do need to wear long pants at restaurants. If you plan on doing excursions, you need more t-shirt/shorts,etc. A pair of nice sandals, beach shoes and a pair of comfortable shoes (those are the shoes I wear when traveling...they usually take up too much room in the suitcase!).

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4. Re: Packing - do i really need that much?!

A carry-on??? No way, our shoes alone would fill that, tee hee!! I take at least 8 bathing suits/cover-ups for 2 weeks, and a different outfit for each evening. I am NOT a light packer, but I always weigh my luggage to make sure it's not over the allowance. So far, so good.

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5. Re: Packing - do i really need that much?!

make sure you bring a t-shirt, I never do but then if my shoulders get burned I have to wear one of my hubby's, especially when you are in the pool

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6. Re: Packing - do i really need that much?!

I always overpack! I was just in PC in January and going back in May.

Daytime is a coverup over a bathing suit for breakfast and lunch along with a pair of beach sandals. Evenings I wore Capri's and a nice top. I only brought black and white Capri's and 4 tops. Sandals, nothing fancy, just white and black, and a nice pair of sandals with low heels. You definately don't need to bring alot of clothes!

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7. Re: Packing - do i really need that much?!

The key to packing light is the shoes. I always overpacked but once I figured out only one pair of shoes for evenings,flip flops for day use and one sturdier pair of excursion shoes.

You just need to organize your evening clothes around one pair of shoes.


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8. Re: Packing - do i really need that much?!

Just got back from two weeks. I brought 5 bathing suits, and 4 cover ups. Wore them ALL! It's what I wear to breakfast and all day long. I brought 3 skirts, a pair of capris and 5 or 6 different tops that went with all of them. A pair of sandals for daytime on the beach (slip ons/flip flops), a pair of pretty sandals for dinner and a pair to travel in and do excursions. That's about it! We travel light, the heaviest thing we bring is gallons of sunscreen and LOTS of books!

It is very hot. I also always bring an old tshirt for snorkeling, it's easy to get VERY burned when you're floating around on the surface of the water, and you won't even know it!

Neptune Beach...
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9. Re: Packing - do i really need that much?!

No matter how I try to down size I still check two suitcases and carry on as much as I can in case checked luggage is lost or delayed.

I can't go anywhere without a bathrobe or two (even if the hotel provides one). I pack pj's for every night plus extras. I never travel without workout clothes, running shoes, lots of books, socks, undies, bras, swimsuits and cover ups, tanks tops, t shirts, skirts and dresses for dinner, heels, flip flops, sunscreen, makeup, skincare, medicine..bandaids, aloe, lap top and charger, hats, camera, cell phone and chargers..high heels, flats. Something to wear home so I won't freeze.

Oh, and I take a 15 inch fan for comfort and for sound. I think I could go on for the rest of the night.

I am sorry I think I am on the wrong forum ;~}

I take way too much but I like it!

ps.. I hate to buy anything on vacation that I could have brought with me.

Mokena, Illinois
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10. Re: Packing - do i really need that much?!

Fill your bags with what you think you may need for the trip.

Then take only half of that.