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Riu Palace Macao; Punta Cana -- go somewhere else

suburban chicago
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Riu Palace Macao; Punta Cana -- go somewhere else

This hotel was possibly the worst place I've ever stayed. Heads up if the you get the "garden view;" transalation: view of the employee entrance into the facility. I've slept on thicker mattresses at camp. Oh, then when they turn your bed down at night they leave "mints;" that is, Halls "menthol" cough drops; obviously, something gets lost in the translation. The pool has was awful; chipped paint everywhere. The all inclusive feature is a nightmare: the "tropical" drinks all tasted the same but were only different tropical colors -- that is if you can wait long enough to get one. The beach was disgusting: apparently, people see sand and think that it's one big ashtray. Planning on going out for the night to see the town; not in Punta Cana. You'll be a hostage in the resort the entire trip, unless you take a tour. On the upside, the food was decent and the water was beautiful. But, really, go somewhere else -- or, if you must visit Punta Cana do not stay at this hotel.

Calgary, Canada
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1. Re: Riu Palace Macao; Punta Cana -- go somewhere else

Sorry you did not enjoy your vacation - we stayed at Riu Bambu and had a lovely time. We have stayed at 2 other resorts as well and were 'happy campers' at all 3 resorts. However, in fairness to the area, Punta Cana is not known for it's night life persay, it is however a resort destination-completely different from say Cancun. We never felt like 'hostages' on any of our visits-we felt like pampered visitors to this paradise. We had researched the destination prior to ever going to Punta Cana and knew full well it was a Resort Destination. To each his own and again I am sorry you did not have a good time-hopefully your next holiday will be rewarding and restful. Regards, Leigh

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2. Re: Riu Palace Macao; Punta Cana -- go somewhere else

Having just returned from 10 days at the Riu Palace Macao, I wonder if we actually stayed at the same hotel. I will post a review in the not too distant future. I agree the Riu Palace Macao is not perfect (what hotel is?) but I cannot imagine it is the "worst place" and of all the guests I spoke with not one of them had a complaint.

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3. Re: Riu Palace Macao; Punta Cana -- go somewhere else

Is this post for real?

"The beach was disgusting"

From all the many posts I have read this beach comes out tops all the time!

Just joined TA this month and first post?? mmmmm

suburban chicago
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4. Re: Riu Palace Macao; Punta Cana -- go somewhere else

Hello again, and thank you for respecting my opinion.

Yes, my message is/was real -- I thought that the Riu Macaco was just really old, outdated, dirty and just awful for the money; personally, I could not wait to leave and do not see myself returning to Punta Cana. We were probably spoiled from the year before in the Riveria Maya [Iberostar much nicer resort].

York, Pennsylvania
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5. Re: Riu Palace Macao; Punta Cana -- go somewhere else

I think we (at least most of us) respect the fact that you are entitled to your opinion.

However, if you are comparing PC to the RM than you did not do enough research prior to your trip. PC is years behind the RM both in it's infrastructure as well as in the tourist industry. It is one of the reasons why it is still so affordable.

Some of your comments are can not be attributed to the resort.

~~apparently, people see sand and think that it's one big ashtray~~

This is a problem caused by the guests, not the resort.

~~You'll be a hostage in the resort the entire trip, unless you take a tour~~

Many of us have been to PC numerous times and know this is not the case. So when you make a blanket statement like that, without qualifying it as strictly your opinion/feelings, people are going to question the validity of the rest of your post.

Unfortunately you did not enjoy your trip. I hope your future travels live up to your expectations.

New York
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6. Re: Riu Palace Macao; Punta Cana -- go somewhere else

Good Afternoon !

I’d like to preface by saying that I am a frequent traveler to this wonderful island and I get personally offended when someone knocks it. But that is MY problem and not made available to the public forum UNLESS a poster has written and supplied totally incorrect information.

I have walked many a beach in PC in three separate areas of the island… Uvero Alto, Bavaro and Cabeza de Toro. They are all beautiful in their right; HOWEVER, there are some resorts who neglect certain parts of the beach section. One of which IS The Riu Macao. I have PERSONALLY witness the “ashtray” caper and it’s disgusting. And while I would initially agree that it is the guests that are the responsible pigs, I would have to still find the resort ultimately responsible for the clean up. Perhaps supplying the guests with more ashtrays is in order.

More importantly, everyone is entitled to write exactly what a resort has to offer based on THEIR experience, even if that does NOT agree with what someone else experienced. That’s what makes us individuals, AND respecting people on the forum in what they have written without criticism makes us DECENT individuals. The rest should not bother contributing because it’s counterproductive to the existence of the forum.

The thought that someone else found a totally different view of this resort does not negate the original poster’s contribution. That is what this forum is about “Get the truth, than go”… So, CS11 has supplied their truth. If it is different from yours that is too bad. State your wonderful experience and then move on. Let’s learn how to respect one another whether old member or new. It’s not how many posts you have ranked up but rather the quality of such.



Jersey City, New...
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7. Re: Riu Palace Macao; Punta Cana -- go somewhere else

Lea, yes

I find allot of times people will mention that the negative review is the posters first post...I never understood that ...

but I do think it is important in one aspect and that is that they did not do their research

I really think most of the time the disappointments stem from not knowing what to expect.

Although no matter what -I would not expect it cigarette butts left in the sand...

I can't see how anyone would mar such a thing of natural beauty as a beach...it's so disgraceful! (and I do smoke a bit myself)

and how hard it it to fill a plastic cup w/a bit of water or sand, put the butts in that and then dispose of the cup later??



Punta Cana...
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8. Re: Riu Palace Macao; Punta Cana -- go somewhere else

aside of good food and o.k. water CS11 had 3 points which disappointed him/her while vacationing at the Rui Palace Macao(the Punta Cana is the neighbour resort aside):

* BEACH, the beautiful beach at that resort as a neg in a review, and WITH ALL REASONS, because CS11 doesn't like to walk over cigarettes when on his/her way to the water, and that's a good reason to be disappointed, because that FACT is a huge leak of caretaking from the RIU resort and specially at the Macao Palace Beach, i am a smoker myself, but the resort is not taking care of that 'well known' issue in no way, not providing ashtreys and not cleaning up their beach from them like other resorts do in that case neither. of course it is the visitors who throw their cigarettes there, but it is sure the 5star Palace hotel's responsability to take action when such occurs

* nightlife/availability of towns in Punta Cana:

here the resort has no resonsability of anything, it is the visitor who did not do any research of his/her vaca destin prior to booking, because there is no town in Punta Cana, generally Punta Cana is a very wide beach area with huge mostly AI resorts/hotels on one of the most beautiful beach strips of this planet, specially for nightlife i would not recommend a visit to Punta Cana, so that has nothing to do with a "resort-Review"

* quality of beds:

even with detailed knowledge of resort and area i never spent a night in a bed at the Riu Palace Macao, so i can not comment on that


even that i not agree to mix resort specific and non-resort specific points together to pos or neg rate a RESORT, the 2 main points with "Beach" and "Beds" are important factors for satisfaction or disappointment of a visitor at a destination.

so we should take that review as what it is,

a neg review of a resort with reasons/facts provided by the poster, and that's what the TA Bord is about, getting facts, also negative ones.

and the original poster answered to the upcoming questions/discussing, even new on the bord it is not a thread /review of somebody P.O. on something and posting a one time statement.


welcome to the forum

and go on posting your own true opinion


Jersey City, New...
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9. Re: Riu Palace Macao; Punta Cana -- go somewhere else

I hate to beat a dead horse but ...while I do agree it is the resorts responsibility to make sure that sand on their property is clean and tidy - I still can't believe so many people can just discard their butts in the sand..I would feel very guilty doing something like that it just doesn't seem right!


Morristown, New...
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10. Re: Riu Palace Macao; Punta Cana -- go somewhere else

Nelly - I agree with you, about the cigarette butts. And, to take it a step further, I think the fact that there were so many butts in the sand gives us a good idea of the kind of person that selects this resort. Of course, I'm not saying that the only people that stay there are disgusting, thoughtless, selfish slobs, but you kind of have to wonder what else, besides dumping butts, are they doing? Abusing the furnishings in the rooms and public areas? Peeing in the pool? Who knows. Where I stayed, I didn't see any butts in the sand. Kudos to the staff that cleaned up after the guests, and who knows - maybe kudos to all the guests for putting their butts where they belong.