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reviews are confussing

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reviews are confussing

why are the reviews on punta cana hotels so different it is becoming very had to pick a hotel for our trip next year.

some hotels have a great review followed by a poor review.

I am trying to find friends and familey that have been so i can have a personal experience review to work on but this is hard

help please

Calgary, Canada
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1. Re: reviews are confussing

Hi jamesfrancis26 - reviews are based on one's personal interpretation of the experience - so yes it can be very difficult to figure out which review to count on as the one that best expresses the ambiance of the resort. Having said that, if you have a particular resort in mind, ask about it on this site and you will most likely get replies from some very experienced-seasoned travellers to this resort destination. Happy Planning, regards, Leigh

Chester, United...
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2. Re: reviews are confussing


I have said it many times in the past but if TA ran a wine review or book/film review forum we would all have different opinions of what good is so why should it be different with holidays.

We all come from different backgrounds and countries and we all have different holiday measuring sticks - one person's ceiling is another person's floor. When you look at reviews I think you have to look at if what someone is saying is bad is important to you and likewise with good things. You also have to look for trends.

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3. Re: reviews are confussing

It seems like most of the bad reviews happen during the months of april, May, June and July. I wonder if it's because they are very busy then?

Staten Island, New...
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4. Re: reviews are confussing

I partially agree with fliflop and decklover..just partially. If something is truly good, the reviews should be MORE OR LESS uniformed (regardless of one's background or culture). That being said, I am also somewhat uneasy about recent reviews of Grand Palladium. How can one person rate it one star one the other (during the same period) rates it 5 stars?...

New Brunswick...
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5. Re: reviews are confussing

When looking at resort reviews here are few tricks I use.

-Throw out the reviews that are all negative - you know the type with the heading 'Americans Beware' - 'Stay away from this Dump'. No matter where you stay there will always be something good you can say about the place

- Throw out the ones that are all positive in a fluffy way! - Again there will always be a few little negative things to report.

- Check the dates for when they were at the resort. Off season reviews can be a little more neg since not all the resort services may be available. I like to check reviews from the same time period I will be there.

- Make a list of what you want in your resort and only pay attention to those things in the review. ie- we don't care about the disco, kids clubs, nightlife, stuff like that. So reviews that give a resort a poor rating because there is no nightlife or kids club doesn't matter to me.

- Be aware of the common complaints that really are not realistic - 'Thier English was not all that good' - 'Food was not like we have back at home' -'We arrived at 10:30 am and they wouldn't let us in our room until 3pm' - ' There were no faceclothes anywhere to be found'

- Check some info on the resort - did it just open in the last year - did it just change management - are there renovations going on. These things can effect some reviews

- Check where the reviewer is from and if mentioned how much they may have travelled. Are they from the same area as you. Are they from a major center.

- Check if it was a group, family or a couple. These groups have different things they expect from a resort. It's easier for 2 people to get bookings at stuff or find loungers together then a group or 15! - As well a bunch of bad reviews in a row from a resort can all be from the same group of people who travelled together.

In effect do some research - to me that's part of the fun of preparing for a trip.

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6. Re: reviews are confussing

Good advice Sackie, esp. about the off-season. When I look at a review that is one of the first things I look at. Reviews are extremely subjective and you wonder sometimes if people doing the reviews were at the same resort.

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7. Re: reviews are confussing

Thanks for the tips sackie great things to consider there. Bearing the points you made in mind will help picking a hotel

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8. Re: reviews are confussing

Sackie, you hit it right on the nail. I summarily reject a review when it contains statements like "they didn't even try to speak English". I brush those folks off as unsophisticated ethnocentric travellers who have not a clue that the world doesn't revovle around them. Another aspect that I've found useful about TA is that you can contact the poster directly to find out why it is they had such a miserable time. I'm a Bednbreakfast person, so my standards might be different than someone who regularly stays at Starwood properties.

Hamilton, Canada
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9. Re: reviews are confussing

Great advice sackie. I also find it difficult to understand some people's unrealistic negative reviews from the same hotel I have stayed at or I am going to stay at. Oh well, as the old saying goes "You can't please all of the people……".

Happy Travelling


Toronto, Canada
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10. Re: reviews are confussing

When I look back at even my most enjoyable resort experiences and think hard about it, I can recall plenty of occurrences that at the time caused a flicker of annoyance: a piece of eggshell in an omlette, a temporary lack of towels at the towel hut, a bar running out of Chivas, someone arriving after me but getting served first, a coquille St. Jacques with more shrimp then scallops, a moisture ring left unwiped by the maid etc. etc. etc.

But the fact is that a large all inclusive resort is a hugely complex machine and the occasional blip is always, always, always inevitable. By focusing on them you're condemning yourself to a bad time. Unfortunately (for themselves) there are people who by temperament, inexperience or unrealistic expectations do focus on the negatives... and the tone of their reviews will reflect that.

That's not to say major problems do not happen. They've happened to us as well, but I've found that a firm but always polite attitude has always solved the issue.. even after 30 or trips down south over the decades (even to Cuban 2 stars... let's just not talk about the food!). Now probably we've just been lucky and most certainly people have had terrible things happen to them that the hotel should have dealt with better. But when a resort is getting 5 or more 5-stars for every 1 star I think you have a pretty good indication about that hotel's attributes.

BTW, I think Sackie had great advice on how to read between the lines in a review!