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7 weeks to loose 15 pounds ......any great tips

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7 weeks to loose 15 pounds ......any great tips

Hi ...... i'm leaving for Punta cana in 7 long weeks and would like to loose 15 pounds ...any secrets out there to help me and many more !!!!!



Floyds Knobs...
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1. Re: 7 weeks to loose 15 pounds ......any great tips

Portion control. Lean meats and veggies. Snacks of almonds, cottage cheese/fruit, string cheese.

Strength training every other day for 30-45 minutes. Cardio at least five days a week for 45 mins and do some ST before your cardio.

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2. Re: 7 weeks to loose 15 pounds ......any great tips

No secrets really. Eliminate highly processed food, sugars, simple carbs such as white bread, white rice and replace with whole grains.

Great advice by KyAmy above. But if you can't work out every day do it as much as possible and try to be conscious of what you eat. Try to burn more calories than you take in.


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3. Re: 7 weeks to loose 15 pounds ......any great tips

I've been in the same boat; only I had more to lose. We leave Feb 23...and I'm staying on my diet until then. Started Jan 1st and have lost 20 lbs since then...still losing.

I do Atkins...meat,cheese, eggs...High fat content, 10g of carbs/day...I do no more than that, although the Atkins book etc says 20g of carb.

Usually, you start losing right away. Hint: Eat loads of bacon.

Only problem is...you CANNOT cheat! If you do, you gain.

I'm planning on losing another 15-20 (or more) before leaving...

Good luck!

Bowen Island, Canada
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4. Re: 7 weeks to loose 15 pounds ......any great tips

I've been seeing a nutritionist for several months. She has me on a balanced meal plan of equal parts protein, carbs & fats.

An example of one of the five meals she has me eating in a day: 1 apple, 2 oz hard cheese, 6 cashew nuts. (That's 2 parts carbs, 2 parts protein and 2 parts fat - two of my meals are like that, the other 3 contain 3 parts of each).

I have gone from eating one meal per day to eating 5 - and I went from a size 3X to a Medium in less than 4 months.

The trick is to not starve your body of the essentials and to not worry about weight loss - it's fat loss you need to concern yourself with! Even after dropping 5 sizes, I've only lost about 20 lbs in weight - but I've exchanged fat weight for lean muscle weight, therefore I am much slimmer than I was last summer.

Refined and processed foods are your enemy. Go healthy with your food choices and get some exercise every day - even if all you can do is go for a walk. Try alternating your pace and the terrain you cover. Once you kick start your metabolism, you'll be surprised at how much better you feel and how much more rested you are in the morning.

Best of Luck to you!


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5. Re: 7 weeks to loose 15 pounds ......any great tips

Atkins diet

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6. Re: 7 weeks to loose 15 pounds ......any great tips

Buy acai berry the stuff is unbelievable I lost 7 lbs that I couldn't lose no matter what I did and I work out everyday!

Toronto, Canada
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7. Re: 7 weeks to loose 15 pounds ......any great tips

Download a weight monitor application...its amazing when you have to enter your weight every morning how easy it is not to stray...

You can get a free app for your ipod and i'm sure if you google you will find one for free out there for your computer


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8. Re: 7 weeks to loose 15 pounds ......any great tips

We do a healthy form of a low carb diet. Egg beaters and Candian Bacon for breakfast. Lunch is lean chicken and a veggie. Dinner is normally a salad with some chicken. We sometimes mix this up with one beef serving a week and/or a pork serving.

We've been on this diet for 2 weeks now and my husband has lost 10lbs and he has 25 more to go. I have lost 5lbs. I had lost 3 lbs before going on this diet. I only have a few more lbs to go before I am happy.

We are starting this week with an exercise routine.

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9. Re: 7 weeks to loose 15 pounds ......any great tips

"run Forrest run" Exercise 30 min a day bring your heart rate up to 130 to 135 and you will lose ~ 2 lbs per week more if you eat within reason. Eat mainly fruit and protien and you will lose fast.

Ottawa, Canada
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10. Re: 7 weeks to loose 15 pounds ......any great tips

I agree with all the replies. I am also leaving in 7 weeks and want to lose about 10 pounds. This is typical for me at this time of year, because I usually put that weight on from too much eating over Christmas and not exercising enough. What works for me is protein at each meal plus one protein snack (I like the EAS Myoplex lite bars) which I have around 4 pm as that is my witching hour. I try to limit carbs to only one meal a day (whole wheat breads, pastas, rice). No potatoes - except sweet potatoes once in awhile. For breakfast it's usually a protein shake + a piece of fruit, cotage cheese + berries or the weight control Quaker hot oatmeal; lunch is a salad with lots of veggies and cold chicken or a small piece of low fat cheese with raw veggies and V8 or cheese + small bowl of vegetable soup. I usually eat pretty my normal dinner - very careful on the portions. I exercise usually 6 times a week (I run 30 minutes 4-5 days and 1 hour one day); I do strength training 3 times a week and asthtanga yoga once a week. I take one CLA supplement after lunch and dinner and I drink about 3 litres of water a day (Buy your bubba keg now and use it until you get to the DR!) Chew sugarfree gum between meals (or brush your teeth); buy magazines like Women's Health/Men's Health for some good tips. I don't drink alcohol at all, except the occasional glass or two of red wine on a Saturday night. Start a journal and put your weight in, plus take your measurements (chest, waist, hips); write in every day what you eat and also your workouts. I usually only weigh and measure myelf every two weeks because I get too discouraged if I don't see results quickly. If you want to PM me, we can keep track of how we're doing and motivate one another! Just remember, the first week is the hardest, so stay strong - you can do it!! Here's a link with some helpful tips as well: