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random things from recent trip to ME

San Diego
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random things from recent trip to ME

Here are some random things I learned that you may find helpful (or completely useless) from my recent trip. Will try and post a trip review soon.

According the bartender, Brugal Blanco is aged 6 months, anejo is ages 6 years, and Extra Viego is aged 8 years. The Barcelo Imperial (available to club members) is aged 12 years.

At the lobby bar, you don't want top shelf, you want bottom shelf. That's where they keep the better stuff like the Chivas. It's not always on display.

If you like the chocolate vodka (club members) it's only at the club pool bars, the bottles come at 12 and 2(?). They only get two bottles a day. The bar by the sports center (not the club beach) tends to have their's last longer, so later in the day you have a better chance of getting a shot of it there. Sometimes the other bar would be out by 12:30.

If you volunteer for a show, the stage gets very, very hot from the lights.

Employees usually work 12 days on and 3 days off. There is free living space for the employees at the hotel, but if they stay there, and there is a need for additional workers (like if it's raining and they need more bartenders at the lobby bar) then they get pulled back to work (there is no overtime).

The employees normally work 12 hour days.

It's been mentioned by others, but taking you own wireless router is great. Our friends were in the room next door and we both just connected to his for our IPADs.

You cannot take food out of the resturants. Which is a little bummer when you want that afternoon nacho fix at the pool. Instead you have to eat them at the Sea and See and then go back to the pool.

When we checked out on Saturday, they were at 100% occupancy.

We heard one of the employees say they would be at high occupancy even through the slow season so book early.

Duty free at the airport was even more expensive then the hotel gift shop (and I thought the gift shop was over priced).

I don't smoke cigars, but my buddy does. He said they're cheaper to buy over the internet at home, then buying them there. So if you smoke and plan on buying some to bring back. Just do your research before you leave.

While I only got a couple of insect bites during the entire week, I can tell you they do itch. Hydrocortizon is one of the best things we packed.

If you like chips, take your own. The only time I saw any, was at caribbean nite at the buffet.

Do not forget to reapply suntan lotion! I saw two guys with badly burned shins. One looked like it was going to blister. He said it was all from one day, in about two hours.

At the resturants, if you leave the tip on the table, they all share it. It you give it to a specific person, then he/she gets it.

Hope this helps.


Sandy Eggo

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1. Re: random things from recent trip to ME

Great post, thanks for sharing.. We leave for ME in 13 days !!

Did you leave the resort to do an shopping or for any excursions ?

Naples, Florida
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2. Re: random things from recent trip to ME

SD, this is very helpful. People rarely touch on these topics, but they are usually the most asked about. Not just ME but all resorts. Cannot wait to try the Barcelo rum, really excited about our trip as first time to DR. Did you stay in the club section? Have a few questions if you did, you mention "club" rooms/pools. I was wondering about snacks as well.

Boynton Beach...
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3. Re: random things from recent trip to ME

Welcome home John. Hope you had a wonderful stay. Neat synopsis.

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4. Re: random things from recent trip to ME

Good post..........

London UK
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5. Re: random things from recent trip to ME

I have been to the Colonial but not the ME and enjoyed it.

The Duty Free is Cheaper for International Brand Spirits, Ciggies and Cigars but not for local brands like Brugal and Coffee etc.

I'm not sure why other than perhaps they are just taking advantage of people going home who want to buy a memento or something.

Also unusual to have full occupancy in May. We just came back from Dreams PC and probably around 50% occupancy - no chair or Restaurant problems etc.


Edited: 29 May 2011, 21:27
New York City, New...
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6. Re: random things from recent trip to ME

Always wondered how they deal with tios thanks for finding out.

Charlotte, NC
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7. Re: random things from recent trip to ME

Did SD go to ME for the vacation or the alcohol? Pretty good memory for all the drinking he was doing!

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8. Re: random things from recent trip to ME

Great post, astute, helpful observations.

Cheers, Annie

San Diego
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9. Re: random things from recent trip to ME

Onnannm, we went to the shopping center about 100 yards from the front of the majestic hotels. Lots of tourist items, tshirts, carvings, rum, cigars,etc. There you need to do a lot of haggling or you are going to over pay alot. Also did the pc mike tour with Dominican Dave. It is a great tour if you are able to take it.

Penguinsk, yes we stayed in the club section. If you have any specific questions send me an email, I'll be happy to answer you.

Desi, thanks. It was a great trip. I now understand why you like the place so much.

Snooky, thanks for the info. The items I looked at were the local items and not the intqernational ones. My friend is mexican and when we were checking out heard the front desk telling someone, that's how we found out. Even though it was full or near full it didn't seem crowded. Might just be we were on a different time schedule than others.

Dufferme, the vacation. But I would like to point out that with unlimited alcohol, there is a good chance you will see the downside of all inclusive. Both young and old. Saw a gentleman in his 50's fall down and hit his head, and a number of younger people who haven't learned when to switch over to water or soda yet.

Annie, thanks.

New York City, New...
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10. Re: random things from recent trip to ME

Do they still have the wooden shell bracelets for Elegance Club guests?