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Swim up suite - Friend or foe?

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Swim up suite - Friend or foe?

I was thinking about this the other day about how we’ve become a faceless society. Most of us converse with email, forums, texting, twitter versus face-to-face conversations or even the phone. I suppose we’re all more clever, witty, funny and even attractive (including myself). lol

This got me thinking about the ‘new’ trend of resorts offering swim-up suites. For us North Americans houses built pre 1960 had stoops, verandas, sidewalks (at the front of the house), and fences only 3 feet tall. Now we drive our car right into our garage and sneak into the house, we have decks in the rear of our houses and EVERYONE has a fence of 6 feet or more. (including me)

Older resorts had basic rooms and people would congregate at the pool, chat and socialize and make new friends. Now with the trend so many have their ‘own’ pools are we being even more anti-social? What’s next? Is this progress?


PS – I’ve never had a swim up room – they look awesome! lol

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1. Re: Swim up suite - Friend or foe?

I agree.......................I have never nor do I want a swim-up room.

I like to socialize at the pool or Lobby Bar.

Halifax, Canada
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2. Re: Swim up suite - Friend or foe?

Is this a sociology class, or a message board?



I'm not a Swim up suite snob, but they do look nice.

I've never booked one either.

Cornwall, Canada
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3. Re: Swim up suite - Friend or foe?

Interesting thoughts and I guess, as always, to each his/her own. When booking our honeymoon at Zoetry for next year, we opted NOT for the rooms with private plunge pool, but for a swim-up. I guess it also depends on the layout of the resort - from my research, I have seen some that are certainly more private, and others, like Zoetry, where there is a deck area that is/can be shared, where social interaction could take place.

It may all depend on the nature of the trip also - for us, this trip is more about relaxing and maybe keeping to ourselves a bit more than we normally would :-P We were not interested in the pool-bar scene. That's not to say we wouldn't look for that atmosphere next time, and have looked at other resorts where we would not book a swim-up -that is also due to a desired view of the ocean.

And I would say that with the swim-ups, there is the CHOICE of more quiet/ more privacy/less socializing or, heading to the main pool area depending on the mood people are in. It may also have to do with what view people prefer to have, and if the swim-up affords the desired view of the guest..

Like I say, interesting thoughts... :) and can't wait to be in our swim-up!! LOL

New Brunswick...
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4. Re: Swim up suite - Friend or foe?

Actually most of the swim-ups in Punta Cana do not give you access to a private pool but to a common pool that flows infront of your room. This is one reason it would not appeal to me. Anyone using the pool can swim right up to your patio area and look right in your room. When I am in my room I like privacy.

Morristown, New...
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5. Re: Swim up suite - Friend or foe?

I am one that really doesn't see the appeal of a swim-up. For one thing, I go to the Caribbean to hang out on the beach, with the sand and the salt water... not sit by a pool (except for later in the day, around 4:00 when it's time for happy hour drinks). I think the only reason I'd like a swim-up is for maybe a late night dip.... if that was even allowed. On my last trip (what is now SRB), the swim-ups did seem a bit isolating. The rooms were attached to the lazy river pool, not the main pool with the swim-up bar. So, you still had to get out of the one pool and walk to the next to get to the bar. And, I agree that ground floor rooms mean less privacy.

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6. Re: Swim up suite - Friend or foe?

Haha I agree! When Secrets Maroma Beach first opened they "upgraded" us from an ocean view room to a swim up suite, and they were so confused when I told them we didn't want to be upgraded! Id rather have a good view from my balcony! Plus I'm on a beautiful beach! I'm swimming in the ocean! I didn't even get in the pool once the whole week.

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7. Re: Swim up suite - Friend or foe?

Yeah, I am a beach person.

We have pools where I live and pools where I travel and some of them are VERY nice. (I recently attended a conference at a hotel in Orlando with an AMAZING pool setup) However, we don't have the Punta Cana beaches here :)

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8. Re: Swim up suite - Friend or foe?

swim ups are nice for an early morning dip before breakfast, and at least for me thats about it, I have also found that in Feb they are cold at that early morning time as the building shadow the pools. We much prefer to use the main pool. as far as the anti social idea...................not sure, I have chatted with people in the swim up pools about as much as in the regular pools ( based on how many people I see) but I do see what you are getting at, busy lives, most communications via email or text, it is nice to talk to someone at the pool bar!

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9. Re: Swim up suite - Friend or foe?

we had a swim up this year and it was great ? We sat across from it on a couple of days but that was it . We go to the beach every day til 3 ish. The loungers outside the room by the lazy river at ME was perfect.I jumped in once from our room the whole time we were there.you don't have to use it as a swim up.

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10. Re: Swim up suite - Friend or foe?


Here is my piece about this.

I understand your though but I it is a little strange that you as resorts are by far more social than most other forms of holiday.

People mingle at the bar and whilst playing games so even if they spend the day in their own pool there will still be other moments where they are likely to interact.

If you think of other ways of vacationing resort live is a social live so on a larger holiday scale even with a swim up you are having somewhat of a social holiday.

When I stay in a little house on the hill in Tuscany (Italy) and drink wine with my partner and watch the sun set together nobody would say ‘geez that is a anti social vacation’ or when you rent a car and go from B&B or hotels and visit villages and cities, that is way less social than going to a resort but no one would draw the parallel with people getting less social from those kinds of holidays.

The fact that all inclusives are getting more and more popular (in Europe it was a very unknown way of vacationing until about a decade ago and now there are many resorts and even more being build) goes to show the opposite of your statement and for me shows that people like the way it is easy to mingle in resorts as it happens much easier then when you lay on a beach where you rent a linger for a day and go back to your hotel. I think it is one reason why people like resorts even if they don’t realize it.

Not bashing you, hope you are game for a discussion about the topic as I had the feeling that is what you are after.

I like you post and it is nice to think about social topics like this.