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Scared of 1st trip to Punta Cana-Help

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Erie, Pennsylvania
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Scared of 1st trip to Punta Cana-Help

Hi there.

I am having MAJOR anxiety about our first trip to Punta Cana. We are bringing our 1 year old & 4 year old which adds to te anxiety, I'm just concerned with their safety. I wish I did more research on the country before I booked it, it's just the beach & a well known all inclusive is what we needed. I'm concerned about the ride & safety from the airport to the resort, I don't know how I'm going to bathe my kids because I am too scared of them getting water in their mouths, scared of malaria, I don't even want to bring my wedding ring/camera/iPad because I'm afraid it will get stolen, even in the room safe! I've read about deadly spiders, corrupt police, blackouts, high crime rates, San Domingo & Haiti both listed in the top 10 highest crime rates in the world even though we aren't going there, I don't feel safe being that close... we are NOT leaving the resort. I just don't know what to do. I just want a nice, relaxing vacation & all of these terrible things come up when I do a search on the country.

I wish all of these fears would leave my head so we can just enjoy ourselves but I feel I won't even be able to sleep because I'll be worried someone will try to break into our room while we sleep! We do travel quite a bit, just never to a place like this & Im from a tiny, quiet town in the Northeastern US & that probably has a lot to do with it.

Please, someone who has experienced this country, please tell me what to expect when we go in February

Tampa, Florida
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1. Re: Scared of 1st trip to Punta Cana-Help

You're right. You should take the kids down for a family vacation around the theme parks of Central Florida where nobody ever gets sick, robbed, ripped off, mugged, maimed, or killed, followed by a few quiet days on the beach in Miami.

Honestly, if some of these people looked at their own country with the same amount of scrutiny as they givento the DR, they would never set foot past their front door.

No sense in having an anxious vacation. If you truly feel like you will not be able to enjoy yourself, maybe it's best that you pick someplace else that gives you a better illusion of being safe.

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2. Re: Scared of 1st trip to Punta Cana-Help

first off for me an AI anywhere, and this is for me with grown kids would not be where i would take small ones ( to much for them to get into and not a lot the adults can enjoy of the AI when with little ones, this is just me having done disney 3 X with kids, and AI when they were older as well as solo as a couple) that said I am from a different age group and now young families are going to AI"s to me it seems like to much work to keep them safe and still enjoy your adult selfs, but hey thats just me.

as to the ride from the air port, most are vans/ buses with seat belts so a car seat would work. as to the bath water getting in their mouths, I brush my teeth with the tap water no issues ( the resort manger agrees no issues to brush with tap water, and if you think about it if the water was that bad then you would not be able to kiss anyone any where because they bathed in the water ! think about it, how silly is that that no one would ever kiss anyone any where!. never seen a spider, police, if not going off the resort no issue, wedding ring, I wear a plain band not so much because I worry over theft, more just not to look rich, as they often believe we are. Electronics, we take them, laptop, 2 i phones, they are either with us or in the safe, 7 trips to PC no issues

in pc you are min 4 hrs from Santo domingo so no worries

still if you are still so worried go to Disney, and I am not saying that in a snide way, we went to disney with the kids and my mom staying in the ( cant recall the name section ) Mexican resort and she said it was just like Mexico but no beach and it was a great vacation, busy but great. just remember that Florida is not as warm as the islands in the winter. if it is a group trip and no options just realize that there will be many things your kids can get into so you will have to watch them carefully ( my son has ADD so I may be over stating this but he was into everything and I cant imaging taking him to an AI at age 4) as it would not have been a vacation for me

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3. Re: Scared of 1st trip to Punta Cana-Help

I am sorry but I get a little tired of people who ‘spoil’ fun things by fearing them.

You cannot rule out all risks in life. Living is dying.

We are more and more living in fear, fearing food, the air, unknown places, the guy next door, the teacher of our kids, bacteria…

Media loves to scare us as fun story’s don’t sell.

It really is up to you to stop living in fear and start enjoying all that this world has to offer.

What about all the great reviews tou find on this site and this forum where so many of us go on and on about how much of a great time we had... do you just ignore them because you prefer to be consumed by fear?

There are so 98 resorts/hotels know on trip advisor in Punta Cana, some of them with more than 500 rooms. A very rough estimate is that in peak season about 40.000 people a day are enjoying themselves in Punta Cana.

You really think that is all doom and hell would lay await on the trip you just booked so many people would go to Punta Cana and so many of them are repeat visitors?

If the trip was that dangerous and all would get ill or worse, would this forum be this lively with people that can’t stop talking about the place and saving up to go back as soon as they can?

Be realistic about the dangers in live but don’t get yourself all worked up when what you should be doing is feeling positive excitement about the trip you are about to take.


Amy (who always brushes her teeth with tap water and never gotten ill).

Halifax, Canada
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4. Re: Scared of 1st trip to Punta Cana-Help

I am not gong to condemn you for being fearful,I have taken my children when they were young,you will notice above all the dominican people value and adore there children.I felt they were just as appreciative of mine.You will have a great time just being a family unit.I was treated even more gently because of my kids.When my kids bumped things over the people even in the shops would say .no worries.I think in the end you will reassure other people of your unfounded worries.I wish you a safe trip.

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5. Re: Scared of 1st trip to Punta Cana-Help

Not sure what Santo Domingo and Haiti have to do with safety in Punta Cana????I've been to PC only three times but in those times I haven't given my safety a thought even once. They have been the most "secured" vacations I have ever been on, including here at home. You're loaded onto a bus with all of your fellow tourists, driven to a guarded resort where you never leave.

My guess is that you will be laughing at yourself once you get there at your pre trip anxiety. My anxiety is how packed the GBP beach is going to be.

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6. Re: Scared of 1st trip to Punta Cana-Help

you will be fine, there is nothing more to worry about going from airport in PC just like going from your own home to airport,,,

when you are there, you and the kids will be treated wonderful,, kids will be able to play in the pool, the sand, the ocean, you will find endless fun things for them to do (dont forget the sunscreen for them, pool floats, sand pale and shovel) they are going to have a blast,,, its only one week let them indulge, will make it that much more relaxing for you,,

you will find it much more fun(and safer) then waiting in line for hours for a 2 minute ride. wandering around pavement endlessly looking for the next ride, be charged crazy prices for even just a bottle of water,, your childrens AI experience will be happier, safer and more fun( and so will yours) more so then you even expected,,

Fredericton, Canada
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7. Re: Scared of 1st trip to Punta Cana-Help

Is it just me that thinks the post is just a troll?

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8. Re: Scared of 1st trip to Punta Cana-Help

About 4 years ago, we took our kids (1 & 3 at the time) to Punta Cana. We traveled with my sister's family (they had a 4 month old at the time). We all had a great time. The kids enjoyed their time, did not have any problems. I think as long as you take precautions that you take anywhere you go to you will be totally fine.

Last 2 years we went to Mexico and I know with recent reports of crime people tend not to go there. We had a lovely time on both trips. Went outside the resort to nearby towns, took local buses and no one bothered us.

Just relax and enjoy your upcoming trip.

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9. Re: Scared of 1st trip to Punta Cana-Help

Welcome to the forum: Once you've gone you'll want to go back...............Soon.

Erie, Pennsylvania
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10. Re: Scared of 1st trip to Punta Cana-Help

I really appreciate ALL the replies. I know I sounded silly & I needed someone to shake me & tell me I'm being ridiculous.

I just have to be clear, these fears are ONLY because of my children & I worry about their safety. Yes, I know dangers are everywhere...we do take them to Disney & I know Orlando has a very high crime rate, why this is different to me, I cannot explain it. If it were just my husband & I, I wouldn't think twice about any of this. We traveled a lot before kids & I NEVER had this anxiety before.

I know all about the wonderful reviews that made me book this trip in the first place...i guess I just feel overwhelmed. I just wanted to Inform myself as much as I could about this country before we went, and since we have absolutely no intentions on leaving he resort, I should have just stuck with learning about Punta Cana.

I do feel very grateful that we at able to take a trip like this & I do feel guilty for having these 'doomed' thoughts....I look forward to coming back & laughing about all the anxiety I caused myself!

To each of you that replied...thank you!! Each one of your posts are helping me through this & I appreciate your time! I will stop reading the bad & will keep reading all of your replies until the day we leave for vacation!