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Best way to pack clothing

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Best way to pack clothing

Anyone have any suggestions? As I stand here at the ironing board, ironing all our clothes to take away I realize it is almost pointless. They will all be wrinkled when I take them out of the luggage. I heard that if you roll your clothes it takes up less room and doesn't wrinkle as much. Has anyone tried this? Also paper between the layers. What would be the best bet?

Leaving Sunday at 8:00 from Munro Airport.


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1. Re: Best way to pack clothing

I never iron anything since it does get wrinkled. They have an iron in the rooms. As to rolling, yes, I do it but with my clothes, not my husband's. I put socks, underwear in small bags and put them inside my husband shoes. This leaves more space. Do the same with any lotions and small items. I put my husband's clothes folded on the top of my clothes. Also, I always pack my carry one with a day do clothes, like bathing suite, swim trunks for hubby, change of clothes, 1 dinner outfit and pairs of flip flops, shoes for both of us. This is just in case an airline looses our luggage. This way we have at least something to wear. Hope this helps.

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2. Re: Best way to pack clothing

Don't forget to weigh your bags. The overwieght charges can be quite expensive!

Been there....done that!!

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3. Re: Best way to pack clothing

I have an unusual way of packing, but it works great. and virtually nothing gets wrinkled.

I start out with EVERYTHiNG that's going in the suitcases laid out on the bed or hanging out in the open so I can visualize the puzzle I'm about to piece together.

First put all the awkward heavy stuff in the bottom bottom (towards the wheels), stuff the shoes with whatever fits - bottle of deodorant, lotion, socks, underwear which are in a ziploc with air squeezed out. Once all the misc items are in - this should be one "layer, take a beach towel or sarong and lay it flat over the items with the ends draped evenly over the sides.

Next, take all your "bottoms" and long items - dresses, pants, skirts, shorts and line up all the waistbands starting with the longest, heaviest, least likely to wrinkle first. If there's a dress or two in there, put them on a cheap wire hanger with a drycleaning bag, but don't have 2 bags together in the layers. Lay the whole unfolded pile flat over the towel, again with the long things draped over the side of the suitcase. Next, take all your tops and do the same thing, line up the shoulders and lay that layer over the bottom layer. Now take the towel end that are draped over the sides and gently "fold" over the excess like an envelope.

Now all your clothes are in this nice little package so when you get to the hotel you just lift it out and start your unpacking. Nothing should be wrinkled since it was all flat and the things that were draped over the sides didn't really get folded - they got wrapped - no creases.

I have found this way of packing to take up the least amount of space, plus, if during transit you need to get something out, you can just slip your hand under the "envelope" without disturbing the clothes.

Hope this makes sense.

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4. Re: Best way to pack clothing

Iron, hang(or lay out)...roll two or three days before....Unpack immediately upon arrival and hang up...any wrinkles will work their way out with the humidity....seems to work for me.

Barrie, Canada
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5. Re: Best way to pack clothing

Put out all your clothes you think you might need for your vacation. Then put half of them back in the drawers and you will be good to go. Then once you have arrived, hang the nicest clothes up, and go from there. Why worry?

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6. Re: Best way to pack clothing

i have a toiletries bag which has all the shampoo, conditioner, sun cream etc in and this is packed in the corner of the my case, bf has the same for him. Once there just need to lift the bag out, place in the bathroom, easy.

As for clothes, always put an outfit and an item of swimwear of each others in case the luggage goes missing. i always put a large piece of paper in each case, on the top of all the clothes stating which resort i am staying at so they can deliver the luggage easily enough if it does go missing.

just heard another tip on another forum, layer some tumble dryer sheets in between the clothes, to keep the clothing smelling fresh

Happy Holidays

Sycamore, Illinois
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7. Re: Best way to pack clothing

I always use the space bags.I use the kind that you don't need a vacum .They are great.Some people tell me that they are ausome.You can order them on the internet.1 box contains 2 big bags and 2 smaller bags.We used to take 3 big bags for 10 days,now with the bags we take 2,and a carry on..Hope this helps.. sorry about spelling..

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8. Re: Best way to pack clothing

We (by that I really mean me!!) always iron and roll everything and then hang them up as soon as we get to the room. Always seems to work as I rarely need to iron anything.


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9. Re: Best way to pack clothing

I put all of my swimwear in a freezer zip lock bag. Ditto for undies, nighties, etc. Toiletries go in another freezer bag. Shoes line the suitcase and then the ziplock bags go on top. Then, I fold my clothing (still on the hanger) about 3 times and place it on top. When you get to the resort, just pull out your hanging clothes and spray with Downy wrinkle release, put the zip lock bag contents into drawers, and hit the beach!

N. Atlanta
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10. Re: Best way to pack clothing

I am seriously considered buying these packers. They look awesome! Watch the video to see how it works. Has anyone used these before?