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Orientation Meetings, Do you go or not?

Edmonton, Canada
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Orientation Meetings, Do you go or not?

On our first trip to an AI a few years ago we went. Maybe at a big hotel it is helpful to figure out where things are, but it just seems like the tour operators chance to push tours on you. Since then I just read up on our destination a little before we go and miss the meetings. They give you impression it's required, but it's not like we're going to forget what day were going home. On the last trip I thought the AVC rep overstepped his boundries by calling to wake us up (at 5 am on my Alberta body clock). Sorry sir but I'm not starting my vacation by setting an alarm clock, we can do that at home.

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1. Re: Orientation Meetings, Do you go or not?

If you haven't been to the resort before some of their info is helpfull but I agree with you it's an opportunity for them to push their excursions on you. You can stop by their desk anytime to book excursions or for other info.



Gatineau, Quebec
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2. Re: Orientation Meetings, Do you go or not?

We would go on our first few trips - now all they seem to want to do is sell their excursions so we stopped going. I hate missing that one hour on the beach...

Toronto, Canada
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3. Re: Orientation Meetings, Do you go or not?

I never go to those things. Most resorts give you a map and an information booklet. That's enough for me. And I can always ask if I don't know. The last thing I want to do is sit through a long winded presentation, when I could be sipping a margarita on the beach.


Old Bridge, NJ
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4. Re: Orientation Meetings, Do you go or not?

I skip them. I have been harrassed in the past for skipping the meeting but after your first few of them you realize that it is only a sales pitch for excursions, not much about the hotel. I do look for the rep a day or two before I'm scheduled to leave to confirm my pick up time.

Crawley, United...
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5. Re: Orientation Meetings, Do you go or not?

Good to here that it is not just the Brits get the same sort of stuff in regard to welcome meetings, If we can make it across the pond I am sure that a bit of adventuring should not be hard and agree nothing but a sales drive for excursions.

Chester, United...
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6. Re: Orientation Meetings, Do you go or not?

We do not go on them but we have met several guests who should have as they did not know there way around the resort and had sometimes missed out on experiencing certain things

Leeds, Engalnd
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7. Re: Orientation Meetings, Do you go or not?

i've been to the DR 13 times and never once been to one .....our english tour operators always wanna hold them at some god forsaken early hour .....however i did over hear part of one at one resort ...it was a canadian copmany but the rep was dominican ...sunwing i think and i was disgusted by what i heard ....he was telling all his guests that they were not to go off resort as it was unsafe, not to buy any body else's tours as they were not insured or just a scam etc ....i wanted to get up and go put him right and tell the guests to take absolutly no notice of the crap he was telling them ......

I find sitting on the beach is a lot better use of my time :-)

Bavaro, Dominican...
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8. Re: Orientation Meetings, Do you go or not?

I think flip got it right, if you've never been to the place before it might have some information relevant to you or that may make your vacation more enjoyable, with regards to them selling at the meeting well its how they earn a living, more than that though its how the company that supplies the rep earns a living, for a lot of people the process of arriving consists of being met by a rep in the airport and being taken to a bus put on by their tour company, the rep and the people back in an office are able to organise this and get paid from money which is earned by the reps selling in the hotels, when your in resort the reps can be there to help you if you have a problem which could be something simple like a room problem or something far more complicated like a death, the rep and all the people in the background who you don't see are able to be there because of the money earned from selling excursions. Most tour companies don't have people work for them they have outsourced for a company to deal with their clients and through excursions these companies make their money, without them if you wanted or needed a rep in your resort the only way would be to increase the price of the vacation package to cover the full wages of everyone. In fairness to the reps there is a whole bigger picture in play than just making their own wages and worth remembering when your slating the reps for trying to sell an excursion or saving a few bucks by buying off some guy on the beach who doesn't have to worry about you.

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9. Re: Orientation Meetings, Do you go or not?

I'm with everyone else. I never go as I rather be on the beach having a drink.

Once they left us a small souvenir and note at our door saying we missed our meeting and to go the following day. They then proceeded to call the room the next 2 days asking to come to their meeting or meet them at 8am in the lobby to return the gift lol.

Told them there was no way I was waking up at 8am hungover to go all the way to the lobby and if they want it I will put it where they originally left it. No one came and they did not call back.

Belleville, Canada
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10. Re: Orientation Meetings, Do you go or not?

Skip It.....skip it! We're stopped taking the transfer bus (which is included in our trip) to get away from the tour operators "speeches". It's great info if it's your first trip, but when you have been 25x to the same island, it's something that we don't need to deal with.