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Beware of Scam!

San Jose, California
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Beware of Scam!

If a tour guide takes you to oil canvas paint shop, Don't buy it! unless you get 80 to 90% discount on the asking price. I believe they all work together as a team. If tour guide brings customers than he will probably get a commission. The store owner tried to sell me oil canvas painting for $200usd and claimed that the canvas was painted by a well known artist. I haggle with him and bought it for $35usd. As we were leaving I saw a 6 year old boy sitting in the back of the shop painting all the pictures. He was tracing the picture with a stencil. LoL. I'm so glad I was able to barter the price down. I felt bad for the man joining our tour group because he fell for the scam. He bought the painting for $170 thinking that he got a great deal.

Haggle before you buy anything in DR. Ask for 80 to 90% if they don't agree just walk away. They will run after you. These sellers are money hungry. This young man was trying to sell me 2 fresh coconut for $24! Once again i haggle with him and bought 2 for $2.

New Jersey
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1. Re: Beware of Scam!

I don't see how those examples are a scam.

You pay what you want for the items and nobody is tricking you, Its like any negotiation. You ask for the price you would like to get and you settle on a price you are willing to accept.

dartmouth ns
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2. Re: Beware of Scam!

Scam ? sounds to me like keep your head up !! if i like the painting I pay what i feel it's worth. as far as tour operator getting commission this is called referral and happens in US and Canada all the time

United Kingdom
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3. Re: Beware of Scam!

"as far as tour operator getting commission this is called referral and happens in US and Canada all the time"

It is not just in North America my friend it is the world over. If there is no money passing between the parties then the rewards are an evening out at an event (seat in a corporate box )or a meal. Most of us call them back handers. Nothing wrong with this. This is how good business works. Everything is negotiable in life. If you cannot come to an agreement then you walk away. After all it is your money.

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Bebington, United...
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4. Re: Beware of Scam!

Your advice to travellers is a good one, My first ever trip abroad to Gran Canaria on my own when I was a young girl of 17, cost me a lot of money. I had no idea about haggling and paid about £20 for a handbag that should have cost me £5.

It perhaps a bit strong to consider it a scam as it is commong practice all over the world, I hate haggling, but my son loves it, so I leave it to him, he has been a fantastic haggler since he was about 9!

Good advice all the same, don't pay the first price you are given, pay what you think an item is worth to you and you can never feel that you have been ripped off.

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5. Re: Beware of Scam!

No Scam here!!!!!

And come on!!!!!!! $24 for two coconuts??? Any fool who falls and pays for that one can pay me $10 for a slap and a wake up call......LOL

Erieau, Canada
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for Punta Cana
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6. Re: Beware of Scam!

No scam ....

You pay what you want to pay.....bartering, that is how it is, the merchant can ask whatever price he wants.

Just a simple business decision that you have to make.

London, United...
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7. Re: Beware of Scam!

The same applies to any London gallery - are Damien Hurst's dots worth millions - especially as the 5 year old could do those as well.

Pay waht you think it is worth if you thinkit is too expensive leave it.

Tampa, Florida
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8. Re: Beware of Scam!

Don't see how it's a scam. They will just quote ridiculous prices to start out (especially if you are from the US) because they realize what suckers some gringos are that they have no idea the actual value of things. Some will actually pay what they ask for or close to it so they may as well get as much money as they think they can get from you. Very few of those Haitian prints are worth more than $10-$15, and $2 for 2 coconuts is still about double the price it should be (in the city, I pay 20 pesos each or 2 for 30pesos, cut open and ready to drink)

Toronto ont.
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9. Re: Beware of Scam!

When you go to restaurants at home and you tip 15% t0 30% .This amounts to a lot of money for having someone bring you a few plates.

These people do not make our type of wages. give them something out of charity and good will. they are not as fortunate as all the tourists. and wastefull spending.

just use common sense and give them something reasonable.

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10. Re: Beware of Scam!

Not sure why people have to use derogatory words in their titles of the posts when they are not correct in what they are saying. Does it make them feel more important? It happens a lot and it is usually just uninformed travelers!