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Never been to a country with high humidity before

Read some reviews, and tips on packing on here about taking things for clothes smell (damp rid) but I've never heard of it can you get it from uk? What do you do with it?

Don't really know much about humidity any advice?

Also in some recent reviews of Excellence people have complained about rooms smelling musty due to humidity I've noticed this in other reviews also where people have said it's only on ground floor rooms is this true?

Is this a really bad thing or something a little air freshener would sort out?

This sounds like a lame topic I know, as going to a tropical country you have to expect tropical weather it's just I don't really know much about it and just thought if there were things I should do or take it's better to be forewarned

I'm going in November

Thanks Lucy

Moose Jaw, Canada
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1. Re: Humidity?

hello Lucy, we just got back from the Bavaro Princess in Punta cana and to be honest the only issue we had with the humidity was with our sunglasses lol. with the AC in our rooms being cool and walking outside our sunglasses would fog up instantly. to dry our swim stuff we just left them outside for the night on the patio chairs and all was good for morning, I did see some people taking a rope for a clothes line to dry stuff. as for our room we didn't notice the humidity and never heard anyone else complaining.

now outside walking around you sure felt it, specially if there was no breeze.

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2. Re: Humidity?

In all my visits it was never an issue except on the hair. Why did I even try to get a nice hairdo? I brought a little tiny concentrated air freshened, more for bathroom experiences but it would do the trick. The smell on your clothes is tropical...and you notice it, when you get home to do laundry. If a room is really bad, for some reason, perhaps the air conditioning vents were not cleaned, then simply ask to switch rooms. Overall should not be a problem. A Martha Stewart trick is a small cheesecloth with some charcoal bricks in it. (not the ones doused in lighter fluid!) . ie. place the whole thing inside a ziplock for travelling - don't want your whole suitcase contents to be black!

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3. Re: Humidity?

I'm with dropusaline about the hair, lol. I never really do anything fancy with my hair, but have a bit of natural wave that had a mind of its own in the humidity (August trip). Couldn't keep a bouncy wave, even with hairspray some evenings. And yes, you will feel it, especially if not used to it, but a quick dip in the ocean or pool fixes that right up through the day. We traveled at a high humidity time of year, and while there were beautiful breezes at the ocean and near our room, we noticed it more when walking up towards the lobby/restaurants. It's not a bad feeling, trust me, but you will feel the sticky warmth - dress lightly!

We also had issue with bathing suits not getting completely dry, if we took them off when wet. Leaving out on our patio in the breeze certainly helped.

Lucy, not sure if you can get Damprid in the UK, but you could check online. I see they have a variety on Amazon...


The containers we get are kind of a trapezoid shape made of plastic (180 g/6.3 oz), with the little white silica balls in a like a tray under the seal. You pull off the seal to expose the silica which absorbs the moisture - we place the open containers in our luggage and one in the closet, and by the end of the week, there is some water/moisture accumulated in the bottom reservoir. We had a slight "tropical" smell in our suitcase/clothes but it was a pleasant smell - not musty or anything that I've read about. All items in our luggage were dry and didn't feel heavy or damp.

One thing we learned quickly too, was to wipe off our camera lens often.

Enjoy your trip :)

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4. Re: Humidity?

Lucy, November isn't a horrible month for high humidity, neither is April. I wouldn't worry about it.

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5. Re: Humidity?

Bring a small scented candle for the room, it's relaxing and takes your mind away from the (I don't call it musty) smell.

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6. Re: Humidity?

It does seem to be people staying in ground floor rooms that complain about mustiness. I've never noticed any musty smell at any resort I've stayed at, but I never stay in ground floor rooms. Excellence provides incense sticks to help with this.


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7. Re: Humidity?

Take scented dryer sheets and tie it on the A/C vent and your room will smell fresh.

Fredericton, Canada
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8. Re: Humidity?

I always use Damp rid and Damp check in the closets and around the bed as the first year I didn't and found the sheets felt damp when trying to sleep. It made the world of difference. You have plenty of time to get some on amazon or ebay if it is not available there.


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9. Re: Humidity?

Hi Lucy

I was just researching the same thing as we're going for the first time early June, and you can get Damprid on Amazon in the UK. Haven't looked to see what you do with it yet though, lol.

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10. Re: Humidity?

If it's your first time in the Caribbean know that when you first arrive it is typically tropical..... Or as some have labeled it, damp.

If you use your AC the dampness and smell tends to go away after a day or so. Don't let it bother you. Turn your AC on, go explore the resort. Have a few drinks and magically, when you get back, the problem will be solved...... Or it won't matter to you anymore because you will be on vacation!!