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Travel Insurance

Las Vegas, Nevada
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Travel Insurance

We have scrimped and saved for our trip to Excellence in September for our 3rd anniversary. I'm about ready to book and in the past two weeks my husband has had first emergency surgery to put in a pacemaker ( no heart disease just the electrical part. go figure!) and then a kidney stone to large to pass so he had to have laser surgery. I swear I should trade him in for a newer model under the lemon law.. But I digress!!

His doctors told me at this point they see no reason he can't travel in September but I'm thinking we should have travel insurance just in case something prevents us from going or one of us gets sick while there.

Any suggestions on travel insurance? BTW .. we are not using a credit card to book.

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1. Re: Travel Insurance

"I'm thinking we should have travel insurance just in case something prevents us from going or one of us gets sick while there"

IMHO travel insurance is essential even if you are fit and healthy as things can happen to anyone

In your own case you want one which covers existing conditions and that will come at a increased premium

Las Vegas, Nevada
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2. Re: Travel Insurance

I found one that wasn't too expensive even with pre-existing through Allianz..I think a couple hundred dollars is worth it.

United Kingdom
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3. Re: Travel Insurance

In the UK I think you will find that they will only cover for older pre existing conditions like 10 years ago. I had bowl cancer and a liver tumour removed in 2004, and now do not even have to declare it. This is with GO INSURE.

Most policies again in the UK will not cover you for anything that has happened in the past year or you are having on going treatment or are under treatment or have to go back for a check up. Again this is with GO INSURE. If you insure with STAYSURE in the UK they are quite tight with the timescales and charge higher premiums and only cover for one holiday.

My present premium is £260 for any holiday less than 30 days anywhere in the world and this is for an annual policy. I need to extended it for an extra 30 days to cover me for the complete 60 days in the DR and that cost me another £126.

Given that you need to get a policy to cover the major problem that your husband has, as well as yourself, I would encourage you to find a good insurance broker. Not only will he get you want you want, but he will also get the best price.

As flipflop man says. Travel insurance is essential. So far it is me with the old problems and that increases the premiums for both of us.

Ironically it was my wife that claimed on our policy. Not me. In Thailand in 2013 my wife was bitten by a bug of sorts on the back of her hand that ballooned up and she had to attend a hospital and a specialist. We had paid for the STAYSURE insurance before we went and we rang them from Thailand and they gave us a reference number and told us to go to the Bangkok Hospital in Hua Hin. We kept all receipts and they paid the bills (£520) without question. The insurance was around £420 for 60 days. Money well spent.

>>>I found one that wasn't too expensive even with pre-existing through Allianz..I think a couple hundred dollars is worth it.<<<

linda m.....make sure you read all the SMALL PRINT.

Make sure you read ALL THE SMALL PRINT.

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4. Re: Travel Insurance

As far as health goes you US insurance should cover any medical problems here.

However if you are talking about something like trip interruption or cancelation insurance that is a different matter and something you probably should look into.

As to trading in under the "lemon" law I think that is only in the first year of ownership :)


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5. Re: Travel Insurance

ALWAYS get trav insurance, it wouldn't be wise not to!!!!! You never know. I used mine twice which I purchased through expedia with Alliance. We were compensated immediately as well, maybe a week or 2 after we got home with a bit of paperwork. Sometimes in remote places (Antigua) you have to have the cash upfront, other times the Dr. Will bill the insurance company directly, which seems to be the case where I'll be staying in Punta Cana.

Don't hesitate to buy it. We only get Emergency Medical. Only $35 pp for peace of mind:). Price depends on age etc.

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6. Re: Travel Insurance

The subject of pre existing medical conditions is complex, I had breast cancer and required travel insurance within a year of diagnosis, the cost was extortionate, after contacting many different companies I eventually spoke to a very well known company who advised me to declare the condition but not take up the cover relating to it, after all the chance of anything related to the cancer happening on a 2 week holiday was negligible but I could fall and break my leg for example and need insurance cover, right or wrong this is what I did for 2 years until the condition did not need to be declared.

Thank fully I did not need to claim for anything so I never found out if my claim would have been paid out or not.

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7. Re: Travel Insurance

When my parents were elderly, we insured a couple of trips that we had planned in the future. It was great piece of mind, and not that expensive. We used insuremytrip.com, which gives you a lot of different options and companies to choose from.

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8. Re: Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can also pay for itself if it includes price protection. The price on our June trip dropped $133 per person since I first booked it. That more than paid for the $80 per person travel insurance charge. (This was through Apple Vacations and AVOK Vacation Security.)

Punta Cana...
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9. Re: Travel Insurance

Bob is right.

only during the first year of ownership you can trade in under the Lemon Law, afterwards you have to stick to the ole model til the end of times.

You ALWAYS should have a full travel insurance covering any medical things that may come up on vacation(everything your home med insurance would not cover in a foreign country), traveling without a full coverage in case of accidents or health issues in a foreign country would be irresponsible and could easily financially bancrupt a family for Life. Never Ever travel without coverage for doctors/Hospitals.

as for the trip insurance part to cancel with low or no cancelation fees, in your case with the resently occuring necesities of bodywork renewals of the Oldtimer, i would take such insurance which includes to change or cancel the trip for a low fee, that should not be too expensive.

Important is the full coverage for any medical expenses.

all the best to get the post-lemon-model back to shining powers

and enjoy a fantastic time in Punta Cana


Jackson, New Jersey
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10. Re: Travel Insurance

I use Travel Guard. Very competitive rates, ample coverage, and reputable.