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does anyone know...

Jamestown, New York
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does anyone know...

will resorts break down bigger bills for you. 100's and 50's? i hate carrying a pile of 1's 5's and 10's

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1. Re: does anyone know...

If you are lucky they will. Sometimes the front desk can help you out, but you will have better luck trying the bartenders and servers, as they always have a bunch of smaller bills in there pockets.

We brought a few bundled stacks of ones (along with larger bills), and would just take out what we needed for the day and left the rest in the safe.

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2. Re: does anyone know...

Each resort will be different...Our last trip to Mexico is was like pulling teeth trying to get money exchanged of broken down. We were never at the front desk at the right we were always to early or to late where money was gone already. Our resort was located quit a ways out of town no other exchange facility close by. Many quest had problems with this.

To make your stacks a tad bit smalerl. I have been getting $2 bills for the past few years.


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Morristown, New...
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3. Re: does anyone know...

How easy are $2 bills to spend in DR? Of course they're legal tender, but they are so rarely used here in the US, I have to wonder if they're more of a novelty in DR and not so easy to use as singles and fives are.

Yeah... bringing along bundles is cumbersome, but that's what I do.... one less thing to have to deal with when I get there.. scrambling to find smaller bills.

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4. Re: does anyone know...

we always bring $2 bills with us to Mexico, they love getting them. A housekeeper told us it was lucky, not sure if that's true but they do like them. I was wondering if the same was true in DR.

Punta Cana...
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5. Re: does anyone know...

no problem with $2.- Bills, they are rare but they are known.

to break down at a hotel can be difficult to impossible.

sure some specific spots have change, like the head of Bellboys, maybe at the reception, maybe a bartender, but imagine how many guests need change and how few spots at a resort made a hundred in tips already to have such amount of change handy for just ONE guest to break down a hundred bill. and now imagine just 10 guests looking for change, 10 guests out of a few thousand guests at the same resort. it is very unlikely that you get change for a $100.- bill that way.

and it gets also hard to get a $100.- bill changed at a store, unless your bill is very high/almost the amount of the big bill. the same as it can become a big hassle to pay a small bill with a $100.- Bill in the USA, just that it is here not even the local currency.


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6. Re: does anyone know...

<<<will resorts break down bigger bills for you. 100's and 50's? i hate carrying a pile of 1's 5's and 10's>>>

Sure they will---if they have it. But you never know if they will have it at the time you go and ask.

Cornwall, Canada
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7. Re: does anyone know...

We bring mostly 1's, 5's and 10's as well. In order to avoid having one of us carrying the large stack on the way there, we split it between the two of us - I keep mine in a make-up type bag tucked in my carryon which NEVER left me, hubby had his tucked deep in the pocket of his shorts. We also just took what we figured we'd need with us for the day/evening, and left the rest in the safe. Based on what we'd read, we didn't want to take the chance of not being able to get change... have fun :D

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8. Re: does anyone know...

Burgh- best advice has been given. Go to your local bank before departure and get a hundred singles and a hundred in fives. I find that helps out as soon as off get off the plane, or when you are haggling with beach vendors or tour operators. Safe travels.

Providence, Rhode...
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9. Re: does anyone know...

burghfan, We had difficulty in using $50. bills a few years ago, since then we bring $150. in ones, $200 in tens, and $300 in twenties that's for the both of us for a one week stay in Punta Cana. That's for tipping in $1's, and the rest for purchases, we always have about $100. left when leaving Punta Cana. Hope this helps some, Best Wishes, Leo & Sue

London, United...
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10. Re: does anyone know...

Always remember the currency of the Dominican Republic is the Dominican Peso not the US Dollar When you go abroad you cannot expect the same conditions as your home country, If anyone visits the USA thet do not expect be able to use there home currency there.