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What is your list?

Pomona, California
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What is your list?

Trying to not over pack, so we would like to know the general items the wife and I should take and what won't even leave my suitcase.

Vague question I know, just curious for everyone's response.

Majestic Colonial, June 28th-July 6th.

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1. Re: What is your list?

Not a bad question at all, I have a spreadsheet that The Redhead makes fun of. But it helps me not forget things.

Things to take: high quality sunscreen and thermo mugs (one each for beer and coffee).

Dont forget basic first aid things (for sure benadryl cream and immodium)

Dont pack so many clothes. For 7 nights I pack two swim trunks and two pairs shorts, 5 tee shirts and be sure to check if you need long pants for dining.

Leave at home: jewelry, laptop, her twelve pairs of shoes, her curlers, hair dryer, makeup trunk.

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2. Re: What is your list?

Take any meds you might need as they are expensive at the resorts and the directions are in Spanish ( not an issue for me as I am a nurse but for some one not familiar with dosing it could be an issue) on our first trip to Mexico my DH got constipated ( who gets that in Mexico! He did) so I take meds for anything that could ail us, other then things you would need a DR s advice on. We also take a first aid kit , better than paying the DR ( have never used it ourselves but have used it on friends.

Clothes , I always over pack , take half of what you originally think you need, really think about the shoes, last trip I got mine down to 3 pairs ( DH had 6 pairs LOL! He did not wear them all, to be fair he like his running shoes on the plane, never wore them at the resort)

Make up and jewelry , pick 2 simple looks for makeup and only take that ( I take way to much and don't use it) same with jewelry

Cornwall, Canada
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3. Re: What is your list?

Mosquito repellant is a good idea - we take Deep Woods Off. Not everyone is bothered, but best to be prepared against mosquitos and possible sand fleas at the beach.

A Tide-to-Go stick can be handy.

We also take Damp Rid as it helps prevent moisture in our clothes from the humidity.

Basic meds are good to have with you, as mentioned - Pepto, Immodium (for emergencies) Tylenol, Aleve, polysporin, bandaids, etc.

We bring small white envelopes in which to leave tips for those who attend the room/fridge - we leave thank you notes and/or requests written on them in Spanish.

Enjoy your trip!! :D

Sag Harbor, New York
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4. Re: What is your list?

I have spreadsheet for this. Message me your email and will share.

Kansas City...
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5. Re: What is your list?

LOL dawnskye, a spreadsheet!! I have been traveling so long I don't make a list. There really isn't anything I can't live without except sunscreen and the highest SPF lip balm. I don't pack any IF's. IF I need it, I will purchase at the resort. Thank goodness I haven't had to do that yet but it's better than packing all those IF's, every time I travel.

Leeds, Engalnd
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6. Re: What is your list?

If u must have a face cloth.....i would defo pack one as the resorts in DR don't seem to readily leave u them

Mosquito spray with a high deet content ...i always take this as they love me

half the clothes u originally pack/ thought u would need ...be cut throat on ur decisions ....i always do this and still have too many :)

Very decent conditioner ...as all the sun sea and sand can be brutal on the hair

Lots of good sunscreen and a very good after sun with aloe Vera to help keep the skin cool and in tip top condition after catching the rays :) (these are expensive on resort if u run out)

Indiana, USA
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7. Re: What is your list?

As almost everyone is saying, take half the clothes that you think you need. This is certainly true for most of us. Just don't take clothes that are half the size that they should be. On one trip to PC, I saw a very large man in a very small white thong on the beach. We had a good laugh, but I can't seem to scrub the image from my memory.

Dollar bills for tips. You don't have to tip, but it is much appreciated and helps to keep service levels high (plus it is just nice).

Plenty of good sunscreen and lip balm is important if you plan to spend much time at the beach. I like to take long walks down the beach, so this is always a factor for me.

Phone charger for the airport (the phone is off at the resort for me).

Camera with plenty of memory cards!

Plastic bags to put wet swimsuits in for the trip home.

A good book to read while listening to the waves roll to the beach.

Sag Harbor, New York
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8. Re: What is your list?

Yes Tingy. I am a bookkeeper and I need that sort of structure.

Warsaw, Poland
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9. Re: What is your list?

Ear plugs - I never travel without them.

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10. Re: What is your list?

Everything is one pieces for me. Short and long maxi dresses, 3 bathing suits, flip flops and beach wraps. Husband is most swimwear, long pants and polo shirts for dinner and extra for offsite excursions. 12 days and counting!

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