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Best sunscreen/lotion to get a golden tan without burning?

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Best sunscreen/lotion to get a golden tan without burning?

any recommendations, I always burn at first, and would like to avoid it

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1. Re: Best sunscreen/lotion to get a golden tan without burning?

I see this on every one of my trips....people don't heed the warnings. The sun is deceptively hot and strong in Jamaica.

I start with nothing less than 45 spf. I never go in the direct sun between 10-2. Be careful I tell you!!!!!!! It's so easy to fry there.

As much as I don't condone fake baking...you may want to do a couple of tanning sessions before you come. It does help somewhat.

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Kingston, Canada
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2. Re: Best sunscreen/lotion to get a golden tan without burning?

Heed withrespect's advice.

Regardless of the strength of the spf, which I agree should be 45 to start with, for the first day go out in the morning only and for a max of 1 1/2 hrs. then stay in the shade for the remainder of the day. During that time if you go in the water reapply lotion, even if staying in the shade. The second day 1/2 hr. longer in the sun but no more than that. The key is gradual exposure up to a max of 3 hrs. by the time you are ready to leave. Afternoons are too intense so find other things to do if you get tired of sitting in the shade.

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3. Re: Best sunscreen/lotion to get a golden tan without burning?

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4. Re: Best sunscreen/lotion to get a golden tan without burning?

If you must burn, burn at home....go 2-3 weeks before your trip to a tanning salon....not a spray tan -

I don't need everyone jumping on me about skin cancer now...if you plan to bake in the sun ANYWAY, get a fake tan before you go

Nothing is worse than being beet red and itchy on vacation.

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5. Re: Best sunscreen/lotion to get a golden tan without burning?

I am a life long burner which has not boded well for me (SC), so I need to be extremely careful, especially in the hot sun of the Caribbean. I wear nothing less than 45spf which I apply frequently. I wear a hat to shield my scalp and face, and I sit in the shade, yet am still able to enjoy the warmth of the sun. I love the pool, so really time myself to use it in moderation at the lesser sun peak times. To get a golden glow, I use tanning towels. My skin is protected with my spf, hat and shade umbrellas and yet I still am able to manage to look like I have a wonderful Caribbean tan...without the risk.

Please be careful...I'm a huge advocate for protecting yourself in the sun...there is no need to burn these days and I just shake my head when I see people with lobster skin.

Bodega, California
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6. Re: Best sunscreen/lotion to get a golden tan without burning?

I come back with a nice golden tan - and I'm fair (redheaded, blue eyed). Here's what I do:

First Month: 45spf, for face 70spf

The following 2-4 weeks: 30spf, for face 70spf

The rest of the trip: 15spf, for face 45spf

I do not "lie out" anymore in direct sun. I'm always shaded but an umbrella or palapa in my yard.

I try to stay out of the sun beween Noon and 2:00pm

The only time I'll take "full sun" is first thing in the morning - 7:00am until it gets too hot to lay out on my back deck.

I get my tan ambiantly - walking around etc. I no longer "actively" tan.

I've never had skin cancer and hope I never do...I started upping my spf for my face so that I don't get those wrinkles and dark age spots like my grandmother's friend Sarah had (I keep Sarah in my brain for that reason alone).

I'm a smoker so I'm already doing damage to free radicals and screwing up my skin. But, I'm proud to say for the amount of time I've been smoking and trying to be a sun goddess, I don't display a lot age in my face.

Post tanning I use body-oil and moisturizer. Helps to keep the tan going. I'm back now almost 6 weeks and while the tan is somewhat faded, you can still tell I've been somewere :)

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7. Re: Best sunscreen/lotion to get a golden tan without burning?

I will tell you this. All above is great info. Then remember that the best bar on resort is the worst for burning. The Pool bar! You feel like your cool but the reflection off the water will fry you like an egg in a skillet. Then you look like the human ketchup bottle.


Marion, Illinois
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8. Re: Best sunscreen/lotion to get a golden tan without burning?

Just don't forget to put sunscreen on the tops of your feet. A few years back my hubby and I were in Jamaica and he forgot! His feet reminded him for several days afterwords!

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9. Re: Best sunscreen/lotion to get a golden tan without burning?

On every trip we have made we always saw someone who was burnt big time; I mean they were dark red/purple and it had to hurt a great deal. I usually start out with 45 for a day or so and apply in when needed. I am one of those who doesn't have a problem getting tanned, but, seeing those burnt people really made me realize how strong the sun is and to use precautions.........

Wells, MN
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10. Re: Best sunscreen/lotion to get a golden tan without burning?

If you burn at home right away I would guess that you are fair skinned? Wear the highest SPF you can find unless you are going to work up a base before you go. Tanning is definately not good for your skin, so you need to protect yourself not only from cancer but from aging your skin. I have never worn a sunscreen ( it wasn;t an isure when we were little, and it isn't a habit now) but I'm lucky because I tend to have darker skin that dosn't burn easliy. However, if I had worn sun screen all these years I probably won't have lines under my eyes like I have now. I'm 47 and I just started wearing a hat outside when working in the garden, but I still don't put on sunscreen, tho I do use moisturizer all the time. Someone last week thought I was about 35, so it makes me wonder how young I would look if I had used sunscreen all those days picking rocks in the field, baling hay, walking beans, doing chores, weeding garden, and playing outside? I'm not going to worry about it now, but I tell my kids use the highest one you can find! Have a good time, the worst thing that can happen on Vacation is a sun burn!