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What did you NOT pack that you WISHED you packed?

We're going to Riu Palace Jamaica in mid October this year, and I'm making up a packing list already (I'm way too excited right now). It's our first all inclusive, first time in Jamaica, first time going ANYWHERE basically. We are travelling as a couple, early 30's.

What items did you wish you packed when you were on vacation? What items did you really expect to need while you were down there, but ended up not using? I'm trying to keep my packing light, and would love any tips you have!

Thank you in advance

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11. Re: What did you NOT pack that you WISHED you packed?

bubblewrap and/or tissue paper to wrap up breakable purchases.

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12. Re: What did you NOT pack that you WISHED you packed?

I've found that Tea Tree Oil works for keeping bugs away, you can also use it for cuts, scrapes. For me I find the mozzies like to get into my hair...so I put a couple drops in my shampoo, seems to help. As some have mentioned previously, take half of what you think you have laid out...we are generally in our swim suits from 8am to about 6pm, unless out on an excursion We are returning to Jamaica in September, Negril as well, you will absolutely LOVE Jamaica and the wonderful people, don't be surprised if you start planning your next trip before you have finished this one!! Have a great time :)


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13. Re: What did you NOT pack that you WISHED you packed?

I don't leave anything at home :)

Some unusual things I bring are:

-extension cord with splitter

-filled prescription for cipro (to treat travellers diarreah)

-thermal mug

-face cloths

-wine stopper

-most of the medicine cabinet


Have fun!!

Toronto, Canada
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14. Re: What did you NOT pack that you WISHED you packed?

I second face cloths! Hotels and resorts in the Caribbean don't have plentiful supplies of face cloths. I also started to bring a good exfoliating scrub to get all the sand and sunscreen off. Hand wipes are good to have in your beach bag and carry on. Extra camera batteries.

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15. Re: What did you NOT pack that you WISHED you packed?

I wished I would have packed a few things: antacid, extra hair conditioner, a pool float, Splenda packets, some pre-packaged peanut butter crackers (so I could skip lunch), pens for the plane, Woolite to clean bathing suits

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16. Re: What did you NOT pack that you WISHED you packed?

We have been to 15 different resorts in the past 10 years and I thought I had the packing down to a science!. ....I never would have thought to bring my own pillow! I now travel with a pillow and since I started to bring my own, I have found out that many people travel with a pillow. There is nothing worse then having a poor nights sleep tossing and turning. The resort we stayed at even had a "pillow "menu....but there weren't any good pillows left until the 4th day of our vacation and by then my neck was totally stiff and I was suffering from bad headaches.

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17. Re: What did you NOT pack that you WISHED you packed?

you can Google :

really complete insect repellents

to find out about toxicity and effectiveness

you will love Jamaica

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18. Re: What did you NOT pack that you WISHED you packed?

Some other things I brought that I didn't see mentioned yet:

-sunscreen chapstick

-water shoes

-any meds you might need for stomach issues (you will be eating diff food than what you're used to) thankfully we didn't need it on our last trip to Jamaica but you never know!

-we also packed extra sunscreen and aloe gel, as the resorts charge like $20 bottle

west virginia
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19. Re: What did you NOT pack that you WISHED you packed?

A tip we figured out a few years ago: Take a couple of Quart Zip Lock Freezer Bags (the Double Zip kind)!

Keeps your tip money, smokes, tissues, etc dry, mobile and readily accessible when your at the swim up bar or on excursions.

Carry a separate one for smaller cameras on excursions in case it rains.

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Reagan, Texas
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20. Re: What did you NOT pack that you WISHED you packed?

We will be making our 7th trip next June (seems like eternity!) On our 1st trip, I grossly over packed and ended up having to buy a $40USD duffel bag at the airport because my bag was 22lbs over weight with the things I brought as souvenirs. It was $150USD if your bag was over poundage at the airport. Since that inaugural trip, I have learned many packing tips.

Depending on the number of days you are there, take 2-3 swim suits and equal cover ups. Shorts and tops (way too hot there for capris) and a couple of pairs of flip flops.

Take out half of the clothes you are planning to take and double up on the amount of sunscreen. Also sunscreen for your lips.

Febreze to spray on your swim suits while they are drying out . Note: because of the humidity, they never really dry, but the Febreze will minimize the musty smell.

Take Benadryl , anti-diarrheal tabs and anti-itch cream/lotion.

Bring a hat/cap , even if you don't normally wear one. I have short hair and suffered from sun poisoning on my first trip. I didn't even really get that sunburned, but ended up with sun poisoning, nonetheless.

Someone else mentioned zip lock bags. I double bag all of my lotions, creams, shampoos, etc. anyway incase something breaks or spills during the flight. I then bring 5-6 extra bags for incidentals (i.e. bringing home damp/wet clothes)

Hope this helps!! Enjoy that beautiful island!!!

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