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"Saved" Chairs

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"Saved" Chairs

I personally have never had to deal with this with the places we have stayed before. However, I figure at some point I may have to deal with this and was wondering about it.

Have you ever removed items from "saved" chairs? I read about chairs being saved and no one showing up for hours and hours. I don't think that is very fair and may feel inclined to remove saving item.

Avon Park
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71. Re: "Saved" Chairs

I see that you were an erector set kid...

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72. Re: "Saved" Chairs

As you can all see, I seldom post on these forums, BUT!!!!!! This is an open invitation to "halfwaytree." Hey Dawg, c'mon over and visit me on my pa-tee-oh at my trailer. Have a lounge chair 'specially for you--of course I'll have to chase my 2 flea-bitten mongrel dogs offin' it first, but it's all yours. Heck, I'm thinking Bubba next door might give me some cold cash for my food stamps, then we can mosey on down to the beer store and pick us up a 12 box....then we can talk TRASH!!! RESPECT MAN! That's what it's all about. Oh, and could ya bring me one of them there $20 towels you so rudely carted off to your room at your ree-zort? I ain't never had me a $20 towel. Respectfully , 1luv1heart

La Mesa, California
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73. Re: "Saved" Chairs

♥ it

Funniest post yet

La Mesa, California
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74. Re: "Saved" Chairs

No answers for my stupid question?

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75. Re: "Saved" Chairs

1luv you are too funny. I was wondering if the "towel watching" is included at the Als? I want to see pics of people possing with the "Towel Offenders". LMAOOOOOOO This thread is trulry silly and gets more attention then the real travel related topics. LOL

Safe Travels love and happiness

Bodega, California
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76. Re: "Saved" Chairs

Streamer-I'll answer your stupid question - I think I already did actually. When I go beaching, chairs be damned...I'm on a towel on the sand. It's the way I like and few people have "towel envy".

Tulsa, Oklahoma
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77. Re: "Saved" Chairs

You know I never had any issue on either of my trips with lounge chairs...is it more of an AI thing?

I do remember seeing those cabanas at Ricks, and how much they charge for their 'rental' ($75!!!!!!!!! ) and never once did I see them being used. That is way too much..they need to come down on the price on that one. What good does it do to have them to rent if no one wil? LOwer the price, and then maybe at least they will make some kind of money out of them, you know?

Since I will be going during 'peak season' for my next trip, I guess I will find out firsthand about the 'savers' maybe. I think the towels in the water is funny, but taking the towels to make someone pay a fee for a lost towel is a bit excessive.

Now I have this image of seamius working with his tool, hard hat and all, and Steve patrolling the beat...hmmm..a cop....a construction worker....now all we need is the Indian Chief and the biker!!!!!

:D :D :D

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78. Re: "Saved" Chairs


Too funny my friends!


I too do most of my beaching right on the sand actually, but sometimes an elevated seat in the shade is a more comfortable way to eat lunch or something. Suffice to say, the chair I'm looking for is for my WIFE 95% of the time... lol


For those of you who support "territory staking" of public places, I ask simply: Where does it end?

Can you place your stuff on the hammock and go off to lunch expecting no one else to get to use that ONE of only a few hammocks? Can you place your stuff on the table closest to the stage and then go off to your room for a couple hours? Can you place your stuff on the front desk, walk off and expect no one else to be able to check in until you return? Can you place your stuff at the top of the waterslide and then go off somewhere expecting no one else to be able to use the slide?....

I suggest you put that "theory" to practice in your daily routine.... Place your laptop on that prime parking spot, drive around town for an hour, then return for YOUR parking spot... LOL LOL LOL

Place your pocketbook on the picnic table in the shade in the park and then go off to run some errands, be sure to leave your jacket there too so folks know it's "YOUR" table... LOL LOL LOL

Blessings and respect.


London, England
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79. Re: "Saved" Chairs

I pretty sure guests at Starfish were paying staff to place out the towels on the cabanas for them. Due to our time difference the first few nights my sleeping was shot to pieces and I'd wake up about 3 in the morning. I'd go for a strool around have a few ciggies. The hot tubs were left on and one time I took my towel to go and have a quite sit in one. I walked up first to the hedge to hear the sea then on my way back towards the steps I sat on one of the 4 cabanas nearest the hot tubs to unlace my trainers/sneakers. One of the workers must have seen me with the towel and came dashing over...."These cabanas are reserved"....he hadn't put towels on them as yet but obviously was going to later on in the night. And yep, the people who had "reserved" those didn't show up till the lunchtime <<roling eyes>>

Patti....enjoy your trip to Amaryllis.

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80. Re: "Saved" Chairs

Aw thanks so much....will I have a chair problem there? :)

Maybe I'll end up in jail for lounge chair battery and assualt 1st degree and end up missing my whole vacation.

I did notice (and didn't want to say anything) that the cabanas at Starfish were always taken very, very early but when we were there last time the owner of Superclubs and his entire family was there and I knew they were for them and just shrugged it off.

I'll tell you one thing though: If my young, attractive, bikini wearing, smiling sister or daughter needed a chair our lifeguard friends would have one in under 30 seconds at their desired location, quite comical.

Sometimes...just ask, they know where the secret chair garage is :)