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Jamaica is so dangerous... what?

Edmonton, Canada
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Jamaica is so dangerous... what?

Why is it that every second person I talk to tell me how dangerous jamaica is... before we went last year, almost every travel agent I spoke to tried to talk me out of going. I was told to "hold on to your babies" when they found out we were taking our children. Where do such idea's come from? Our children were treated better there by locals then they do by my "canadian" locals. I spoke to someone who has travelled to many caribbean islands but jamaica... and when I asked why? It's very dangerous there! One lady I worked with was so against us going.. and her husband won a trip to negril thru work when we returned... she was so scared to go... when she returned, lets just say, she didn't want to leave beautiful jamaica!

I hope all of us who love jamaica for all that it is can show people how amazing it really is... sure there may be some parts that aren't safe, but in the city i live in... there are parts that aren't safe too!!

Give Jamaica a Chance!!!

Milford, Iowa
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1. Re: Jamaica is so dangerous... what?

Here! Here! Well said!!!

Been through all of this MANY, MANY times....

maybe someday....

but for now that leaves an island paradise for us "adventurous, danger loving types"


Chester, United...
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2. Re: Jamaica is so dangerous... what?

Its crazy, i have given up trying to convince friends/family work peeps etc.

The less people i convince the less people go there!! More room for me and the people who truly love and appreciate Jamaica.


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3. Re: Jamaica is so dangerous... what?

rjjj please check your private messages.

Upstate NY, USA
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4. Re: Jamaica is so dangerous... what?

Oh my.... I'd rather be in Negril walking on the beach alone at 3 AM with no moonlight than walking down the street in day light at my nearest city of 250,000 people. Key question.. "have you been to Jamaica?" Seamuis


Toronto, Canada
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5. Re: Jamaica is so dangerous... what?

The thing that hurts the most is that much of the time it is travel agents that are actually spewing this nonsense.

SHAME ON THEM for being rather ignorant or perhaps racist or just plain liars!!!!!

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6. Re: Jamaica is so dangerous... what?

Ignorance can be ignored....can't wait til my next visit. So, all you "doubters"...well, guess you're never gonna truly know what you're missing. You can "hear " about Ja, read about Ja, but if you don't experience it yourself, that's your loss!!! And yes--shame on some of the TA's. I had one advise me NOT to go to a resort I had chosen. Been back six times, four at same resort (the one TA told me I wouldn't like, nor did any of her other clients) and looking forward to booking fifth visit at "my" resort!!!!

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7. Re: Jamaica is so dangerous... what?

Some people are victims no matter where they go. Most major American cities are more dangerous than most places outside the states. Now I cant vouch for CA since ya'll got more of a handle on your crime. I applaud these people for recognizing their limits and their susceptibility to being victimized, i think they should all return to their homes, lock the door, and wrap themselves in bubble wrap!

Hemet, California
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8. Re: Jamaica is so dangerous... what?


"Jamaica is so dangerous... what?"

Yes, in some parts it is. Most tourists traveling to Jamaica, using a bit of common sense will be fine. Among the locals the crime rate is a different story. I guess, it might be hard for some TA to say don't worry, as a tourist you will be fine, when they are reading alarming crime statistic for the country as general. Some days, I have to remind myself of that very fact, that as a tourist things are fine. I guess there is always the fear that the tide may shift from what used to be a local problem to a tourist issue.

In the end I think Jamaica is a place that can be enjoyed by many seeking a smooth and realaxing vibe.


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9. Re: Jamaica is so dangerous... what?

What do you call dangerous?

If you go to kingston, yes you better make sure you stay out of the old neighbourhood and stick to the safer new kingston in daytime.

Don't just go with any taxi to any place, you never know what can happen. If you want to be safe, take licensed cabs with the red plates.

You never know who might owes who money.

Don't wonder off to far from the touristic area with a local you hardly know or that you just met on the road. It will cost you loads of money and if you don't fork over they will scare the daylights out of you.

When you walk around the area in your fancy clothes and spend money like it is water, you will upset a lot of people and you attract any kind of low life that sees a good deal coming their way.

Don't pretend you are stella trying to get her groove back, you probably are taking alot more with you that you didn't expect and leaving things behind you didn't want the leave behind.

Roundabouts are for cars to go round it, not for you to stand there at night.

And if you take into account these things you will already be a lot safer and you will see it is less dangerous.

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10. Re: Jamaica is so dangerous... what?

Every country in the world can be dangerous if you don't follow simple safety guidelines.

Last year I went back to Jamaica for the second time in as many years only this time I stayed with family so got to see the 'real' Jamaica.

We spent time in Mandeville, Kingston & Mo Bay and I'm even more in love with the country now than I was before. Sure, there are areas that you really should avoid (Like downtown Kingston which we had to drive through to go and see a friend at the docks,) but it was an experience! We went to many beautiful places in the country that tourists would not usually see, we went to the biggest nightclubs in Kingston and I walked along the hipstrip in Mo Bay at 2am on my own...not once did I feel threatened!

It was an experience and I'm glad to say that I've seen the best and the worst parts of Jamaica I feel very comfortable there and am looking forward to moving out there in 4 years time.

If you are thinking of going to Jamaica do yourself a favour and go, it is one onf the most beautiful places on earth!!

(Happy to give recommendations of places to visit.)