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OMG Beaches Negril! Am I screwed?

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OMG Beaches Negril! Am I screwed?

I have already booked for this resort and I have seen nothing but horrible reviews about the service, food, rude workers, and nasty rooms! Is this true? Or is this just really picky people commenting on petty things? I have booked to go in the very beginning of June with an 17 and 18 year old. The beaches rep. told me this resort would be way better than Boscobel but now i am wondering if that is so. I look at boscobel's traveler photos and reviews and everything looks so clean, nice, and comfortable. I also read how everybody loves the staff so much at Boscobel. Plus it's a little cheaper at BB than BN. So what do I do Cancel BN and switch to BB? Can anyone help? And by the way we booked a premium room because we figured we won't be in the room long. Are these rooms as horrible as they say?

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11. Re: OMG Beaches Negril! Am I screwed?

Do not lose a minute worrying, we have been there 2 times and both times had a great vacation, with good food, extremely nice staff members and a beautiful beach. We were not in the rooms a whole lot, but they were fine.Some people can find fault with everywhere. I think most of the time you get treated the way you treat others, so go, smile and have a great vacation

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12. Re: OMG Beaches Negril! Am I screwed?

No! We have been to Beaches Negril twice and looking to go back. The rooms are definitely not luxury, but clean and comfortable. The 2nd time we got a Beachfront Suite and we thought the concierge level was worth it, as we loved having the refrigerator in the room with soda, juice, water and Red Stripe. We had great experiences with the staff and a couple remembered us, even with 18 months between visits. The beach in Negril is amazing and it is on the 7-mile beach and you can walk down the beach. Your kids will have a great time, but be careful because the 18-yr old will be able to drink. I've never been to BB, but know some people who have and they preferred BN. Also, BB is about 2 hours from the airport and the property has more steps, if that matters to you. BN is maybe and hour and a half from the airport.

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13. Re: OMG Beaches Negril! Am I screwed?


We have taken our 4 teenage sons to Beaches twice - spring 2006 and spring 2007. They love it and they love Jamaica! They can do their things with the watersports, etc and we also can relax.

I tried to book this spring but too late and no rooms available. There are many restaurants, bars, pools and other entertainment. We make a point of having breakfast and dinner as a family, but most of the days the boys were on their own for lunch, snacks,etc. Our sons have even made friends with some of the Jamaican watersports guys and continue to text them throughout the year. The rooms are nice - not fancy, but clean and pleasant. We never had a problem with any of the staff being rude in fact they have always been very friendly. They advertise the "Sesame Street" theme but honestly it isn't too much. The little kids like it but I rarely noticed it and our teenagers didn't feel that they were in a little kid environment. We would take many walks outside the resort down the beach and even went up to the cliffs one evening to jump off from Pirates Cave. We also took them to little jerk shacks outside the resort and showed them around Negril - not just the resort.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. lhartjohnson21@yahoo.com

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14. Re: OMG Beaches Negril! Am I screwed?

This is tripadvisor. Throw out the reviews that rave about the place, and the ones that condemn it as a h*ll hole. Take a look at the poster's history. You can get a pretty good feel for the reviewer's attitude by looking at the kind of questions they ask before they go. Are they experienced travelers, or newbies. Anybody who blames the resort for bad weather, file that review in garbage. It has no merit. Anybody who blames the resort for the weather being too hot and humid, bin that too. Look for reviewers that have had a bad airline experience, watch to make sure that negative attitude doesn't carry over into their review of the actual resort.

And remember...some people are just never happy unless they have something to complain about. They are just negative, toxic people, with attitudes that carry over into all facets of their life.

Just my 2 cents.

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15. Re: OMG Beaches Negril! Am I screwed?

I stayed with an adult friend at BN in October. I had a great time. THe beach is really the pride and joy of this resort. I saw kids splashing around and loving the waterpark, adults too for that matter. There were a few things like the toilet leaked, but we had immediate service for the repair, no problem mon. I find that the rooms at Sandals and Beaches are not neccisarily plush, but clean and comfy. There really is no difference in the concierge room and the deluxe room, except for the in room bar, a little bit bigger and additional services, like someone makes your dinner reservations. Everyone was very friendly and Negril on its own is so much fun, like cliff jumping at Rick's cafe. Everyone pays different amounts to stay here and come in with different expectations. I had a blast, maybe you won't. But there is no garuantee that you will have a better time in ocho rios. Stick with what you got, you will be fine.

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16. Re: OMG Beaches Negril! Am I screwed?

We were at BN last summer and going back this summer. Fear not! Power outages? LOL They have a generator that will kick in if the power goes out. It is good for 2 weeks!! We were there when hurricane dean hit and we NEVER lost electricity even when the whole of Jamaica was out! I take what people say in some of these reviews with a pinch of salt. I have watched people be rude to the staff and treat them with disrespect. Respect mon'! Don't worry and panic. The holiday is what you make it! I could catalog a list of things that happened during our holiday that some people would consider that it had ruined there holiday (hurricane dean for one). However, it was a fantastic trip. You make the holiday!

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17. Re: OMG Beaches Negril! Am I screwed?

for what it is worth..i stayed at beaches negril,,last october,,i had a few days they had a special i went and i went alone.. i thought it was a really nice place, everyone nice,, too many kids for me ,, room clean very nice . i had no problems .. keep a postive attude and you will have a great time!

New Jersey
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18. Re: OMG Beaches Negril! Am I screwed?

Hi Mel,

We had a conceirge level suite at BN in 2006 and then a conceirge level suite at Beaches Boscobel in 2007 with 3 kids. We're now saving for Beaches Turks & Caicos in 2009. Both places were excellent as far as staff, rooms, dining, and activities go. Beaches Negril has a much nicer beach, but I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Boscobel again. Hope you have a great holiday.

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19. Re: OMG Beaches Negril! Am I screwed?

Relax........I predict that your whole family will LOVE this experience!! We recently returned from a family vacation that included teenagers and a great time was had by all! You can do as much or as little as you please - the staff take you out on the easy to use cattamaran sailboats, show you the ropes and you can sail to your hearts content. Try the waterskiing and do the snorkeling trip at least once a day - it is fantastic! We laughed alot over the Karaoke and the kids were usually involved in a game of volleyball or making friends on the beach. We found that all of the staff were very helpful - a simple smile and a thank you very much seem to make their day just as ours is made by them going out of their way for us! As an example, I didn't know how to call room to room and their weren't any instructions so I stepped out the door and asked a worker in the area - he cheerfully came to the room and talked me through it (I would have gotten it from him telling me to dial 2 first - but that was the kind of service we got whenever we asked!) The rooms aren't anything special, but we sure didn't spend much time in them. Incidentally we didn't pay for the concierge level and our room fridge was restocked everyday with juices and soda and redstripe.

Albany, NY
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20. Re: OMG Beaches Negril! Am I screwed?


We just got back from Negril 2 days ago. We didn't stay at Beaches so I can't comment on the rooms. However, we wanted to check it out for a future stay with our children. The resort was awesome, everything looked very clean. The staff was friendly that we encountered. In fact, one was dancing to the music, another asked if they could get us anything to drink. All the food looked very tasty, and we even tried the pizza and ice cream, both very good. I think you are going to be happy, don't worry!! The younger kids I saw with a camp counselor seemed to be having a ball, and I'd imagine the teens will too.