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Sandals Whitehouse Negril

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Sandals Whitehouse Negril

I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but I just returned back from Sandals Whitehouse on May 16, 2008, and we did not have the great & wonderful stay as everyone had posted. Maybe it was the luck of the draw, or maybe the resort.

It started when we arrived at the Montego Bay Airport, there was suppose to be food and beverages in the Sandals Waiting Room, all there was were beverages and we were starving. They rushed us out to the bus where we waited for 45 min. while other vacationers loaded.

After becoming sick from the hilly curvy ride to the resort, we were not given our room that the reservations were for. Our reservations were for the 2nd floor, ocean view; we got 1st floor corner, view of greenery by the pool! We asked the front desk if something could be done, and they informed us that nothing could be done that day or the next. We never heard back from them.

I also had to ask for the Red Lane Spa bag w/ goodies that was suppose to be in our room.

We decided to go scuba diving (we have been certified for 20 yrs), Ricardo told us we would have to take a refresher course for $70 per person, and that if we didn't he would post it on a computer bullentin board for all resorts to see that we refused and we wouldn't be able to dive anywhere, to say the least my husband was not a happy camper with Ricardo tryin to intimidate us!! After a few choice words from my husband we left and schedule a shopping trip and a trip to Rick's.

I know that I probably compared everything to Mexico since that was our 1st trip out of the country, but I was very disappointed. I probably had my tail feathers ruffled from the start, but after as much money as we spent you would of thought we'd been treated better, don't get me wrong I didn't want them to kiss my rear, just a little more appreciative.

For the Jamacians to be so poor you would of thought they would of barder more with the gifts.

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1. Re: Sandals Whitehouse Negril

Have you dived in the past year before this trip? The only reason they would charge you the $70 was if you hadn't.... Also what bag of spa stuff were you promiced was this for some sort of occasion?

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2. Re: Sandals Whitehouse Negril

What room category did you reserve?? In what block did you end up staying in?? I am asking because the only categories that guarantee a room on the second floor or higher are the penthouse ones. All the others state you can be in the 1st floor of one building or 2 nd floor of another building. Did you email the resort and specifically ask for a second floor room??

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3. Re: Sandals Whitehouse Negril

"For the Jamacians to be so poor you would of thought they would of barder more with the gifts."

I find this comment very self-serving & heartless!!

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4. Re: Sandals Whitehouse Negril

Yes we have dived on numerous occasions and I'm sorry if you think I'm heartless I only wanted what I was suppose to receive I didn't mean to offend anyone. My reservations were made thru my Travel agent as I sat at her desk for the 2nd floor oceanview!

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5. Re: Sandals Whitehouse Negril

Sorry your trip wasn't all that you had hoped for & expected...

I agree, your last statement was rather insensitive (to say the least) and, by the way, it's barTer (not barder) ;-)

Naomi :-)

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6. Re: Sandals Whitehouse Negril

Sandals Whitehouse is not in Negril

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7. Re: Sandals Whitehouse Negril

I Stayed at Sandals Whitehouse 3 weeks ago for a week and am wondering:

Did you notice the beauty of the beach, the resort,pools,your room (even though it was on the ground level),the sky,flowers,birds,the smiles and warm greetings of the staff?

Did you smell the air after a fresh rain, smell the wonderful food, the flowers?

Did you hear the steel drum band, watch the dancers or maybe dance under the stars yourself?

That too, was all there, did you experience any of it??

I'm sorry about your car sickness, that really is a bummer. Sorry about the missing spa bag with the shampoo,conditioner etc. that wasn't there. Sometimes employees forget to restock items, but you did receive them. We stayed in a room on the ground floor and loved it, the rooms are really pretty, bet yours was too.

Maybe you should be a litte more appreciative.

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8. Re: Sandals Whitehouse Negril

The Sandals buses make stops for snacks and drinks on the way. Couldn't you have taken advantage of that?

If you didn't get the room you requested you should take THAT up with your travel agent. Sandals gave you the room you paid for.

Sandals is very explicit on when the refresher course is required. Those requirements are easily found on their website. The list they were going to put you on "for all resorts to see" was probably a list for the various instructors to know you refused the refresher course so you were ineligible to dive. Ricado was doing his job.

When in Jamaica (as I have read on here in many many posts), you are on Jamaica Time....that means if they don't call you, you call them back and remind them. If they didn't get back to you about a different room it would have been a good idea to remind them, either in person or on the phone.

As a previous poster said, didn't you notice anything nice at all while you were there? You sound like you had a totally miserable time. And I think your last remark *For the Jamacians to be so poor you would of thought they would of barder more with the gifts.* was quite heartless. You were a guest in THEIR country, after all.


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9. Re: Sandals Whitehouse Negril

You know I posted my comments for other vacationers who might want to look at other resorts, I didn't know this site was up for judgement or arguments! And by the way I'm not the only one who doesn't spell probably sometimes!

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10. Re: Sandals Whitehouse Negril

Ohhh...wow...yeah...that last statement...I don't get that at all!

It's hard to feel sorry for you or take you seriously regarding your experiences at SW...when you say something like that...I agree that was very heartless!!