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What's with all the negative reviews on Beaches?

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What's with all the negative reviews on Beaches?

I know better than to read reviews AFTER I have booked but BEFORE we go. I use reviews in advance as part of my planning and decision making process, but to read them after my trip is paid in full, 3 weeks before we are going to leave, is sheer stupidity. Nevertheless, I scour TA every day looking for new information, looking forward to our trip. When the forums are quiet (not much going on here about Beaches) I turn to the reviews. The past couple of months have been fine - the usual stuff. I know some TA posters can be crazy - so I usually take it all in with a grain of salt. Until this morning.

I took a look at the recent reviews and the latest 3 are simply awful. If the stay is as bad as they make it sound, I would have to consider leaving. I'm an experience traveler, and I've stayed at Beaches in Turks & Caicos twice before, so I think I know what to expect. Here's what I know:

The resort can't control the weather. Sometimes it rains. Usually it is brief, but when it isn't, it isn't anyone's fault either. All-inclusives are differnt than other resorts. I don't expect 5 star gourmet means everywhere. Buffets are, well, exactly that. They are easy with kids - but not going to include white glove service. I get that. There are bugs in the Caribbean - I go there knowing and expecting that. Other guests can be rude - that isn't the resort's fault, in fact, they have to deal with them, too. Not every room in the resort can be "the best" view. Everyone can't get upgraded. I book a room I will be happy with - I hardly ever get upgraded, so I don't expect it. More importantly, I don't get upset when an upgrade doesn't happen. Vacations are, in large part, what you make of them. If you go in with a negative attitude, you will have a bad time. Now, I realize, even those with a great attitude can suffer disappointment - which is a terrible thing when you spend all that money on your vacation. Beaches isn't cheap - airfare isn't cheap - so I am expecting to have a great time.

So, I think I have the right perspective, but I have to admit - the last few reviews have been downright awful and now I am getting a little worried. Not overly worried - I went through the same thing at Beaches Turks & Caicos before our first trip and we absolutely loved it. We've since been there twice. So, in my head, I know to take a deep breath and just step away from the laptop. But that's not going to happen. I'll keep reading and hope for some better reviews.

So, if anyone has anything good to say about Beaches Negril, would you do me a favor and post something positive here in this post?

Thanks in advance!

Long Island
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1. Re: What's with all the negative reviews on Beaches?

Elmo will be there. And, Elmo loves you!

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2. Re: What's with all the negative reviews on Beaches?

I've taken my family to Beaches twice, and both times we enjoyed our trip. OK, it was over 5 years ago and things can change, but we had fun. Expectations are what's important.

My wife and I (and the kids to a lesser extent) have been to Jamaica numerous times (not as many trips as some boardies here, but enough to be called a "Jamerican" :) ) and we have encountered the folks like those that write a lot of bad reviews - destined to have a bad vacation. We have also encountered folks like you (my opinion is based on your post), and I think you will enjoy your trip.

Some people just don't seem to get it... it's a third world/developing country - if you go expecting the Scottsdale Princess you WILL be disappointed.

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3. Re: What's with all the negative reviews on Beaches?

There was something similar posted just the other day, this is my take on the situation -


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4. Re: What's with all the negative reviews on Beaches?


I feel the same way and what I'm about to write is not too positive...but sometimes you can't help it, but to read it...I really do apologize that I hijack your thread..My trip is book for Sandals Mobay..I was going to start the same thread like yours..but just on Sandals (same chain of family as the Beaches)

There has been numerous negative reviews on all the Sandals reviews..it' not back to back...but you would read a good one or two, and then a negative one after that...it's been a lot of negative ones lately..it's not a lot..but enough to make you feel nervous...about a half a month a go...there was three or four back to back on Sandals Negril...

I'm not expecting a 5-star or 4-star...just enough to make me feel comfortable and safe..did my research thoroughly...love everything about the resort that's why I book it...but the negative DOES put you off...sometimes the negative reviews are nothing too serious...just minor things.

But enough said...I really hope you have a good and safe trip...


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5. Re: What's with all the negative reviews on Beaches?

Besides falling asleep reading some of those reviews I find the attitude of some to be highly arrogant.

Want some high points. The beach is wide & located in a great central location to everything Long Bay has to offer. For a place that is primarily for the kids there are places the adults can go to somewhat escape it majority. Like shrimp & want a great lunch ? Go to the pasta hut or sit down & order from it some sautéed shrimp on the side to add to your shrimp & pasta, yummy, they do the shrimp up right. If you able to take a walk at sunset, go to the south of the resort & enjoy a nice walk past Couples Swept Away & local shops & other smaller resorts ect & even Margaritaville for a drink

Cherry Hill, NJ
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6. Re: What's with all the negative reviews on Beaches?

Sometimes, I think reviews are critical proportional to the amount of money spent. Beaches is quite a bit more than most other family resorts and sometimes people can be hyper-critical.

I see the same thing happen at my favorite resort and it gets annoying, but there's not much you can do.

As I've said before, I've never had a bad vacation, because your vacation is what you make it!


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7. Re: What's with all the negative reviews on Beaches?

I agree with a lot of what's been said and entirely with what MKA just said.

Imho the problem is perpetuated by two simple dynamics:

A- The resort and it's company promote it as "ULTRA-LUXURY-ALL-INCLUSIVE... When in fact it really is not at all "ultra luxury".

B- The typical cost of staying there is from $700 to $1100 USD ...

...PER NIGHT !!!

When someone pays prices like that it is COMPLETELY understandable that they go EXPECTING "ultra-luxury"



As a comparison, Grand Lido Negril typically costs about $400-$500 per night and is in most ways MUCH MUCH closer to "ultra-luxury" than Beaches Negril, yet even at that much more reasonable cost/value ration (as MKA mentioned) you still get those who feel that they did not get their money's worth...

Bottom line, the HUGE price tag is not at all proportional to the value/quality at BN and a large percentage of their reviews reflect that.

That said, as one reviewer says very well...

It's not "horrible", just not worth the price. I'm sure you will have a fabulous time in Jamaica no matter what and overall you'll be very happy with the service and amenities.

Blessings and respect to you.


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8. Re: What's with all the negative reviews on Beaches?

Yeah... Beaches is VERY pricey.... when we went our kiddos were under 15 so that made it easier. If older you get hit with another adult, which completely priced out Beaches for us. Once ours got older we hit Starfish, which can't be beat for value on the $$$, but that's a whole different thread :)

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9. Re: What's with all the negative reviews on Beaches?

hangdog, I read those reviews this morning as well, and they had a lot of the complaints about things beyond the resort's control. Weather, lizards, etc. Those people really needed to read the thread posted awhile back about how Jamaica is full of locals - they don't leave the island when you get there, there will be bugs since you're in the Caribbean, in some months it rains every day, etc. Also, if they had read TA at all before their trip, they would have known that a 5 star resort in Jamaica isn't a 5 star resort in the US, so don't expect gourmet food on the buffet.

I know it's hard to do, but ignore those reviews - just like you should ignore the ones where everything was perfect.

Please PM me if you have any other questions - we're going back to Beaches next summer. I tried to get my family to go non-AI, but they loved Beaches so much last time that they refuse to go anywhere else! Lots of people here on TA are returning Beaches guests, so they must be doing something right!

You'll have a fantastic trip, trust me. :)

Castleford, United...
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10. Re: What's with all the negative reviews on Beaches?

I suppose, last year I could have written a really rotten report.

First, our flight was delayed for 24 hours!!!! I lost my duty free on the bus taking us to the hotel and had to rebuy those things the following day. I had a 15 month old that I really was not prepared to have to take on a plane two days in a row!

Then, because of the flight delay, our carseat was not there ready for us on arrival.

When we got to the hotel, the room we should have gotten had been allocated to someone else and the room was prepared for our arrival with the fridge and crib that they said we would have.

Our air conditioner started acting up and not cooling.

Then, on the last two days of our holiday, we ended up with Hurricane Dean!

Now.... I really couldn't complain about the resort for the flights and didn't.

I couldn't really complain about the carseat and within 5 minutes they had found a carseat for us.

Within 15 minutes of arriving in our room, the fridge and crib were brought up.

Withing 30 minutes and ringing them about the AC, they were there fixing it and it cooled to freezing and it never dripped again.

As far as the Hurricane, I thought the resort was terrific. They took good care of us and we had electricity the entire time!

I didn't let these things get to me. I have stayed at several Sandals and now, Beaches Negril. I ALWAYS felt I got my monies worth.

We travel all over the world and we KNOW exactly how much holidays can cost with the food, babysitting services, drinks, etc. I LOVE BN and can't wait to be returning to the place I love.

Everyone has different expectations. Some are just unrealistic and other are just plain RUDE. I am always horrified by the attitude of some people and the arrogance!

Don't even worry! You will have a great time.