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Swimming with Dolphins

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Swimming with Dolphins

Anyone know anything about being able to swim woth dolphons??

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1. Re: Swimming with Dolphins

It is available in Lucea or Ocho Rios. See the following


Also put the term in the search box above for a number of forum entries.

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2. Re: Swimming with Dolphins

Typical Question:

What is the cost to Dolphin Cove and how much time do you spend with the Dolphin?


Entrance to Dolphin Cove Park is $45.00 PER PERSON. This does not include transportation to and from the park or any interaction with the Dolphins

For a typical family of four your cost will be $180.00 BEFORE you even interact with a Dolphin.

A basic 15 minute "encounter" with 1 Dolphin is $195.00 PER PERSON and includes the $45.00 entrance fee.

-This Encounter includes getting into the water & touching the Dolphin, shaking fins and a photo opportunity where you must PURCHASE the photo.

**For a typical family of four (4) the cost for the BASIC 1 Dolphin Encounter will cost $780.00.**

To "swim with captured dolphin" is $279.00 PER PERSON and includes the $45.00 park entrance fee for roughly 20 minutes. This involves 2 dolphins, shaking fins, one of the dolphins pulling you through the water by the fin and a photo opportunity which is additional.

Before being allowed to interact with the Captive Dolphins you will be asked to sign a personal safety waiver.

What is this?

A waiver is a form that states Discovery Cove LTD. is not responsible for any harm, injury, loss and/or pain and suffering you may incur while interacting with the Captive Dolphins.

What could possibly happen? Dolphins are very intelligent mammals who live in a highly social and organized hierarchy much like humans. Many animal behaviorist have stated dolphin behavior is very close to humans as to family interactions and communication. However, when they were kidnapped from their pod their stress levels and psyche's were seriously damaged. This, in turn, has made their behavior very unstable. The "trainers" use starvation to control and "train" the captured dolphin. Just like humans the captured dolphins can only take so much and they react. It may be an innocent flip of a tail that catches an ankle or an arm causing a break. Maybe it is a disastrous situation like SHAMU who snapped and killed her trainer by landing on her and pulling her under.

This waiver will preclude Discovery Cove from offering you even the basic of first aid. If they were to offer any aid it could be construed as an admittance of responsibility. Therefore IF any mishap were to happen you, the guest, would be completely on your own for, basic first aid, transportation to the hospital, all hospital bills and have no recourse for pain and suffering.

Question not asked that should be:

Where did the Dolphins come from?

The beautiful Dolphins you are interacting with were once members of a pod or family in the wild. They may have been captured in the waters off Cuba, Japan,Peru, Sri Lanka, Taiwan or a number of other coastal waters. They were torn away from their Mother, Father, brothers, sisters, and other extended family.

How do they get the Dolphins to do the tricks?

Dolphins are very intelligent mammals and really are pretty easy to train. The basic tried and true way to train these beautiful creatures is very simple.....starvation!

What is the lifespan of dolphins?

The average lifespan of dolphins is 20 years with the oldest known female at the wonderful are of 53!. However, in places such as Discovery Cove, most captured dolphins will die within 2 years of being captured. Since 2001 Discovery Cove in Jamaica has allowed 8 beautiful dolphins to die.

Many people think swimming with captive dolphins is a once in a lifetime experience. I would offer this advice, before you do this very expensive excursion please do some more research. Watch the short movie, THE COVE. You will then see how the dolphins came to be at places like Discovery Cove or what is worse, what happens to those that did not.

There are MANY, MANY alternatives to swimming with captured dolphins in Jamaica. Take a boat tour on the south side of the Island! More likely then not you will see beautiful wild dolphins jumping along side your boat! Take a kayak out by your hotel, it is likely a pod of dolphins will find you!!

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3. Re: Swimming with Dolphins

That is the best post I have seen regarding dolphin cove on this forum. Well done frodo!

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4. Re: Swimming with Dolphins

Thumbs up, Frodo!!!!!!

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5. Re: Swimming with Dolphins

Frodo did a lot of research and has put together one of the best overall answers to this question.

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6. Re: Swimming with Dolphins

Tight work. Good Advice... It was more of are the pods around that time of year question.

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7. Re: Swimming with Dolphins

Their are dolphins near Jamaica year round. As previous posters have mentioned you should go out and try to see them in the wild, not pay an exorbitant amount of money to see them herded into a cove for your enjoyment.

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8. Re: Swimming with Dolphins

Awesome post frodo! I hardly made it through the cove. It was a horrible movie, informative to say the least but hard to watch.

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9. Re: Swimming with Dolphins

I took the family to the Dolphin Cove in Ochi in 06 and we had a blast! I highly recommend this excursion. It was worth the cost to be able to swim with the dolphins and see all the tropical birds they had at the park.

It was also very informative and entertaining. We already have plans to visit the one closer to negril in August. Go and Enjoy!!!

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10. Re: Swimming with Dolphins

I have seen alot of reviews for The Cove, but I couldn't bring myself to watch it. Makes me so sad to even think about.

Awesome post Frodo!