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Hospitals near Negril..level of service

Falmouth, Jamaica
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Hospitals near Negril..level of service

If one is to have an emergency where are the nearest hopsitals to handle it?? Im hoping to hear from people currently living in and around Negril.who will give an accurate account and not tap dance around it) that happens on other boards.) Whats the level of service they can handle ? What are the conditions? if the public ambulance isnt working how much is the private one??I hope no one never needs this info-but think its important..

We all know Jam is a developing nation and standards are far from what we would expect in the western world.(and maybe far from what you think a developing nations hospitals should have).But i think its important to at least know AND to ALWAYS have medical ins. that can medevac you or loved one out if needed out of mobay..

Not to scare anyone away but this something everyone should think about and question NO matter where you go..

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1. Re: Hospitals near Negril..level of service

Great question...I do not know myself but will check back for replies.

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2. Re: Hospitals near Negril..level of service

Inquiring minds want to know......

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3. Re: Hospitals near Negril..level of service

Most of the info on this thread looks up to date. tripadvisor.co.uk/…28660189

Montego Bay Hope has a website. In it's early days they were known for arranging repatriation rather than medical facilities. A few years ago some basics such as ultrasound were absent, but over time the centre has become more comprehensive with the services offered.

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4. Re: Hospitals near Negril..level of service

Nearest hospitals to Negril:

There are two hospitals in Sav la Mar. The public hospital and Royal Hospital which is private. The public hospital is in a word, terrible - I know that if something happened to me I would not want to be taken there. I know some folks who have had some decent medical stuff there but barely. Sav la Mar is about a 20 minute drive from Negril.

My neighbor there is a doctor and when we had a guest who had an issue he sent us to MoBay Hope. Also a private hospital but the best hospital that is about an hour's drive from Negril. Don't expect anything earth shattering there either but they do tend to have working X-Ray machines (which they often do not in the public Sav hospital). Again, if something were to happen to me I'd want to be taken to Hope to get "fixed" and then depending on the seriousness of the incident sent directly back to the US.

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5. Re: Hospitals near Negril..level of service

See also the following discussion


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6. Re: Hospitals near Negril..level of service

Asked and answered on the yellow board.There are only 3 or 4 forum members currently living in or near Negril and they post infrequently. Everyone else here are visitors. Good luck getting more truthful and accurate information than you have not already read elsewhere.

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7. Re: Hospitals near Negril..level of service

Anyone who has heart disease or has survived a heart attack should strongly consider only staying close to Mo Bay or Rose Hall and plan on going to Mo Bay Hope for emergency treatment

Being more than an hour away, takes time away or eliminates the Golden Hour for surviving a heart attack.

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8. Re: Hospitals near Negril..level of service

I had a heart attack in Negril (2-24-2011). Took the public ambulance to Sav hospital. They told me I was having a heart attack but couldn't treat me. I then had to pay $500 up front for a private ambulance ride to Mo Bay Hope. All I can say is if you're looking for your life to be saved or minimally adequate medical treatment..good luck!!! Mo Bay Hope is terrible at best!! If I had it to do over again..I would have used my medical evacuation insurance and gotten off the island as quickly as possible...live and learn I guess. Hope may be the best of the worst...but still in "the worst" category!!!

Negril, Jamaica
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9. Re: Hospitals near Negril..level of service

An expat yardi perspective:

Depending on where you are staying and the level of emergency you will find a variety of options. Hope in MoBay is the main hospital for this side of the island as already explained. They treat many different issues one may be having. Trauma wounds and life threatening situations are taken there once initial treatment is provided in either Sav or in Lucea where there are smaller medical facilities.

Medical transportation is either by private vehicle, ambulance, police car, and in real extreme emergencies - helicopter. Most use a private vehicle.

There are private doctors in the Negril area that can deal with many problems however getting an emergency link to one of them may be difficult. Resorts have doctors and nurses on call during the main season.

Most of the doctors in the area were trained in the UK or USA. They are skilled at treating common injuries and ailments. More uncommon emergencies require more advanced facilities. The medical center most people use in Negril is located at the Sunshine Plaza, lower level. There is also a pharmacy in the plaza. If the problem is more than they can handle the next step up is Sav then Hope. Generally if you find yourself in such a situation you will want to make that decision.

Living here we have a private doctor we call on. He runs a small medical facility in Lucea and is very good. Friends that have ended up in Hope have gotten good treatment. Tourists who have ended up in the hospitals are not pleased with the service and facilities although almost every one of them feels the nurses were better here than elsewhere.

For tourists with severe medical issues check if your insurance will cover transportation back to your home country under medical emergency. As recommended earlier, stay near the international airports (ie: Not Negril).


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10. Re: Hospitals near Negril..level of service

Good Question. Good information Been to Jamaica many times I just look at the medical centers as we ride by them.