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Water pressure in Negril - January 4th and 5th

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Water pressure in Negril - January 4th and 5th

We are currently staying in Negril and for the last two days our hotel has had intermittent water pressure issues. Our room is one of the highest on resort and we have had periods without hot or cold water over the last two days.

The hotel are blaming wider water supply issues in the Negril area claiming low mains pressure and I wondered if anyone living locally can confirm if this is the case or are my hotel trying to shift the blame from an inadequate plumbing system on resort.

Any feedback would be helpful.


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1. Re: Water pressure in Negril - January 4th and 5th

I am a tour guide that has transported tourist from other hotels few days ago on excursions and they have complained of their hotels having water issues; but not for this length of time. The hotel need to take some blame as well, because they should set up tanks; since Negril has a water issue. As a Jamaican I must apology for this but try in all the missed by the hotel to do enjoy your stay.

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2. Re: Water pressure in Negril - January 4th and 5th

You hotel is not blame shifting (well, they sort of are). All of Jamaica and many other Caribbean Islands are struggling under a drought. This is especially bad in Western Jamaica.

Hr. Sandy did help the Eastern side of Jamaica as delineated by the Blue Mountains but added nearly no water in the West.

The water works agency of the government operates with the same beaurarcy efficiency as any agency of the Jamaican government. Just well-paid managers who largely remain unaccountable for their agency inefficiencies. Delayed future planning, ignored maintenance, leaky distribution system.

So private homes must truck water in and so must most of the resorts. So some smaller resorts have not sufficiently faced the problem by installing stand-by tanks and quickly blame the water agency.

But it is Jamaica and not snow covered Connecticut.

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3. Re: Water pressure in Negril - January 4th and 5th

This is a great thread to remind everyone that is going to Jamaica that there is a drought and water is precious. Be conscious of your water consumption when staying at your favourite hotel. We are all there for relatively short periods but the people of Jamaica have to live with this shortage all year long. If the guests at the hotels are feeling the effects imagine what it is like for the residents. The costs for water must be astronomical for the average Joe.

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4. Re: Water pressure in Negril - January 4th and 5th

I live part time on the West End of Negril. I've been here since November. We've been talking about water "issues" - its actually a water "crisis"

The NWC stated in yesterday's gleaner that there is a drought and that water supplies island-wide are low. For the past three or so years we've had this issue but its never been this bad. Usually people staying on the beach have no clue that there even is an issue.

Where I live we've had no running water for almost a week. Last week the NWC said that the west end would only get water Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays AFTER 7:00pm (so about 15 hours of running water). The supply is sucked up by pumps and tanks closer to town, mostly by hotels, before it ever reaches our yard. The NWC has basically said that we are "on our own" and must implement storage and pumping to our own yards.

Meantime the beach resorts have water - large resorts such as RIU and Sandals have 10's of thousands of gallons of storage and they are closer to the source. Smaller hotels on the beach will probably experience some short term outages.

Most hotels have storage but need more storage. With storage, you need pumps - the cost of energy here is astronomical. Your hotel is doing the best it can under very dire circumstances. Don't complain to them - write a letter to the Jamaican Tourist Board - THAT'S the only pressure that NWC will listen to.

Many residents do not have storage and tanks and pumps along with required plumbing has gotten expensive and scarce. Our neighborhood is dry as a bone.

Today all water in Negril will be turned off from 9:00am to 9:00pm so that the NWC can fix a leak - after that the west end will be "charged". Hopefully us residents deep west will get a trickle of water, enough to put some in our pots and pails. Hotels with storage will get that water first and fill their tanks so we can only hope there's some water left in the line after that.

PLEASE conserve water when you visit Negril as this issue probably will not be rectified until the first serious rains in April:

- Re-use your towels and ask housekeeping NOT to change your sheets but once a week.

- Do not add to the laundry load at your hotel - wait until you get home to do you wash. If that means pack more underwear, pack more underwear.

- Do not let the water run while you brush your teeth, shave or wash your face.

"The drop you waste will be the drop you thirst for..."

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5. Re: Water pressure in Negril - January 4th and 5th

hey RG, sounds like a great excuse to check into a hotel for a week or so ....

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6. Re: Water pressure in Negril - January 4th and 5th

Gerry, hotels are not my style - and my rent is paid so that's out....

...now, maybe checking in ON some friends staying in hotels for a shower - that could be a possibility, lol!

One of the great things about all of this is understanding, truly understanding what you can live without. I've always maintained that simplicity and conservation are lessons I learn each time I'm here - this takes it to a whole new level. Inconvenient? Yes...but us folks here in the yard have been thinking outside the box to come up with solutions to our problem and while not ideal, they work.

We gotta eat, we gotta clean, we gotta wash - but with far less water than you ever thought possible. And while this might seem somewhat "romantic" the NWC really needs to address this issue. What's done is done - Negril is way overbuilt and it is my hope that eyes will open and a moratorium on building here and possibly along the entire Logwood line will be implemented. Its a start.

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7. Re: Water pressure in Negril - January 4th and 5th

We've had water up until this morning.....maybe the lockoff is today and not yesterday??? Consider the source I say!!! LOL

8. Re: Water pressure in Negril - January 4th and 5th

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9. Re: Water pressure in Negril - January 4th and 5th

wata situation on Ella Drive/Pee Wee Lane is out of control........

virtually been without much wata since around da 10th of December.......

wi using what likkle wata wi get in our tanks. when there is wata to collect.....

and doesn't look like it's going to get better any time soon.......

great meeting you fatty.......yah mon

Cool Runnings, Marko

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10. Re: Water pressure in Negril - January 4th and 5th

My source is someone who is in daily contact with the NWC, so....but the NWC themselves are not always a reliable source of information.

My neighbors and I were discussing the same thing - that perhaps they decided to do the repair and subsequent pump prime and charge today from 9-9.

Since we haven't had ANY pipe water in a week, not even a trickle so when we turn on the city water and nothing comes out we can only assume that it is "finish" before it makes it to us. Thanks for giving me a little hope today....

Living drop by drop...