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Negril restaurant itinerary

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Negril restaurant itinerary

We just booked our hotel so now we're trying to figure out our restaurant itinerary. Seems like the restaurants below are the top must-try's based on reviews and suggestions. We are staying at the Coco La Palm and it seems that most restaurants I want to try though are at the West End. Does it make sense to keep going to the West End for meals? Please help me sort out our itinerary - any suggestions are welcome!

Restaurants to Try:

-Chicken Lavish

-3 Dives

-Just Natural


-Niah's Patties

Tentative Plan:

Sat, Feb 23 - flight arrives around 11 am

-lunch - Bigga's

-dinner - ?

Sun, Feb 24

-lunch - Best in the West

-dinner - Ivan's - reservations for 6 pm

Mon, Feb 25

-lunch - Cosmo's

-dinner - ?

Tues. Feb 26 - flight leaves around 5 pm

-lunch - ?

Winnipeg, Manitoba
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1. Re: Negril restaurant itinerary

Just a suggestion ...... Saturday night do the SeaStar Inn for dinner. They will pick you up and drop you off and the live show is AMAZING!! Can't beat it for $20 per person.

3 Dives is a for sure for me.

Best in the West is a for sure, and easy to get to from Cocolapalm.

Ivan's is heavenly!

Another suggestion ...... don't try to plan too much. You will be surprised how many plans get washed out to sea once you are there :)

If you plan on laying around on the beach, most times your meals will come directly to you. Patties, pork, lobster, fruit, ice cream, fresh juice.

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2. Re: Negril restaurant itinerary

agree with the Saturday night Seastar Inn recommendation.

It is easy enough to get a taxi to go to the west end for dinner. Many restaurants will provide free pick up.

I definitely suggest one lunch or dinner at Alfred's (casual place on the beach) really good soup and fish & chips.

LTU is another great west end spot for dinner/sunset. Probably my favourite all around and most visited restaurant in the west end.

Country Country restaurant is nice if you want something close by to CoCo.

There are so many great restaurants in Negril!

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3. Re: Negril restaurant itinerary

Definetly try lunch from Niah's he makes awesome patties and I just found out this trip he does pizza's to. Ossies Jerk ctr. has good Chicken and pork, and we asked if the sweet lady that does the cooking there ever makes meals to order we wanted pumpkin soup and callaloo fritters, she asked what day and it was done. I also third the Seastar Inn for sat. great food and good show.

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4. Re: Negril restaurant itinerary

Agree about Niah's. We were staying at Charela and walked down one day to get patties for lunch. They were great!

I also enjoy Kuyaba. It is right on the beach. You can see and hear the waves lapping up as you are dining. I had lobster and thought it was really good. Ivan's is also one of my favorites, so I am glad that you have it on your list.

I also love LTU. Great view from the cliffs. They have a chicken dish there that I really love. The name of it is escaping me. Seems like it is stuffed with spinach.

My favorite thing in Negril is the jerk chicken. Several people love Best in the West. Maybe it was an off day, but I did not love it, when I ate there. My favorite jerk is from a guy named Cha Cha who sells later in the evening near the club having the party that night. I have yet to have any jerk that compared to his! And, I have tried it at several places.


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5. Re: Negril restaurant itinerary

The dish at LTU is chicken lola - stuffed with cheese and callaloo - similar to spinach. Their coconut shrimp is great too!

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6. Re: Negril restaurant itinerary

Gotta try Hungry Lion

thunder bay
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7. Re: Negril restaurant itinerary

Krystle, If you arrive at 11am it will take some time to get to Negril so at the very best you might have dinner which could be at Coco itself just to get settled.Country Country is just down the beach on the right and Best in the West is across the road behind Coco.Coco serves a great breakfast so good luck being hungry for lunch.You should go to Jus Natural for the best Jamaican "yard" and excellent food and jazz music.Ciao Jamaica is a good place to watch the cliff road go by and my favourite red snapper place,Canoe is at the beginning of the cliff road and on the water.Please find Ossies Shack near Coco and have a great time.Hope you don't starve!

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8. Re: Negril restaurant itinerary

Do yourself a favor and continue to get an idea of the great places to eat and what they serve. However, wait till you get hungry and than ask yourself what sounds good and go to one of the places. You are on vaca and you need to let the schedule go. You'll understand what I mean after a day or two while you are there.....

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9. Re: Negril restaurant itinerary

Agree with booger, when in Negril go with the flow, sand gravity can be a beautiful thing.

Great choice of Ivans for dinner, that's one reservation we always make. You may want to arrive a bit before 530pm, you don't want to miss sunset on the cliffs!

RinaKim makes a great suggestion, just have a total relaxing beach day at Coco and dine beachfront from the comfort of your sunbed. Passing by you on the beach will most likely be the fruit lady (she will be walking by with a basket on her head), Tony the juice guy, Norman the pattie man (he will be walking by with his bike - vegie are my fav), Dean the spicy pork guy and the lobster guy.

Your last day there even though your flight leaves around 5pm, your transfer to MBJ will leave CLP around 100pm-130pm so Chill Awhile at Idle Awhile right next door (turn left on the beach while facing the sea) would be a good choice for lunch.

Enjoy Negril you will love CLP!

Manitoba, Canada
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10. Re: Negril restaurant itinerary

We ate the majority of our dinners at Chill Awhile located at Idle Awhile right next door to CoCo LaPalm. It's an outdoor restaurant that is convenient for you and the food is good. You've already picked Ivans for your dinner on the cliffs and that is an excellent choice. They will arrange to pick you up for free but you pay for the return trip. For a quick convenient low cost lunch and a neat Negril experience, just chill out on the beach and order a couple of patties and drinks from the pattie guy who walks down the beach. At first we were a little reluctant to do so but he is very popular and we were glad to have experienced it.