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4 nights in Negril

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Stuart, Florida
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4 nights in Negril

The joys of planning a vacation and researching on TA!!!! As soon as I think I have made up my mind I start looking into something else and I want to do it all! BUT we only have 4 nights :( I was sold on CSA. However, as we will have to spend one night (first night and anniversary) off property due to room availability we learned of the cliff area and now we are very intrigued by the area. Catcha Falling Star seems like our pick. We started thinking maybe staying there all 4 nights or split 2 nights at another beachfront hotel.


Anyone that has done the 2/2 split of cliffs and beach, Where did you stay? Pros/Cons

Can you easily walk to Ricks from CFS?

Can you walk to 7 mile beach from CFS?

Does one love pub crawl pick up at CFS?

Is there a close catamaran snorkel/booze cruise from CFS? How much?

How far is CSA from CFS?

Is there a complimentary shuttle to Ricks from CSA?

Are waterski and paddle boarding at CSA time restricted?

Anyone do one night at CFS and then move to CSA?

I know that a lot of this information is amongst the threads and trust me I have read so many that I should know the answers but I'm so overwhelmed it just seemed easier to post.

Oxford, Alabama
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1. Re: 4 nights in Negril

You can easily walk from Catcha to Ricks.

Too dangerous and way to far to walk to beach from Catcha.

Yes Lenbert will pick you up at Catcha for the pub crawl.

No booze cruise from Catcha.

That's all I know.

United States
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2. Re: 4 nights in Negril

"Can you easily walk to Ricks from CFS?"

The Westend Road, aka One Love Drive, is narrow, lacks sidewalks, and has a number of turns and dips which makes it dangerous to walk along. With that said, it is only a short distance so you can walk it if you use care.

"Can you walk to 7 mile beach from CFS?"

It is about three miles, one way, from CFS to the start of the beach (about 10 miles, one way, to the far end). See the answer above for the issues. I would never try to walk it. Take a taxi to be safe.

"Is there a close catamaran snorkel/booze cruise from CFS?"

Many catamaran cruises come from 7 Mile Beach to Rick's Café which is very close to CFS.

"How far is CSA from CFS?"

About 6 miles one way.

Stuart, Florida
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3. Re: 4 nights in Negril

Thank you kindly!

Stuart, Florida
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4. Re: 4 nights in Negril

I just found some good threads about the split so those questions are answered too. :)

Saskatoon, Canada
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5. Re: 4 nights in Negril

My son and I easily walked from Ricks to Catcha for dinner. Very short walk, but it is narrow, so stay as far to the side as possible. When it's busy by Ricks, I would have felt even more comfortable walking single file. But you are there before you know it.

It's exciting to hear your excitement! 😃 Happy planning.

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6. Re: 4 nights in Negril

I moved 3 times between 7 days .... Long story but I would not recommend it with only 4 days imo

Catcha is great :))

You can easily walk up and down the road but yes most times single file is best with all the traffic from the taxis etc.

Have fun Negril is unforgettable

Los Angeles...
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7. Re: 4 nights in Negril

Stay at Catcha the entire time. And whatever your needs are the day guard, Mr Lewis, can satisfy with a smile. Or Mauvette in the Office, or frankly anyone on staff.

Have Jackie give you a tour of his garden. The place is lush and Jackie is an amazing landscaper.

Have Carol during the day, or Kevin, Bradley, Romane at night mix you up something great.

Just don't burn the bar down....,

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8. Re: 4 nights in Negril

Some answers about CSA.

I am sure people have done a 1/3 split of Cliffs and beach. I think CSA has a 3 night limit on stays ( like many AI resorts), so I do not think a 2/2 split would be possible.

Is their a time limit on paddle boarding and waterskiing? Each time they take you out to water ski , they will only take you out so long. However, after a break, you can do it again in a short amount of time later. Paddle Boarding, as long as there is no wait, you can take it out as long as you like. Same for the kayaks. They will usually only call you in if you have been out there a long time, and others are waiting.

I personally could not do 4 nights on the cliffs. However, many do it, and absolutely love it ! If you believe you are someone who can do 4 nights in the Cliffs, the recommendation to stay on the Cliffs, may be a good one. I know 4 nights at CSA is not an option. For me, I was dying to get on the beach after 2 days.

If you stay at Catcha the first night, you could walk to Ricks after spending some time relaxing at the resort . Later have your Anniversary Dinner at Ivans. In the morning, put on your swim suits and cover up, pack you bags except for a swim bag ( that is all you will really need ), relax at Catcha around the pool and the cliff area . When ever you are ready, head to CSA. If it is early before your room is ready, you are already dressed for the beach, and head to the beach to enjoy your day .

Some people once on the Cliffs enjoy the tranquility of this location, and hate to leave. Others, are itching to get to more action and the beach. Everyone is different, and whatever you do, enjoy Negril, Also, try not to cram too much into one trip. Negril is all about relaxing!

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Stuart, Florida
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9. Re: 4 nights in Negril

NM- you hit the nail on the head. We too think we will want to get on the beach fairly quickly. The Cliffs are something we don't want to miss and wish we had more time but are planning the stay exactly as you have described it due to CSA minimum stay. We should make it to CFS around 2pm ish. We weren't sure if we would be able to really get a feel of Ricks and still make it back for a sunset dinner at Ivan's. you think this is possible? Also, I have seen that the sunset cruise from CSA goes by Ricks. We really just want to see the locals jump. Will we be able to do this from the cruise? If so, no need to try to cram it in only night on the Cliffs.

Cary, North Carolina
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10. Re: 4 nights in Negril

Yes, the cat cruise from CSA goes to ricks. I would hate for you to waste an entire afternoon at ricks, after a few minutes you have seen it all, being in negril for such a short time i think the cat cruise would fulfill that need.

Someone else can comment, but you may be able to see the jumpers from catcha. I know the resorts re close, and next door at banana shout you can watch the jumpers.

Lastly, you mention you are staying at CSA and all your nights do not have availability. You may want to call, as i have heard they may have more room availability. I think a split stay at cliffs is great (we are doing tensing/csa in april) but for your first time to CSA i can not imagine a short trip. If you did stay at csa for your entire trip, then taking a cab down to cliffs for a few hours/watching jumpers/dinner would be manageable.

Regardless, you will love negril.