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info on following excursions please!!!??

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info on following excursions please!!!??

I am going to Negril in November and are interested in seeing the following things: Black River (the crocodiles), YS Falls and Mayfield Falls, and Appleton Rum Factory.....

Has anyone been to these places? If so, is it worth going to these places? Or are there some sights more interesting than these....

Any info would be much appreciated!!

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1. Re: info on following excursions please!!!??

Hello Whaaaat,

I have been on the Black River Deluxe tour with TOTT. On this tour we were picked up at our resort (SWH) and driven to Treasure Beach where we met up with our captain (Captain Dennis). We proceeded along the coast, past Pelican Bar (bar built out in the water on stilts) toward Black River. We were taken up the river where we saw many crocodiles along the way (up close and personal). Because Captain Dennis' boat is lower than the traditional tour boats used, he is able to take you further up the river where you can dock, get something to drink, and also swim in the river. There is a rope hanging from a tree that you can also jump from. No worries, crocs do not swim this far up the river. Great time. On the return trip, once out into the ocean, you head toward the Pelican Bar once again. Both coming out and going back, Dennis is always looking for the dolphins that are known to be in the area. We didn't see any coming out, however, we did see them going back in. We stopped at the Pelican Bar to have a couple of drinks which was very neat and quite a sight to see. As we were drinking & chatting, Dennis saw the dolphins and we got back into the boat and proceeded to get closer to them. The dolphins began swimming with us and it was quite an amazing sight to see them in their pods almost escorting us along the way. I would say it is definitely worth doing. We did not partake in the YS Falls portion of the tour, however, from all accounts of those I've spoken to and of those who have written reviews on the topic, YS is very nice and also worth the trip. As for Appleton, some say it is very interesting, while others have expressed that it is like watching "sand erosion". I definitely would recommend at the very least Black River & YS. Also, consider using TOTT (Talk of the Town Tours). Sala and Sienna will take very good care of you!

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2. Re: info on following excursions please!!!??

we did that assortment with TOTT last year - great day. you'll have to leave very early in the morning to fit it all in but you'll be back by sunset usually... definately worth doing treasure beach, black river, appleton and YS falls in the same excursion since they're all in close proximity... have peanut porridge for breakfast on the south coast, stop in little bay for pepper shrimp for lunch, and have some jerk chicken on the way home...

i have some pics of YS, pelican bar, black river, treasure beach, appleton, and the other stuff here:


starting at pic #179 or so, esp #213-#222.

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3. Re: info on following excursions please!!!??

thanks for all your info guys! much appreciated!!

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4. Re: info on following excursions please!!!??

How long is the drive from Negril to the Pelican Bar?? I'm not so interested in the black river thing but would love to see the pelican bar.

Thanks for the info!

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5. Re: info on following excursions please!!!??

Lizardbeth: It's a 2-hour drive.

Whaaat: We did YS Falls/Black River tour and the Pelican Bar/Dolphin Search tour in August. Enjoyed all of them, especially the Pelican Bar/Dolphin Search tour. We used Talk of the Town Tours and would highly recommend them.

From my trip report:

BLACK RIVER SAFARI/BOAT TOUR: What a GREAT 45-minute tour this is. We got on a boat to tour the Black River, saw several crocodiles (they all have names) and the beautiful Mangrove Avenue. Talk of the Town Tours uses a boat captain named Cornell who is simply FANTASTIC. He is so informative and entertaining at the same time.






YS FALLS: They are located in a beautiful area of Jamaica: very green/lush, mountains, horses, etc... This was lots of fun and the falls...WOW..they are BEAUTIFUL. There's a pool there too which the kids can enjoy if the falls are a bit too much for them. Both my husband and I did the rope swing thing. That was FUN! But the water there is COOOLD!! Bring water shoes for this one and a life jacket for little ones.






Bring water shoes and a life jacket for littles ones for this tour. The drive to Treasure Beach to catch Captain Dennis' boat took about 2 hours. We saw Jake's, which looked like a pretty interesting/funky place to stay at. The area of Treasure Beach is very unique. If you want to get away from it all, this would be a good place to be. We liked it.


DOLPHIN SEARCH: Captain Dennis was waiting for us. There were about 12 other people on the boat with us, and off we went to find dolphins. It was not a long search. We saw several of them fairly quickly. WOW! There is nothing better than seeing animals in their natural environment, let me tell you.



PELICAN BAR: After the dolphins, Captain Dennis took us to the Pelican Bar. I didn't have my watch but it felt like a 20-minute boat ride to the bar. ANOTHER WOW! What a COOL place!! We LOVED it! The bar looks rickety but it is definitely well built. The area all around it is shallow so we were able to hang out for about 1 hour 1/2. Our son LOVED it as well.


Views from the Pelican Bar:




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6. Re: info on following excursions please!!!??

Regarding the trip out to Pelican Bar - as someone who has a tendency to get seasick (mainly when the boat is sitting in place rocking or with large sea swells), would I have a problem? I would love to take this excursion but fear getting seasick. I'm usually okay when the boat is moving unless it's rough. Anyone prone to seasickness experienced this excursion?

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7. Re: info on following excursions please!!!??

Not sure but my daughter is prone to get carsick easily and she had no problem. The waves aren't that bad at all. We went on the Black River Deluxe Tour, and had a blast. Next time want to see if TOTT can do a Pelican Bar/YS falls trip, since I haven't been to YS falls yet, and would LOVE to go back to Pelican Bar..just had such a great vibe there.

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8. Re: info on following excursions please!!!??

when in a rocking boat do not look at the water or stationary objects close to the boat. Keep your on on the horizon and every ting will be alright!

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9. Re: info on following excursions please!!!??

TooRelaxed... please tell me what was Treasure Beach like? I've never been and hear people talk about going there alot, but no specifics... I hear the ground is good there for vegetables so I'm thinking they probably have a nice market once a week... but would love to see photos of the town or know a little more about it...

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10. Re: info on following excursions please!!!??

Treasure Beach isn't a town, rather it is 5 bays (Great Bay, Frenchman's, Calabash, Billy's and Fort Charles) with quite small fishing villages at each. The area is referred to as Treasure Beach for marketing purpose but I find locals do not use the term much.

The very best source of info is www.treasurebeach.net - history, geography, places to stay and eat, lots of photos.